Employers “Dizzy” Discourse on 6 Months of Maternity Leave

JAKARTAKOMPAS.com – DPD Indonesian Indigenous Entrepreneurs Association (HIPPI) DKI Jakarta asked the government and the DPR to review the stipulation of the law (UU) related to human rights maternity leave 6 months and 40 days husband’s leave for employees. The Chairperson of the DKI Jakarta HIPPI DPD, Sarman Simanjorang, said that the government needs to … Read more

6 Month Maternity Leave, Here Are 10 Countries With The Longest Pregnancy Leave In The World Page all

KOMPAS.com – The House of Representatives (DPR) is currently discussing and finalizing the drafting of the Maternal and Child Welfare Bill (DPR)RUU KIA), which one of the articles contains rights holiday give birth 6 months. This is stated in Article 4 Paragraph (2) letter a of the MCH Bill, which reads as follows: “In addition … Read more

Brunei Airlines Passenger Viral Maternity on the Plane, Netizens: Sky Children!

Jakarta – On social media, there is a viral story of a Royal Brunei Airlines passenger who gave birth in the middle of a flight. The passenger named Jenny Rose Josoy was known to be traveling from Dubai to Bandar Seri Begawan City. Jenny who is actually pregnant is still 7 weeks from her due … Read more

Why do Obstetrics emergencies close? | Questions and answers

Why do Obstetrics emergencies close? The Gynecology-Obstetrics and Delivery Block emergency teams have a required minimum of specialist clinicians present in order to function. This number varies according to the total number of annual deliveries and the type of service provided by each of the health units, ranging from two to six doctors – in … Read more

Draft Maternal and Child Welfare Bill: Maternity Leave for 6 Months Page all

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The DPR RI agreed that the draft law (RUU) on Maternal and Child Welfare (KIA) would be discussed further to become a law. In the beleid plan, women who give birth are proposed to be entitled to a minimum of six months leave. “RUU KIA also regulates maternity leave of at least … Read more

Puan Pushes Maternity Leave to be 6 Months through the MCH Bill

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Speaker of the House of Representatives Mrs. Maharani pushing for maternity leave to six months through the Maternal and Child Welfare (KIA) bill. The determination of the period of maternity leave was previously regulated in Law Number 13 of 2003 concerning Manpower with a duration of only 3 months. Through the … Read more

Tatyana Bakalchuk, Crazy Rich Worth Rp. 14 Trillion Because of Maternity Leave

Jakarta – Maternity leave apparently brought many big changes in Tatyana Bakalchuk’s life. Yes, he is a Russian billionaire of Korean descent, Mother. Not only adjusting to the newborn, Bakalchuk made important decisions in his life regarding his career. Apparently during maternity leave, Bakalchuk started an online retail business or e-commerce, Wildberries. The effort of … Read more

Health Møre og Romsdal opens maternity ward at Kristiansund Hospital June 6 – NRK Møre og Romsdal – Local news, TV and radio

The maternity ward in Kristiansund will be open five days a week. Clinic manager, Georg Johnsen, is looking forward to the opening. – Now we have professionals in place, and then we open. We have brought in both local and foreign and professionals, says Johnsen. – Is the opening healthy in terms of health? – … Read more

Nataniel Sánchez on motherhood: “I’m 31 and I don’t want to be a mother” | Jesús Alzamora entertainment RMMN | SHOWS

Updated on 05/22/2022 04:26 pm Nataniel Sánchezwho currently lives in Spain, visited our country and offered an interview to the YouTube program of Jesus Alzamorawhere he spoke on various topics, including motherhood. The remembered Fernanda de las Casas was consulted about the possibility of being a mother in the not so distant future, and she … Read more