London sees no point in talking until the EU takes it seriously

LONDON, Oct 20 (Reuters) – The government of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson sees no point in talking to the European Union about a Brexit trade deal until the bloc begins treating Britain as a sovereign state, he said. Tuesday a business secretary. “We are trying to reach an agreement,” Nadhim Zahawi told Sky television, … Read more

Reform of the mental health system after Covid-19

..Drafting.WHO Europe will launch a mental health coalition this week to support system reforms and post-Covid-19 recovery. More than 110 million Europeans live with some type of mental health condition, representing more than 10% of the population. WHO Europe will launch a mental health coalition to tackle the situation after Covid-19 The four new initiatives … Read more

Time to invest in mental health programs, to bet on life

This year’s World Mental Health Day (it was celebrated last Saturday) takes place at a time when our daily lives have been significantly altered as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The last few months have brought many challenges: for health personnel, who provide their services in difficult circumstances, and go to work with the … Read more

“Mental fog”: how the new coronavirus sequel is presented

Shortness of breath and body fatigue are some of the best known consequences of the coronavirus, but now a possible new consequence has been discovered. It is about “mental fog”, a state of confusion reported by patients who recovered from covid-19. As everything that happens with this disease is “minute by minute”, scientists around the … Read more

World leaders and personalities who will participate in the Great Meeting of the WHO in favor of Mental Health on October 10

On Mental Health Day, October 10, various world leaders and world-renowned personalities, as well as mental health activists, will gather to celebrate the Great Mental Health Quote, organized by the World Health Organization. The Organization’s first online event to promote mental health will focus on the urgent need to address the persistent underinvestment in mental … Read more

“Mental fog”: Cases multiply among those recovered from coronavirus

An array of disturbing cognitive symptoms such as forgetfulness and memory loss, confusion, concentration problems, dizziness, and difficulty finding the most common words when speaking afflict more and more Covid-19 survivors. It is known as coronavirus “brain fog” and sufferers say it prevents them from working and functioning normally. “There are thousands of people with … Read more

Ensuring mental health

The World Health Organization (WHO) has published reports that record the increase in symptoms of depression and anxiety in several countries. “The current situation, with isolation, fear, uncertainty and economic crisis, can cause psychological disorders”, warned in May Dévora Kestel, director of the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse of the WHO. There are … Read more

Keys on mental health that will be addressed by the International Symposium on Virtual Neuroscience in Buenos Aires

Small moments of enjoyment can bring us the general well-being needed to survive a pandemic – ReutersOne of the great problems that the current COVID-19 pandemic, apart from the infected and dead, is the mental health affectation in those sick and also in healthy people, as a result of the multiple restrictions of freedoms and … Read more

5 Recommended Movies About Mental Disorders (Great Classics)

Radio Miter Shows October 11, 2020 19:05 These are five films that marked an era in relation to the theme, with stories that continue to impact today. You relive. Consecrated actors starred in different films about mental disorders that remain in history. In the framework of World Mental Health Day, there are five films infallible … Read more