Voting, climate and gay marriage – World are also in the sights of the Supreme Court

Not just abortion and weapons. With a Supreme Court dominated by a majority of six conservative judges – including three appointed by Donald Trump – other fundamental rights and values, from climate to religion and voting, are at stake. The new test will be the latest sentences by the beginning of July, when the highest … Read more

Shakira denounces the man who “proposed marriage”: The guy who calls himself “Alex” harasses her through love letters and graffiti he painted in front of her house | People | Entertainment

love life of Shakira was exposed a few days ago when rumors came to light that the soccer player Gerard Piqué, with whom he shared a 12-year relationship, was unfaithful. Shortly after, it was learned that the couple officially ended their relationship. Apparently, this gave rise to a fan of the singer Colombian woman declared … Read more

Naira Ashraf, Egyptian student killed in public for refusing marriage proposal

CAIRO, – A student in Egypt was stabbed to death in public while getting off a bus for refusing a marriage proposal from a man with whom she was obsessed. Reported The SunWednesday (22/6/2022), the student who was repeatedly stabbed to death was named Naira Ashraf. Murder The Naira Ashraf happened near its campus, … Read more

Lack of males, Albatross Birds Can Do Same-Sex Marriage – Just like humans, animals also need to reproduce to produce offspring. There are animals that are loyal to only one partner, there are also those who have more than one partner. In laysan or laysan . albatross species albatross in the Pacific, males and females will bond as partners for life. Each breeding … Read more

Surabaya District Court Sued for Accepting Interfaith Marriage Application

Surabaya, CNN Indonesia — District Court (PN) Surabaya sued on charges of unlawful acts, after granting the request interfaith marriage two residents of Surabaya, RA who is Muslim and EDS who is Christian. On the Case Investigation Information System (SIPP) page of the Surabaya District Court, the lawsuit was registered on June 23, 2022, with … Read more

Without an iota of shame.. a Saudi celebrity who sets only one condition for her marriage with an unprecedented boldness and without the slightest shame: My dowry is that my husband pledge to do this to me every night.!!

The Saudi writer Amal Al-Harbi surprised everyone by answering a question about the dowry she would ask for if she was offered a marriage, noting that the dowry would be a condition for approval of the marriage. And she explained during her interview with the broadcast program stages on SBC that the dowry that she … Read more

R. Wilson and her beloved’s relationship is serious: she met her mother and is considering marriage

Actress Rebel Wilson (42) recently reported a relationship with her beloved, fashion designer Ramona Agruma (38). More details of them have now been made public. It turns out the couple has already “discussed marriage and starting a family,” and Wilson introduced the girl to her mother, Sue Bownds, who lives in Sydney. At the time, … Read more

Surabaya District Court Judge Allows Interfaith Marriage, KUA Officials React

Wednesday, 22 June 2022 – 17:11 WIB Surabaya District Court Judge Imam Supriyadi allowed the RA and EDS couple to hold interfaith marriages in front of Dispendukcapil officials. Photo Illustration: Ricardo/, SURABAYA – The head of the religious affairs office (KUA) of Gubeng Subdistrict, Surabaya City, Abdul Wahid Boedin, responded to the interfaith marriage … Read more

Shakira received an unexpected marriage proposal

The Colombian singer Shakira is one of the most sought after characters in recent weeks by all the media and everything since she announced her recent separation from the father of her children, the Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqué, with whom she had a 12-year relationship during the which they had their two little ones: Milan … Read more

Japanese judge follows conservative line: ‘Marriage only between man and woman’

Correspondent Anoma van der Veere: “This ruling is so special because the judge comments that marriage can only be between a man and a woman and has the purpose of reproduction, while that is not stated in the constitution. Her ruling was not an interpretation of the law based on case law, but a choice … Read more