He waited 30 years because of the fear of surgery: A 1 kilogram goiter mass was removed from his neck!

Müfide Uçar, 67, who has had difficulties in breathing, sleeping, walking and eating for 30 years, regained her health after the operation. Malatya Turgut Özal University Faculty of Medicine Department of General Surgery Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Burhan Hakan Kanat said, “Although rare, such large goiters are seen and operated successfully. It is necessary to raise … Read more

Samsung is the first in the world to start mass production of 3 nm chips

Samsung chip production. (Samsung/Scanpix) photo BNS Samsung Electronics became the first chip manufacturer in the world to start machine-assisted 3 nanometer microchip production. The new chips will be smaller, more powerful and more efficient and will be used in high-end computing applications. Later, its use will include other devices, for example, mobile phones. Compared to … Read more

Mass Demonstration at the DPRD Building, Demands Timika to be the Capital of the Province of Central Papua

TIMIKAKOMPAS.Com – A group of masses rallied at the Mimika DPRD office, Papua demanding that the DPR RI ratify the provincial capital Central Papua from Timikaon Thursday (30/6/2022). The Working Committee (Panja) of the Draft Law (RUU) on the New Autonomous Region (DOB) of Papua and the government previously agreed on Nabire as the capital … Read more

philanthropist and serial accumulator, mass in Latin and Formula 1- Corriere.it

from Andrea Galli Corte Palasio (Lodi), the 57-year-old Pierangelo Repanati found dead in the house in via Roma: marked by the death of his mother, the house full of objects, he would have fallen on a window after an illness. Footage from a security camera to rule out the crime trail The immediate certainty of … Read more

This mod turns Stellaris into a space strategy game set in the Mass Effect universe.

Have you ever wondered what could be the strategy for the Mass Effect universe? If so, no more guessing – the Binary Helix modding team is developing Beyond the Relays for Stellaris – a total conversion mod that turns the game into a space strategy game with a Mass Effect setting. This is not the … Read more

Police Reveal Triggers for TNI Members to be Beaten by Mass Organizations in Bekasi

Bekasi – One TNI members attacked by mass organizations in Jatiranggon, Bekasi. The police revealed that the TNI member was intend to break up the commotion residents at the location, but instead they were beaten. Head of Criminal Investigation Unit at Jatisampurna Police, Iptu Valerij Lekaheba, said that the TNI member first entered the mini … Read more

Cryptocurrency crash leads to mass sale of graphics cards for mining

Life is not easy for those who currently invest in the cryptocurrency market. Digital currencies have suffered heavy drops in their valuation, which becomes a significant concern for all fans of this segment. The consequences are starting to be noticed because, according to the latest information, the fall in the value of cryptocurrencies is leading … Read more

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Released Community Patch 1.3.1

© Community Patch mod development team for Mass Effect released a new update for the first game of the legendary edition. This unofficial patch aims to fix and address numerous issues that have plagued the remaster (and that Bioware has yet to resolve). The June 21 Community Patch 1.3.1 allows players to switch helmets when … Read more

Tesla Sued by Ex-Employees for Sudden Mass Layoffs

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Former employee Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) has filed a lawsuit against Elon Musk’s US electric car company. They allege Tesla’s decision to mass layoffs violates federal law. Prior to the layoffs, the company did not provide any notification of the dismissal. The lawsuit was filed Sunday night in Texas by two Tesla workers, … Read more