HBO, Netflix and other streaming services for next week: The end of the favorite fantasy, memories of Katrina or a vampire comedy

Source: NetflixNetflix and HBO Max are among the most popular streaming platforms in the country and supply us with dozens of new series and movies every month. That’s why we bring a regular overview of several of the most anticipated projects that you can enjoy on both services during the following week. Together with them, … Read more


This year is a turning point for Tereza as far as her famous parents are concerned. In the spring, 20 years have passed since the suicide of Vlastimil’s father Brodsky (†81) and recently christened a book about her mother Jana Brejchová (82), where they reminisce together over photos. More than four hundred photos from the … Read more

M. Žilinskaitė – about her brother and his dream, which she fulfilled: “Rock still lives in memories” | Names

Monika, who has maintained a close relationship with her brother Roku since childhood, spoke to the portal 15min shared the most sensitive memories and sentiments of the two of them, which remained in her memory forever. Among them are the two’s unfulfilled plans to travel the world and missed everyday details, such as the opportunity … Read more

“They made me a bad mother.” They took the mandarin as memories – o2

Mandarin was one of the biggest stars of the Polish stage years ago. Each subsequent single became a hit that was broadcast on all TV and radio stations. The singer’s career collapsed after performing in Sopot with the song “Ev’ry Night”. The gossip media called it “the slip of the century”. “All of Poland told … Read more

HARU, 7 Memories of Atalia Praratya TREAT Emmeril Kahn in America, Happy Birthday A Erilku

PURWOKERTO PORTAL – Atalia Praratya share memories while pregnant and Emmeril Kahn Mumtadz as a toddler. Emmeril Kahn Mumtadz born when his parents were not as well established as they are now. Even Masculine born with social assistance. Atalia Praratya who has only been married for a while with Ridwan Kamil | brought to the … Read more

Shining a new tattoo, Bird, watermelon fan. Thank you Kratip for sharing good memories.

Shining a new tattoo Bird Watermelon Fan Thank you Kratip Chawankon for joining in the memory. The new tattoo features plum, Bird’s cat, and watermelon. Nostalgia still works every day. Although the actress Watermelon Nida It’s been 4 months since he passed away, but everyone still misses and remembers the precious memories of the old … Read more

Zhao Jinmailin joins hands to create youthful memories and may make the film “Friends of the Week”. The sincere friendship resonates widely.

Zhao Jinmailin joins hands to create youthful memories and may create the film “Friends of the Week”. The sincere friendship resonates widely On June 18, the youth campus film “A Week of Friends” starring Zhao Jinmai and Lin Yi, starring Zhao Jinmai and Lin Yi, and Shen Yue, starring Wang Jiahui, was released nationwide on … Read more

Meizu, a small factory in Zhuhai that was just acquired by Geely, really left me with a lot of memories – Meizu Meizu

access: Alibaba Cloud exclusive benefits for resumption of work start from 1 yuan for the first purchase Visit the purchase page: Meizu flagship store The company of Xingji Times may sound unfamiliar, but according to the information from Tianyancha, its major shareholder is Geely Group, and the ultimate beneficiary is Li Shufu. In other words, … Read more

V.Mičiulienė – about a year without her father: “My strength was taken by my soon-to-be-born granddaughter” | Names

June 5 is dedicated to thanking all fathers for their endless love, strong example, and gentle care. On this day, Violeta Mičiulienė thanks her father for the example of her life who left anapil last year for her paternal devotion. Violeta lost her mother when she was a little girl, when her father Eduard replaced … Read more