Super Mario Bros., the movie: The Mario Cat form finally revealed!

News culture Super Mario Bros., the movie: The Mario Cat form finally revealed! Published on 01/31/2023 at 10:34 To share : The movie Super Mario Bros. is coming to cinemas soon, and a new commercial allows us to discover a cult costume! The movie Super Mario Bros. promises us to revisiting the most striking elements … Read more

Mario Vargas Llosa: How much does he earn as a writer and how much is his fortune | Nobel prize | journalist | Isabel Preysel

On December 28, Mario Vargas Llosa surprised locals and strangers by announcing his love break with the socialite Isabella Preysler and in the first place, it was speculated that the reason for the separation had been money and that, precisely, the Peruvian writer he was with her for her fortune, however said version collapsed after … Read more

A request from Isabel Preysler to Mario Vargas Llosa was the cause of the separation | Critical Voices – Salta

Monday, January 30, 2023 Since Isabella Preysler He broke off his relationship with the writer after being together for almost eight years, much has been said about the reasons that led them to separate. Although we know that the couple seemed very happy to be together, but not all that glitters is gold and today … Read more

Super Mario Bros.: Nintendo shows new movie scene

end of November the first full-length trailer for Super Mario Bros. (read: The Super Mario Movie) was released. Illumination and Nintendo will certainly deliver a film that will delight young and old alike. On Sunday, Nintendo then surprisingly released a short clip whose content does not come from the trailer, but actually could have been … Read more

Super Mario Bros the movie has a new trailer with a reference to Wii U’s Mario 3D World

Without prior notice, Super Mario Bros the Movie has revealed a new scene from the film adaptation that will be released in next april. The trailer was released via the Illumination YouTube channel, the studio responsible for movies like Minions y My favorite villain. Just 30 seconds of video have been enough to drive fans … Read more

‘Super Mario Movie’, Donkey Kong’s voice in the new video ‘Yoo-gwa’

About two months before the release, a new video of ‘Super Mario Movie’ was released. Source = ‘Super Mario Movie’ official video In this regard, the official SNS account of ‘Super Mario Movie’ uploaded a short 30-second video today. In particular, in this video, the voice of Donkey Kong, one of Nintendo’s popular characters, was … Read more

Tatiana Merheb evaluates her participation in the presentation of Fatna Bi Al-Hait, and this is how she described Mario Basil and Shukran Murtaja

The Lebanese actress Tatiana Merheb began her career in the comedy theater with the actor Mario Basil’s troupe, and so the audience got to know her and loved her, then she moved on to participate in the drama, where she excelled in her roles and left an imprint. From her participation in the drama, we … Read more

The exorbitant monthly salary of Mario Vargas Llosa; nor Isabel Preysler, and only a few in Spain

The separation of Isabella Preysler y Mario Vargas Llosa After eight years of relationship, it continues to give people something to talk about. The news broke on December 28 in what many at first thought she was innocent. But now, almost a month later, she still has a tail. According to Isabel, the separation was … Read more

Mario Hart in Nascar | was chosen for the first date of the competition “It will be the most difficult race of my life” Farándula | SHOWS

After the good results in practices in Nascar, Mario Hart will participate in the most important official category of motorsports in the United States on February 18. As is known, he received praise after he posted the best team time in practice on the last day of training. READ ALSO: Mario Hart traveled to the … Read more