The Chinese Mars probe hits Earth on a red planet

The Chinese Space Administration said Saturday that the first Chinese spacecraft landed on Mars from its landing pad and is now roaming the surface of the red planet. The China National Space Administration said the solar-powered vehicle hit the bottom of Mars at 10:40 a.m. on Saturday Beijing time (0240 GMT). China landed the spacecraft … Read more

Now that China has landed on Mars, what is the next step for the mission?

China recently entered history with the successful landing of a spacecraft on Mars. The event marked an important step in China’s space program and launched new international exploration efforts on the red planet. And the new China News Agency (Xinhua) announced the landing on May 15, saying: “China left a fingerprint on the surface of … Read more

UNI: learn about its NASA award-winning project to facilitate exploration of the Moon or Mars | News

The National University of Engineering (UNI) has just repeated the dish as a winner in the NASA Rover Challenge, a global competition that seeks to involve engineering students in the construction of vehicles to be used by astronauts when they explore the Moon or Mars. Last year, in the same contest, the university won the … Read more

Lava caves on the Moon and Mars up to 1000 times larger than Earth’s

Visionaries from all over the world predict a future in which humanity will colonize the Moon and Mars. One of the main questions to ask yourself before conquering other worlds is where will people live? Italian scientists have found structures that can shelter astronauts. Picture People can live in such caves on Mars /NASA Researchers … Read more

Salvadoran engineer Óscar Paniagua makes history on NASA mission to Mars | News from El Salvador

The 28-year-old compatriot was in charge of quality control in processes prior to the launch of the Perseverance Mission, including the assembly of the rocket aimed at the red planet. Thursday July 30, 2020, at 7:50 am Florida time, USA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) made history again with the launch of the … Read more

They discover that Mars glows with eerily regular pulses

Image: NASA / MAVEN / Goddard Space Flight Center / CU / LASP New ultraviolet observations of the red planet reveal complex circulation patterns in the Martian atmosphere, including the existence of night pulses What are they hauntingly regular e invisible to the naked eye. The Martian atmosphere has a lot of activity when viewed … Read more

Home colors | Video … a “frightening” green glow on Mars

​ A NASA space probe captured an astonishing green scene in the atmosphere of Mars, with a glow that experts described as frightening. Pictures monitored by the space probe called “MAVEN” show strange flashes of ultraviolet rays occurring inside the atmosphere of Mars, according to what the Russian “Sputnik” website quoted from the “space” website … Read more

The humpback moon near the red planet tonight in a phenomenon seen with the naked eye

The Arab world will be monitored in the sky of Egypt at midnight today, Saturday 8 August 2020, and what will remain of the night is the occurrence of the waning humpback moon near Mars in the phenomenon of viewing with the naked eye, which is an opportunity for photography. It can be seen that … Read more

Perseid Meteor Rain Peak Night August 12, Record the Time and Direction – Astronomical phenomena this month will be enlivened by the Perseid meteor shower. The peak night occurs August 12, 2020. “It is estimated that 100 meteors will pass every hour,” said Avivah Yamani, an astronomy activist in the Langit Selatan community of Bandung, Saturday, August 8, 2020. Reporting from, the meteor shower will … Read more