Amid South China Sea Tensions, Indonesia and US Build Maritime Training Center – High tension in the Area South China Sea continues to increase day by day. To date Beijing still claim if Region South China Sea is part of the country. Where to claim Beijing to South China Sea it is based on the Nine Dash Line or Nine Dash Line. Also Read: Dare to … Read more

Unctad warns against inflation in the face of disruptions to maritime transport

The pandemic has amplified the challenges that already existed in maritime transport, resulting in tensions on supply chains and inflationary pressures that may affect in particular island states and least developed economies, warns UNCTAD on Thursday. Read alsoDanish shipping giant Maersk expands to air freight In 2020, the shock of the covid on maritime trade … Read more

Iran’s Advanced Maritime Technology Frightens Enemies

loading… TEHERAN – The head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) Major General Hossein Salami claims advanced maritime technology Iran has made the enemies fearful. According to him, Tehran now is not like the era before the revolution which always depended on foreigners. The general reiterated that Tehran would not allow any country to … Read more

The summary of the exciting V. Guimarães-Marítimo: goals, cases and other moves – Videos

Vitória de Guimarães and Marítimo faced each other, this Friday night, at Estádio D. Afonso Henriques, in a game counting for the ninth round of the Bwin League. The duel smiled to the Guimarães, who triumphed by 2-1 (adding the second consecutive victory in the competition), in a match in which the goals only appeared … Read more

RI-Malaysia Ready to Resolve Maritime Disputes at 2 Borders

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Republican Government Indonesia and Government Malaysia ready to solve maritime problems on the two borders of the two countries. The statement was made by the Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Retno Marsudi, when receiving a visit from the Malaysian Foreign Minister, Dato’ Saifuddin Abdullah. In the official release of the Indonesian … Read more

Rúben Amorim confirms that Matheus Nunes chose Portugal: «There are things you don’t know…» – Videos

Loading the video … Matheus Nunes refused to represent the Brazilian national team, as he prefers the possibility of being able to play for Portugal. The news was confirmed by Rúben Amorim after the match against Marítimo (1-0), when he was confronted with the fact that the midfielder did not appear in the call released … Read more

China passes new maritime law, US sends destroyer to South China Sea

loading… WASHINGTON – Navy’s 7th Fleet United States of America (USA) announces an American destroyer sailing near the Spratly Islands in South China Sea on Wednesday (8/9/2021). The voyage was made a few days after China enact new maritime identification rules covering disputed waters. The USS Benfold, an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer, sailed within 12 miles … Read more

The EU needs to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from maritime transport / Day

In 2019, maritime transport to and within the EU accounted for 13.5% of transport-related emissions on the continent, according to an EMSA report. Almost 77% of Europe’s foreign trade and 35% of all trade between EU countries takes place by sea, the report said. Although the EU’s carbon footprint from navigation has fallen by around … Read more

Report: The EU must drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from maritime transport

To the European Union (ES) must drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions from maritime transport if it is to become climate-neutral by 2050, the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) warned on Wednesday. Content will continue after the ad Advertising In 2019, maritime transport to and within the EU accounted for 13.5% of transport-related emissions on the … Read more