Park Seong-kwang ♥ Lee Sol’s 3rd year marriage Confessions of a new wife… It will become stronger TEN

Park Seong-gwang’s wife, Lee Sol-yi, showed off her delicate body. Recently, Sol-yi Lee posted on her Instagram, “I’m half worried about the coming October, half excited..I cannot be completely free from what I experienced, but I am happy and grateful enough. It’s going to be tougher for me. Fighting ✊🏻” along with a picture. In … Read more

The world-famous tenor Štefan Margita does not forget his beloved Hanka

The widower Štefan Margita, who lost his beloved wife Hanka Zagorová less than a month ago, is still recovering from the shock of the sudden death of the love of his life. Although his closest family and friends support him in his suffering, he copes with the pain of the departure of his partner, with … Read more

The strangest marriage customs in the world… the brides are completely without clothes in a swimming pool and the groom does this act in front of everyone… If the bride endures, she becomes his wife!

2022/09/21 It’s 11:20 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite Marriage is considered the sweetest days of life, and the bond that completes the love story between the two parties, and the customs of marriage differ from one country to another, and there are some countries that are characterized by the strangest customs of marriage that … Read more

Lee Kyung-sil “23-year-old son Bo-seung Son, got pregnant before marriage… became a grandmother”

Screen capture of MBC’s entertainment program ‘Household Mate’ Comedian Lee Kyung-sil revealed the behavior of her son, actor Son Bo-seung (?). In the MBC entertainment program ‘Household Mate’, which was broadcast on the 20th, Yerim Lee met Lee Kyung-gyu and his daughter Ye-rim Lee and prepared a birthday party. On this day, as soon as … Read more

Early Marriage Causes a Greater Potential for Cervical Cancer

Surabaya, BhirawaEarly marriage (underage marriage) still occurs in society. Even the Directorate General of the Religious Courts Agency even recorded 34,000 applications for dispensation for marriage from January to June 2020. As many as 97 percent of them were granted and 60 percent of those who applied were children under the age of 18.One of … Read more

Ieva Juozapaitytė is divorcing her husband Donatas Parulis: the marriage lasted nine years

The marriage of opera soloist, daughter of Seimas member Vytautas Juozapaitis Ieva Barbora Juozapaitytė (30) is breaking up. She is officially divorced from her husband Donatas Parulis. The preliminary hearing of the divorce of Ieva Juozapaitytė and Donatas Parulis has already been scheduled in the district court of the city of Vilnius – it will … Read more

Christian Domínguez reveals ‘censorship’ to the dance of the worm, after scandal in Ethel Pozo’s marriage | SHOWS

The dance of the worm performed by Christian Domínguez in the marriage of Ethel Pozo, would have ‘brought tail’. The popular “chinvenguenchona nose of cumbia” revealed in a presentation that this controversial dance has been “vetoed”. YOU WILL BE INTERESTED: GIULIANA RENGIFO IS AMPAYADA KISSING WITH NOTAR, ANNOUNCES MAGALY MEDINA turns out Christian and the … Read more

The migrant route: she flees a forced marriage and death threats

First names: Judith, Tatiana and Moises Nationality: Togolese Departure point: Angola, then Brazil for two weeks A migrant from Togo who refused forced marriage fled her country of origin because of the threats she received from her community. “Marriage in my house is considered an end in itself. After I escaped several attempts to marry … Read more

Merihan Hussein: “I received marriage proposals because of my pictures on the sea” (video)

The artist, Merihan Hussein, revealed that she had received many marriage proposals because of her summer looks, which she had been publishing on social media during the last period. Actress Mirhan Hussein published a new selfie – archive photo And Merihan Hussein explained during a photographer interview with the “Arab Wood” program: “I love summer … Read more

Jeon Hyun-moo “My partner must be somewhere, it’s complicated”… Confession of thoughts on marriage and children [RE:TV]

Captured from MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’ Jeon Hyun-moo confessed his thoughts on marriage and children. In the MBC entertainment program ‘I Live Alone’, which aired on the 16th, Hyun-moo Jeon left for the first camping trip with fellow broadcaster Han Seok-jun and drew attention. On this day, Han Seok-jun made a video call to his … Read more