Earthquake to Men and Women. Tina Cipollari, the farewell is final, Maria has chosen another: here is who will replace the columnist

The presence of Teresanna Pugliese as a guest of Men and women, is alarming fans of the popular dating show who fear that the former tronist and later suitor may replace Tina Cipollari. Cyclically the rumors of a possible farewell of the historic columnist at the court of Maria De Filippi chase each other, as … Read more

This is the man who pushed Maria (55) on the metro tracks in Brussels: he chose her at random and acted like a predator | Exclusively for subscribers

BrusselsThe man arrested for pushing a randomly selected woman onto the tracks on Friday evening is 23-year-old Frenchman Benjamin P. A young father. Exactly 397 kilometers from home, totally unclear why he was there, he struck at metro stop Rogier, the heart of Brussels. What possessed him is still unclear. He has been arrested and … Read more

María Becerra, very hard on Rusherking: “Okay, I officially hate you”

Mary Becerra Y Rusherking They are back in the eye of the storm. Now, The artists shared enigmatic messages that sparked new speculation about their relationship, after their commented reconciliation in Mexico. There is still a lot of mystery about the causes of their breakup, but a few days ago she assured: “I just wanted … Read more

The daughter of Maria Shukshina, who turned into a man, spoke about the reaction of her relatives

The 33-year-old eldest daughter of actress Maria Shukshina from her first marriage, Anna Tregubenko, said that her relatives did not approve of the changes that had happened to her. The girl, after graduating from the production department of VGIK, suddenly became interested in bodybuilding. She also began taking appropriate drugs to build muscle mass, which, … Read more

Maria Shukshina reacted to her daughter’s strange hobby – news, details, comments :: Showbiz ::

The daughter of Maria Shukshina has changed a lot. The heiress of the star family, Anna Tregubenko, has chosen an unusual hobby for herself. Recently, the girl has been actively involved in bodybuilding, she constantly trains and posts her successes on a blog. Anna’s formidable muscles elicit various reactions. Someone admires her strength and endurance, … Read more

María Pía Copello reveals the secret of her 16-year marriage | EYE-SHOW

Updated on 01/15/2022 09:53 am The former driver Maria Pia Copello celebrated her marriage anniversary with her husband, Samuel Dyer. Through Instagram, the influencer was surprised to reveal the secret behind the 16 years they have been together. And according to the former driver, respect and communication are very important in their relationship. “How do … Read more

“The Odder Erotica” by Maria Pasenau in Trafo Kunsthall – Reviews and recommendations

One of the hottest names on the contemporary art scene right now is Maria Pasenau. Her career first gained momentum Instagram, but since then she has also conquered the physical art arena. When the National Museum bought six of her works in 2019, she was the youngest artist ever purchased there. Maria Pasenau is now … Read more

Ana María Picchio’s anguish at the power outage in the heat of the heat wave: “I’m drowning”

The heat wave that is hitting the City and the province of Buenos Aires, caused a peak in energy consumption on Tuesday that led to a blackout that left thousands of users without power supply. One of those affected was Ana María Woodpecker, The actress was very affected and made a desperate request that went … Read more

◉ Jesús María 2022 LIVE: where to watch on TV and on which channel

Learn about the options to follow the 2022 Jesus María Festival live on TV and online. The Festival of Jesus Maria 2022 It continues with its schedule since it began on January 6. The National Festival of Dressage and Folklore that transits its 56th edition will feature the presentation of various artists every night until … Read more

The Festival of Jesús María began with an unforgettable night – 100 Festival Nights

In a historic day, after a year without a festival, the largest gaucho festival in the country began. The artists showed off on stage this first night that began with the spectacular opening of the Ballet Bien Argentino, directed by Ángel Carabajal. He also started the National and International Jineteada championship, and, as the festival … Read more