Musk regains the title of the richest man in the world. This is the value of his wealth

The owner of Twitter and the head of Tesla, Elon Musk, was able to regain the title of the richest person in the world after losing it for a short time. yesterday Wednesday, according to Forbes. This came after his exorbitant bets on buying the social media company and selling shares of his electric car … Read more

Ukraine asks the US to ban cluster munitions, Washington did not refuse

High-ranking officials in the Biden administration have been dealing with Ukraine’s request for supplies of cluster munitions for several months. A key finding CNN television station now it is that the Americans did not reject it outright. However, Washington did not particularly deal with the request, mainly because of the legal restrictions that Congress has … Read more

Ukraine Russia Online: Attacks on energy infrastructure will continue, Putin announced

The International Committee of the Red Cross has announced that it has recently been granted access to Ukrainian and Russian prisoners of war. Until now, his visits to prison camps were very limited and sporadic. “Last week, the committee made a two-day visit to Ukrainian prisoners of war. Another visit will take place this week. … Read more

Shut the hell up! The tennis players had a heated argument over participation in the Russian exhibition

Professional tennis tournaments cannot be held on Russian territory, but Russian tennis players can still participate in international competitions under a neutral flag. After the end of this season, however, they decided to organize at least a tennis exhibition of mixed teams in Russia with the participation of several players from the elite hundred of … Read more

The only sane one. Moscow praised Macron’s proposal for security guarantees for Russia

In evaluating Macron’s words Ryabkov notedthat he has already noted certain signals from Washington, as well as from the top representatives of European foreign policy, “who ‘nullify’ such statements (by Macron). Ryabkov appeared to be referring to EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell, who rather forcefully said on Monday that an end to the Ukrainian … Read more

Slovenia will pull the Russian thorn out of Hungary’s heel

Austria is in a similar situation, noted the Slovenian Prime Minister. “Their neighbors [musejí] help solve it – they can’t do it themselves.” Prime Minister 🇸🇮 dr. Robert Golob is in an interview for @FinancialTimes said that the energy cooperation between Slovenia and Hungary will be based on the principle of solidarity, and he also … Read more

The Kremlin denies it, but apparently it is preparing a second wave of mobilization

In recent days, speculation has been spreading on Russian social networks that Putin will try to solve the failures on the front by announcing another wave of mobilization. Kremlin spokesman Peskov advised the population on Tuesday that it is better to ignore reports of an alleged next wave of mobilization, which he called “provocations”. Instead, … Read more

They have better facilities and sleep in hotels. Russian soldiers hate Kadyrovs

Kadyrov’s fighters are allowed to sleep in hotels, Bild wrote. He refers to the statement of the wife of one of the Russian soldiers, who was supposed to have been told this by her husband. He told the same thing to a military psychologist who asked him about his attitude to war. “My husband is … Read more

Crisis, unfairness and idiocy! a Putin supporter thunders over Norwegian dominance

After the expulsion of the Russians from the World Cup in cross-country skiing, the Norwegian dominance in this industry has multiplied. Last Friday, nine Norwegians placed in the top ten in the 10 kilometer freestyle individual race. Among them, the Briton Andrew Musgrave, who also started cross-country skiing in Norway, managed to get through in … Read more

New car sales in Russia fell by more than 60 percent

Car sales have been falling since Moscow sent troops to Ukraine in February. In response, Western countries imposed sanctions on Russia that, among other things, made access to components more difficult. Several foreign manufacturers have also suspended operations in Russia. According to analysts, the industry is also being hit hard by limited demand across the … Read more