JAD member advises Munarman to be patient, asks to stop being a lawyer

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Convicted case terrorism as well as a member of the Jemaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD) group, Koswara advised the Former General Secretary of FPI, Munarman to be patient and stay istiqomah if it supports the daulah (Islamic state). This was conveyed by Koswara when examined as a witness in the trial of … Read more

Experts Oppose Sun -Dim Discourse for Global Warming Trees

KOMPAS.com – A ‘crazy’ plan designed to cool the Earth’s surface and reduce the impact global warming got opposition from various quarters. In that plan, Sun we will be deliberately dimmed by spraying chemicals into Earth’s atmosphere. Citing Science Alert, Tuesday (18/1/2022) the engineering scheme according to more than 60 policy experts and scientists is … Read more

It’s all right or wrong for Jambon: “He still seems to be the only N-VA member who wants to make a success of the Flemish government”

© EPA-EFE Now that even the otherwise cautious Hilde Crevits (CD&V) openly says that there is a problem with the Flemish government, all eyes are on government leader Jan Jambon (N-VA) to make a new start. He wants a breakthrough in the nitrogen problem by the spring break, and if possible also in the crucial … Read more

The parish should resign from his mandate or scholarship, Bartoš said. A member of the STAN movement, meanwhile, flew to the USA – ČT24 – Czech Television

“Although this is a decision of Mr. Farský and the STAN party, not only me, but also a lot of people perceive it negatively. In addition, Honza Farský was the leader of the candidate. It would seem problematic to me, even if it was someone on the tail (candidates), “said Bartoš, adding that he still … Read more

Stoltenberg: NATO will not agree to deploy forces to member states

Jens Stoltenberg. Photo by Olivier Matthys (AP / Scanpix) NATO will not accept Russia’s demand to bring troops into the country, which has joined the Alliance since 1997 because it cannot afford to have a second member, the organisation’s secretary general Jens Stoltenberg said on Sunday. We cannot accept the absence of NATO forces in … Read more

Stoltenberg: NATO will not agree to withdraw forces from long-standing member states

“We cannot accept the absence of NATO forces in the countries that have joined since 1997. After all, half of our members would be left unprotected, “he told the Canadian broadcaster CBC. “In that case, we would have second-class NATO members, and we cannot allow that,” Stoltenberg added. Speaking about the tense situation near the … Read more

Recognize the Effects of Diabetes on the Eyes, Experts Recommend a Perik Routine

GenPI.co East Java – Diabetics are advised to regularly check themselves to the eye poly. High glaucoma can cause blindness. Ophthalmologist Dr. Iskak Hospital, Dr. Hera Lesmana, said diabetes is closely related to the eyes. “Most of the diabetic patients have vision problems. In severe cases, this can lead to bleeding and complications,” he said, … Read more

First Case of Omicron Cause Myocarditis Found in Israel All

KOMPAS.com – Israel find cases myocarditis or heart muscle inflammation The first is related to the Covid-19 infection caused by varian Omicron. Currently, a hospital in Israel said it was working on the case. Reported from Times of Israel, Monday (10/1/2022) doctors at the Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer said, that Covid-19 patient This … Read more

OMT member Marion Koopmans: ‘Numbers are now rising rapidly and this is just the beginning’ | Inland

What about the infections?“The problem is the high contagiousness. In the Netherlands, the number of infections is now rising rapidly. That means that the R-value for omikron is a lot higher. Delta would really be dying out with these measures, but omikron has changed that game. That’s obvious. How severe the increase becomes depends on … Read more

acquittal of a member of Brussels Panthères for threats and harassment

The Criminal Court of Hainaut, Tournai division, acquitted a member of the movement on Thursday Brussels Panthers prosecuted for threats and harassment. In September 2018, NS, member of Brussels Panthers, wrote to the mayor and the municipal councilors of Lessines to oppose the exit of the “Group of Negroes”, a tradition of local folklore as … Read more