China’s Sichuan birth registration abolishes marriage prerequisites – BBC News 中文

February 1, 2023 image source,Getty Images Recently, the Sichuan authorities in China announced that birth registration and marriage restrictions have been abolished, which has aroused concern and heated discussions. The official response pointed out that the new regulation is not to encourage illegitimate births, but to protect the rights and interests of the “unmarried pregnant” … Read more

Actor Song Joong-ki announces his marriage and his wife’s pregnancy

This file photo taken on November 19, 2022 shows South Korean actor Song Joong-ki speaking during a press conference for the soap opera “Reborn Rich” in Seoul. (Its resale and archiving is prohibited) SEOUL, Jan. 30 (Yonhap) — South Korean actor Song Joong-ki announced Monday that he just married British actress Katy Louise Saunders and … Read more

Promiscuous Eva Holubová? THE GUY TURNS

After the comedy Wishes to Jesus (2021), the free sequel Birthday Wishes goes to cinemas. AND Eva Holubová he excels in it again. She played the main roles in a number of successful films, replacing several husbands in them. “When you play with these great actors, you forget about the camera, you’re just with them. … Read more

Divorce is forbidden… Witness strange rituals and ceremonies for marriage in the Mandaean religion in Iraq

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Al-Arabiya channel showed a video report on marriage ceremonies in the “Mandaean” religion in Iraq, which is one of the Abrahamic religions, and its followers follow special ceremonies and rituals that distinguish it from other religions in Iraq. The report stated that marriage and childbearing are obligatory for every Mandaean clergyman. A clergyman … Read more

“New Oolong Courtyard” Hao Shaowen brought Lu Ji’s makeup artist wife back to Taiwan to register and Zhu Yanping was pleased to praise “Happy Family” | Entertainment | CTWANT

Actor Hao Shaowen made his debut as a child star in the past. He participated in the movies “New Oolong Courtyard”, “Soldiers of Dogs”, and “The Girl We Chased Together in Those Years”. “, have achieved good results. He married Lin Ningrui, a makeup artist from Lu, in May last year. Recently, he took his … Read more

marriage is good for all mankind

<!––> Pope Francis meets the bride and groom – Osservatore Romano (2017) “Every true marriage, even the non-sacramental one, is a gift from God to spouses. Marriage is always a gift! A good! An asset of extraordinary value for everyone: for the spouses themselves, for their children, for all the families with which they enter … Read more

In the month of February.. 4 towers whose owners live a new love story

01:00 PM Thursday, January 26, 2023 I wrote – Shaima Morsi A few days until January ends and we receive February, and lovers of the world of horoscopes and astronomy are waiting to know their fortunes, especially on the emotional level. On the following pages, we review 4 constellations that live a new love story … Read more

No wonder there is no giving up, it turns out that this is the reason Farhat Abbas has been addicted to unregistered marriage all this time: The important thing is…

Hops.ID – Farhat Abbas Indeed, only one marriage has been legally registered by the state at the KUA, namely the time of marriage Nia Daniata. Even if only once, Farhat Abbas in fact ever unregistered marriages with another woman 3 times. Always stealth, action unregistered marriages Farhat Abbas always revealed later in the day to … Read more

Actress Keerthy Suresh Gets Married After Thirteen Years of Waiting; The groom is the owner of the resort

Actress Keerthy Suresh is a favorite of Malayalees and South Indian audiences alike. Although born as a Malayali, Keerthy Suresh has become one of the most popular actresses in the Telugu film industry with her excellent performances in films like Mahanadi, Annathe, Vasi and Sarkar Wari Patta.