Xbox’s Elite Controller becomes the gauntlet of Marvel villain Thanos

How would you like to have one of the most exclusive Xbox controllers in the world, well let us tell you that at the moment is something impossible since this control is owned by mike24jd, who is a user of Reddit which decided to make its own special edition controller inspired by Thanos’ infinity gauntlet. … Read more

How to get Disney Plus for free from PlayStation and Xbox

You want to try Disney Plus from your PlayStation or Xbox consoleThen we tell you how to get a 7-day free trial so that you can enjoy exclusive content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, among many other things from your devices. Currently, Disney Plus has an application for PlayStation 4 and Xbox … Read more

Disney and Marvel work on a new movie led by Ryan Reynolds

According to ‘Deadline’, Disney, Marvel Studios and Ryan Reynolds are already working on Deadpool 3. The film would remain classified for adults While the reports about Deadpool 3 that emerged during the first months of 2020 were not encouraging, now comes the information that millions of fans of the character were waiting for. According to … Read more

Insatiable! Ryan Reynolds Has “Deadpool” And Goes For More

The actor has little by little put the people of Marvel in his pocket, and apparently the third film of the antihero, will have a lot of his contribution. But that’s not enough for Reynolds. November 22, 2020 · 21:40 hs Once the completion of “Deadpool 3“, Starring and having creative tasks Ryan Reynolds, the … Read more

It goes yes or yes: Confirm third installment of “Deadpool” with Ryan Reynolds and new writers

One of the most beloved superheroes, or rather, antiheroes in the world of cinema is “Deadpool”. The fictional character from the comics of Marvel played by the charismatic actor Ryan Reynolds has been very successful in the audience, however, the future of his franchise was in doubt. This because of Fox being acquired by Disney, … Read more

Mark Ruffalo and his time in Olympic wrestling before becoming an actor

Hobby Mexico City / 22.11.2020 08:46:01 To think of Mark Ruffalo is to imagine the great actor playing different characters on the big screen, one of the most famous, Hulk from the ‘Avengers’ saga, however, as incredible as it may seem, his career was not always linked to the world of acting then During his … Read more

The news that Deadpool fans were waiting for and Disney comes true

The wait for the arrival of Deadpool 3 seems not to end. Since Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, the continuation of the film led by Ryan Reynolds has been in doubt. The world of superheroes created under the cloak of Marvel and the mouse company, has always been characterized by staying within the orbit “family”, … Read more

Tenoch Huerta: From Narcos: Mexico to Black Panther 2

Tenoch Huerta, who played Rafael Caro Quintero on Netflix’s Narcos: Mexico, could be in Marvel Studios’ Black Panther 2. Really, Friday had its surprises. One hardly recovered from hearing that the movie of Deadpool 3 with Ryan Reynolds He already has writers in charge, when something unexpected was revealed in the afternoon. Turns out that … Read more

biography, films, passage through Marvel and personal life

Learn about the filmography and intimate details of the life of the actress who managed to conquer the world of comics with her incredible talent: Scarlett Johansson. Who is Scarlett Johansson? Scarlett Ingrid Johansson, known by her stage name, Scarlett Johansson, was born on November 22, 1984 in New York City, United States. She is … Read more

Disney Plus Peru: why was Deadpool excluded from the service?

Disney Plus is poised to compete with Netflix in the streaming war. The launch of the service in Latin America excited its fans for its exclusive content, of which the installments of the Marvel Cinematic Universe stand out. The franchise has more than 20 films, not to mention other non-canon titles about superheroes. However, fans … Read more