The fall of the ideal son-in-law: how the impeccable Marco Borsato turned out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing

Stories about inadmissible behavior with minors had been circulating about Borsato for some time. — © Belgian eye-catcher Marco Borsato Following the allegations of sexually abusive behavior behind the scenes of The voice Holland Marco Borsato (55) is canceled in a corner. Dear Van de Velde, Inge Schelstraete Saturday 22 January 2022 at 16:56

Tula Rodríguez flirts live with Gian Marco and he surprises her with an unexpected response

Tula Rodríguez praises Gian Marco Zignago on several occasions. (Photo: Captura TV) In the edition of this January 20, Gian Marco Zignago was live via video call on the show On everyone’s lips to celebrate his 30 years of experience in the artistic world and promote his concert at the National Stadium on July 16. … Read more

TVOH candidate claps out of school: ‘Marco Borsato kissed her unwanted’

A candidate who took part in The Voice of Holland has been blown away about Marco Borsato. According to her, the singer kissed another participant on the mouth. “She then became angry about it, after which Marco denied everything again.” Text continues below ad Now that the cesspool of The Voice of Holland has been … Read more

Persija Jakarta Stranded in Eighth Place, This is Marco Motta’s Words

MUHAMMAD ALIF AZIZ MARDIANSYAH/BOLASPORT.COM Persija Jakarta’s right wing-back, Marco Motta, looks set to throw-in during the fifth week of the 2021 Liga 1 match at the Pakansari Stadium, Bogor, West Java, 28 September 2021. .

Gian Marco Zignago wants to fall in love again: “I’m thinking of rebuilding my life” | marriage | Claudia More | shows

Gian Marco Zignago he broke his silence months later confirm that he was separated from Claudia Moro, mother of his three children and with whom he became married for 25 years. The interpreter of “Hoy” made it clear to the cameras of + Shows that he is enjoying his new single stage. In the exclusive … Read more

Gian Marco after being questioned about their separation: “I realized who my friends are” | Claudia Moro | América TV | Shows

Gian Marco He lashed out at those who dared to comment on his notorious separation from Claudia Moro. After several months since announced in the middle of an interview for a podcast that he no longer maintains a romantic relationship with the mother of his children, the singer-songwriter revealed that he was surprised by how … Read more

Djokovic away from Australia, the story on SkyTg24 by the Termolese journalist Marco Patavino

TERMOLI. The affair concerning the stay, denied for the second time, of the number one in world tennis, Novak Djokovic, linked to the lack of vaccination, ended – for now – at 7.45 am. A story that has attracted worldwide attention, not only of enthusiasts, given the reverberation on the Covid-19 debate. Live, on SkyTg24, … Read more

Swiss skier Marco Odermatt in Adelboden confirmed his dominance in the giant slalom

Odermatt set out to win the first round, in which he built up a lead of three tenths thanks to the fastest time. In the second, only Feller defeated him, before whom he eventually won with a lead of 48 hundredths. Last year’s winner from Adelboden, Pinturault, was 54 hundredths behind. Thirty-five-year-old Kryštof Krýzl did … Read more

Will the dwellers soon be on electricity? Mercedes-Benz introduces the Marco Polo EQV concept

Mercedes presents the concept of the Marco Polo camping model for flashlights. A residential conversion from a Swiss company was installed for the EQV electricity supply. Compared to a conventional diesel, however, it would not show an extra long range, in theory it could be a maximum of 363 km. For trips around the world … Read more