Vittorio Feltri guest of Luca Sommi at Accordi&Disaccordi on 2 December at 10.45 pm on Nove. With Marco Travaglio and Andrea Scanzi

Last appointment of the year on the Nine with an in-depth analysis of the talk’s politics and current affairs ‘Agree&Disagree’conducted by Luca Sommi. The guest of Friday’s episode December 2nd at 10.45 pm, as always afterwards Cross brotherswill be the editorial director of Libero Vittorio Feltri. In the studio we will discuss the maneuver that … Read more

Gian Marco on Love and Fire: “They made fun of my marriage” | VIDEOS | show business | SHOWS

Only part of the long-awaited interview with Gian Marco Zignago in Amor y Fuego was broadcast on Monday and in it the well-known singer-songwriter could be heard attacking the entertainment program, considering “that they made fun of his family.” YOU WILL BE INTERESTED IN: FAMILY OF JOHN KELVIN VERIFY THAT DALIA DURÁN DID REQUEST FOOD … Read more

Assisted suicide, Marco Cappato reports himself after Switzerland

November 26, 2022 1:13 pm The treasurer of the Luca Coscioni association reported himself to the carabinieri after accompanying an 82-year-old to die in a private clinic State violence – Marco Cappato explains the reason for the choice of assisted suicide. “The trap into which the 82-year-old was about to fall definitively was that of … Read more

Marco Calliari is in mourning

Marco Calliari had very sad news to announce on his social networks. • Read also: Sophie and Danièle Lorain are in mourning At the end of the day on Tuesday, the singer revealed that his mother, Franca, died. It was via his Facebook account that the interpreter made the announcement in a short publication. In … Read more

Comprehensive friendship Son Dam-bi ex-husband Marco serving hall at a hamburger restaurant Dr. Freehan

Hwang Hyeon-min from Marco and ZAM revealed his current situation. On tvN’s ‘Free Han Doctor M’, which aired on the 21st, Hwang Hyun-min introduced his daily life. On this day, Hwang Hyun-min announced the current situation, “After ZAM disbanded, I started producing and managing records. The group I formed in my early and mid-twenties was … Read more

Daughters of Marco Antonio Solís capture all eyes on their father’s night » DUPLOS

Marco Antonio Solís at the 2022 Latin Grammy Awards Marco Antonio Solis He was recognized as Person of the Year at the 2022 Latin Grammy Awards, where the singer’s daughters stole all the public’s attention by dazzling with their beauty and innate talent. On his way down the red carpet, the interpreter of If you … Read more

Gian Marco Zignago is clear about young musicians: “If I don’t like your music, I don’t have to support you” VIDEO Show business | SHOWS

SPEAK CLEARLY! Gian Marco continues to be the center of controversy, this time, during a presentation in the north, the singer stated that he is not obliged to support young Peruvian musicians. READ ALSO: ‘Maricucha’ apologizes to an AyF reporter: “I felt overwhelmed, but my response was not up to par” “No one has the … Read more

Marco Liorni, the tragedy on live TV: “He died in an accident…” – the Democrat

Marco Liorni has decided to give space, in his program, to a heartbreaking story broadcast on live TV. What is it about? Marco Liorni shared a rather sad story with viewers. Marco Liorni tragedy And this is what he told during the episode aired on October 22, 2022 when he talked at length about … Read more

Gian Marco is accused by a fan of humiliating her VIDEO he looked at us with a scornful face he said about celebrity singer | SHOWS

Gian Marco Zygnago He surprised his fans after he furiously answered a journalist from ‘love and fire‘ approached him. The singer, after humiliating the worker, announced his concert for 30 years in Lima, but social networks criticized him, just as a fan comments on the bad experience he had. MORE INFORMATION: Gerard Piqué reaches an … Read more

Marco is condemned again, “I will go to cassation!”

Read also> Customs officers shoot Marco’s truck 18 times in Saint-Ghislain: “Go ahead, kill me… Don’t come near…” *** ****** *** ** ***** ********** ** **** ******* ************* *** ** ****** *********** *** ********** *********** ******* **** ******** ****** ****** ** * ***** ***** **** *** ********** ************ ** ** **** ********* ******** ** ************* … Read more