Why are MotoGP champions not as convincing as the days of Rossi and Marquez?

TWITTER.COM/MOTOGP From left: Joan Mir, Fabio Quartararo and Francesco Bagnaia on the podium after the 2021 Portugal MotoGP race. Three racers from the 2019 class have won MotoGP in the last three seasons. BOLASPORT.COM – MotoGP still looking for figure serial winner the new one. In the last three seasons, there has always been a … Read more

This is 1 request from Marc Marquez to Honda that makes him very excited: Okezone Sports

THIS 1 request Marc Marquez to Honda which really excites him. The racer nicknamed The Baby Alien hopes to try out the old motorbike belonging to the MotoGP legend, Mick Doohan. Marc Marquez is an experienced racer. He has been paving since 2013, but it has entered the generation of modern MotoGP motorbikes. It’s just … Read more

Crew Chief’s Sign, Marc Marquez Hasn’t Enjoyed Geber Honda Again

MOTOGP.COM Repsol Honda racer, Marc Marquez, during the Valencia MotoGP free practice at the Ricardo Tormo Circuit, Valencia, Spain, November 4, 2022. BOLASPORT.COM – Repsol racers Honda, Marc Marquezit is considered that he has not found his comfort anymore when driving the RC213V motorbike on the track. The hard work continues Honda to make their … Read more

MotoGP Legend Jorge Lorenzo Leaks the Reasons Marc Marquez Hates Valentino Rossi: Okezone Sports

LEGEND MotoGP Jorge Lorenzo leaked the reasons Marc Marquez hate Valentino Rossi. The bad relationship between the two riders has heated up MotoGP for years. Marc Marquez and Valentino Rossi are included as the best MotoGP racers of all time. Both are quite far apart in age, which is up to 14 years. However, the … Read more

Marc Marquez Reveals Differences Between MotoGP Bikes Then and Now: Okezone Sports

MARC Marquez reveal the difference of the motor MotoGP then and now. The Repsol Honda racer underlined the old motorbike technology where everything had to be manual. Even though he has not yet reached the age of 30, Marc Marquez is counted as a veteran rider. Because, he has started racing in the top MotoGP … Read more

Repsol Honda Technician Reveals a Ritual that Makes it Easy for Marc Marquez to Tame the RC213V Motorbike

MotoGP Repsol Honda technicians revealed Marc Marquez’s ritual that made him skilled at taming the Honda RC213V motorbike OtoRace.id – Repsol racer Honda, Marc Marquez so one of the racers who are able to tame the motor RC213V Until now, not many people know the secret behind Marc Marquez’s greatness on the Honda RC213V motorbike. … Read more

Biodata and Profile of Veda Ega Pratama, Little ‘Marc Marquez’ from Indonesia Wins Podium at IATC 2022 Mandalika

JatimNetwork.com – No Veda Ega Pratama no stranger to motorcycle racing fans Indonesia. Veda Ega Pratama is racer small Indonesia which has a series of flashy achievements. In fact, he was once nicknamed the original Marc Marquez Indonesia. Read Also: ONGOING! WSBK Mandalika Live Streaming Sunday, November 13, 2022 at 12.30 WIB: CLICK HERE This … Read more

Close People Revealed, Marc Marquez Joins Ducati in MotoGP 2023 if These Conditions Are Fulfilled! : Okezone Sports

RACERS Repsol Honda, Marc Marquez it has not been mentioned that he will join Ducati at MotoGP 2023 if these conditions are met. The condition in question is that if the quality of the Honda motorbike is poor, then Marc Marquez opens the opportunity to join Ducati next season. The statement was immediately revealed by … Read more

Marc Marquez Riding Ducati Not Sure Gacor! Who said that?

RiderTua.com – When asked: Will Marc Marquez be faster on the Ducati bike? “He has a very special (unique) riding style and will definitely have other problems with this bike (Ducati). But we must not deceive ourselves. It’s clear which bikes are fundamentally competitive and which bikes offer a little something extra,” replied Alex, who … Read more