Attacked lawyer, stupid words from Boojhawon and Bissessur as a legal redresser

Let’s start with the worst! Lawyer Hishaam Oozeer was assaulted outside the Rose-Belle police station on Tuesday around 9 p.m. He was accompanied by other lawyers, such as Nadeem Hyderkhan and Arshaad Inder. They went to the CID office to request permission to meet with their client, Hashim Hyderkhan. Mr. Hishaam Oozeer alleges that people … Read more

the government mortgages the future of our children, says Bérenger

The press conference of the leader of the MMM, this Saturday, was mainly devoted to the economy and finances. It was only at the end that he commented on the case of little Ayaan and the suspicious death of MSM agent Kristnen Soopramanien. He first criticized the Minister of Finance who said in Parliament last … Read more

donations, line of credit and aid in billions of rupees

The Covid-19 or the Wakashio have benefited the Mauritian government to get out of poverty financially. The manna of international aid helps to replenish the coffers. Thus Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth during his address to the Divali Day celebrations at the Hindu House, announced “proudly” a line of credit of 300 million USD or Rs … Read more

Mauritius Island | Chilean returns to play 48 hours after the qualifying rounds and draws with Flamengo

Mauritius Island returned to ownership in Flamengo just two days after his last presentation with the Chilean team by Qualifiers for Qatar 2022 but with bad news for Flamengo, who only tied as host of RB Bragantino. The match valid for the sixteenth date of the Brasileirao, played this Thursday at the Maracana Stadium, ended … Read more

Mauritius widespread protest against government slow response to catastrophic oil spill – Abroad – News

The protesters carried Mauritian flags and posters with the texts “You are not ashamed” and “Your incompetence is destroying our island”. In July, the Wakashio ran aground on a coral reef off the coast of the Pacific island nation and discharged approximately 1,000 tons of nearly 4,000 tons of heavy fuel oil into the waters … Read more

Demonstration against the government after the oil spill in Mauritius –

A demonstration of exceptional magnitude gathered tens of thousands of Mauritians on Saturday. They took to the streets of Port-Louis to denounce the government’s management of the oil spill that ravaged the south-eastern coast of the island in early August. A human tide, as the country has probably never known for a demonstration, stormed the … Read more

Mauritius protesters demand investigation into link dead dolphins and oil spill NOW

Thousands of protesters took to the streets in the Mauritian capital of Port Louis on Saturday to demand an investigation into the deaths of the dolphins washed ashore this week. The protesters want to know if there is a connection with the oil spill that took place off the coast of the country at the … Read more

A Japanese cargo ship near Mauritius broke into two pieces

Experts warned at the beginning of the week that the ship would probably break. The Mauritian government has already announced that it will apply for compensation to the Japanese shipping company Nagashiki Shipping, the Kyoto agency wrote. The accident caused enormous damage to the coast, from which the ocean will recover for a long time. … Read more

The freighter wrecked off Mauritius broke in two parts

The distance between the two freighter parts is already 30 meters. High waves could soon endanger the rescue work. Around 1,000 tons of oil have already spilled into the sea. The Japanese freighter “Wakashio”, taken on August 13, 2020. The freighter has since broken apart. EPA dgy. The freighter “Wakashio”, which was wrecked off Mauritius, … Read more