Video of Haru, General TNI Suhartono, when a Marine Soldier falls asleep tired at the Cianjur Earthquake Location

Friday, 25 November 2022 – 17:00 WIB VIVA – A video broadcast by Lieutenant General TNI Marines Suhartono through his personal social media account, Friday 25 November 2022. The short video is entitled ‘Soldier’s Dream’. In the video recording, the condition of para army soldier from the Marine Corps Indonesian Navy who was resting for … Read more

Department of Marine Resources Wade through coastal erosion Protect high voltage transmission towers – increase stability

Department of the Marines to tackle coastal erosion To protect high-voltage transmission poles, Ban Tha Nun, Phang Nga Province, using Pradiphat pine wood. set up sediment traps Completed more than 40%, found that sand tends to increase. 18 Nov. 2022 – Ban Tha Nun area, Khok Kloi Subdistrict, Takua Thung District, Phang Nga Province, Dr. … Read more

Marine Le Pen is with Giorgia Meloni: “Macron is hypocritical and NGOs advertise the crossings”

The deputy of National Gathering Marine Le Pen he is with Giorgia Meloni. And on the NGOs a Catania criticism Emmanuel Macron and the ships, which would be «a spot for crossings». In an interview given to Corriere della Sera the former presidential candidate says that the French government’s accusations in Rome “reveal a rejection … Read more

British Researchers Find Fossils of Giant Marine Lizards Inhabiting the Atlantic Ocean, 135 to 60 Million Years Old

RAY OF HOPE – Researchers from the University of Bath in the UK have discovered fossil a new species of mosasaur that ruled the oceans during the period Cretaceous. The ferocious marine lizard is an apex predator that thrives in Moroccan waters at the same time that T. rex is on land. Scientists named the … Read more

They found in Antarctica the oldest marine sedimentary DNA known so far

A group of scientists from the University of Tasmania, Australia, discovered in the Scotia Sea, located in Antarctica, the oldest marine sedimentary DNA known to date. In 2019, marine ecologists dug up fragments of organic material from the ocean floor and underwent a comprehensive contamination control process to ensure that the embedded age markers were … Read more

Igo Vanhouten Helpless Attacked by Marine Ghost Soldiers of the TNI Marines

Monday, 10 October 2022 – 12:15 WIB VIVA – There is good news coming from the 10th Infantry Battalion Headquarters/Satria Bhumi Yudha, Korps Marines, Navy. Either one TNI soldiers from the 10th Marines Battalion Cheetah Malacca has just won a gold medal from the Riau Islands IV National Kickboxing Championship 2022. Based on the official … Read more

the story of a marine

Four Muslims killed in two shootings in Albuquerque 1:58 (CNN) — As soon as some members of the Islamic Center of Muncie saw the man approaching, they knew there was a problem. He was a big guy with broad shoulders, marching toward his mosque with his head down, his face flushed with what looked like … Read more

Farewell to the ‘Marine’ Ventrone: at Juve he brought football to the gym, with ball music and ‘bell of shame’ | First page

It has revolutionized the methods of athletic trainingbuilding – because he built them – teams that made muscles and physicality their strength, their stylistic code, their password to glory. Gian Piero Ventrone is gone. Leukemia, he was only 62 years old. He had been hospitalized since Tuesday at the Fatebenefratelli in Naples, his city. Vetrone … Read more

Photo: Marine El Himer, star of French reality TV shows her happiness to obtain Moroccan nationality

Marine El Himer, undisputed star of French reality TV shared her joy, on social networks, after obtaining Moroccan nationality. Advertising The young Franco-Moroccan posted a photo of her proudly holding the receipt for her Moroccan national card. Advertising “After a long year of back and forth, heavy and long administrative procedures, I can finally brandish … Read more

UAE.. Marine fuel sales rise in Fujairah in August

19 – September – 2022 UAE flag Marine fuel sales in Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates, the world’s third-largest fueling hub, recovered to a three-month high in August after the backlog of freight operations ended after weather turbulence subsided. Fujairah fuel traders said heavy rains and floods had previously affected fueling operations in Fujairah … Read more