City awarded Sports Medal

Successful athletes and deserving officials were brought to the front of the curtain and officially recognized for their achievements. The great achievements that Klagenfurt’s athletes deliver throughout the year are recognized at the sports awards ceremony. This took place on Thursday evening in the Stadthaus in the presence of numerous representatives of city politics and … Read more

For the killed Motorola, the Zaluzhny medal and the ZTR flag. Conversation with Ukrainian Olha in Poland / LR1 / / Latvijas Radio

A large part of the Ukrainians fleeing the war went to Poland. One of them is Olha, who has been living with her husband in Krakow in southern Poland for several years. Olha has been working in a local Ukrainian cafe for less than a year. She is from Zaporizhia, but her husband is from … Read more

West Java Porprov Medal Standings Today November 18, 2022

Ciamis, – The Bekasi Regency contingent is getting closer to being the overall champion of West Java Porprov 2022. Check out the latest update on the list of medals won by West Java Porprov at the end of this news. Until the early hours of Friday 18 November 2022, Bekasi Regency was still leading … Read more

Maurizio Molinari awarded Zelensky’s medal of merit for his support for Ukraine

The director of Republic Maurice Molinari received theOrder of Merit III class from President Volodymyr Zelensky for his support to Ukraine in recent months. “For a significant personal contribution to the strengthening of interstate cooperation, support of state sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine” reads the motivation as well as “to the promotion of the … Read more

Update on West Java Porprov Medal Achievement 2022 Sunday, November 13, KBB Collection of 71 Medals, SPORTS – West Bandung Regency managed to collect 71 medals in provisional results at the 14th West Java Provincial Sports Week (Porprov) in 2022 on Sunday, November 13, 2022. West Bandung Regency is currently stuck in 8th place in the standings. The West Bandung Regency contingent managed to add to its medal coffers on … Read more

[Short Pool World Cup]He Shibei 400 won the bronze medal after 16-year-old McGuinness broke the conference record

[Sports Road News]The three-day Short Pool Swimming World Cup Toronto Station held the first day final on Friday (29th) night. Hong Kong team female flying fish Siobhan (Siobhan) competed in the women’s 400m freestyle final. Facing three rivals from the United States and Canada, Siobhan finally won the bronze medal with a score of 3:58.50; … Read more

Preparing for the Paris Olympics│The Chinese gymnastics team starts the journey of the World Championships, and the men’s team strives for the gold medal

Preparing for the Paris Olympics│The Chinese gymnastics team starts the journey of the World Championships, and the men’s team strives for the gold medal Qinghai Provincial Sports Bureau released sports events Qinghai sports event information is released in a timely manner, dynamic events are presented in an all-round way, and you can feel the perfect … Read more

The young concept artist Ali Kanane receives the tin medal in Paris

Date :October 26, 2022 687Vues He has just been decorated by the Academic Society Arts-Sciences-Lettres A great consecration for Ali Kanane. The Moroccan artist has just received the pewter medal offered by the Academic Society Arts-Sciences-Letters. An award given to him in recognition of his artistic achievements and his multidisciplinary career in the plastic arts, painting … Read more

South Sulawesi Porprov Medal Obtained: Pangkep Leads 6 Gold, Second Makassar

Sinjai, – The tight competition between the contingents began to be seen at the 2022 Provincial Sports Week (Porprov) in Sinjai and Bulukumba Regencies. A number of athletes from 24 contingents started competing on Friday (21/10) although the opening was only held today, Saturday 22 October 2022. The sports that have been competed are … Read more

[2022 전국체전] Incheon City Athletic Association Woojin Lee, silver medal in women’s individual pokeball event

Incheon Today = Lee Min-woo PD | The billiards team of the Incheon City Sports Association won a gold medal and a silver medal each in the men’s and women’s individual event in the general pool 10 ball event held on the 11th, the fifth day of the National Sports Festival. The main players are … Read more