Depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress… why sport is beneficial for mental health

Sport is (also) serious. We are of course thinking of its benefits, which are widely documented, in terms of physical health. What is less known is that it participates in the treatment of even severe mental illnesses. A top athlete and psychiatrist, Dr. Jérôme Palazzolo has been firmly convinced of this for a long time. … Read more

Irregular sleep linked to mental illness in older women

Older women with irregular and poor sleep quality are at a higher risk of depression and anxiety. A new study published in the journal Menopause shows that older women who have irregular and poor quality sleep have a higher risk of developing mental illness. The researchers examined data from over 1,600 women aged 57 to … Read more

The Definitive Guide to Mental Health Care in the 21st Century

photo: Facebook/ Miguel Fontes João Pereira, from the IEFP – Employment and Professional Training Center of the Alentejo Litoral, was awarded the Gold Medal in the profession of Aeronautical Production Technician – Assembly of Structures, in the National Professional Championship, which took place from March 7th to 12th, in Portimao. In addition, the young Alentejo … Read more

Mental attack! The “Quick Fighting Whirlwind 6” mod allows all members to win the animation show. If the middle finger wins, don’t you talk about martial arts and engage in “convex” attacks | Game Corner | Digital

This is called provocation! Capuco’s new fighting game “Quick Fighting Tornado 6” will be released in June. However, due to the previous beta test, mod players have stretched out their claws. In addition to the regular clothes replacement, there has been an annoying character that makes the character compare his middle finger recently. mod. According … Read more

When mental health is embodied on stage.. Anna O brings talents

As the country suffocates with the crowds of troubles and difficulties of daily life, so do those who believe in the continuity of artistic life, striving with almost breathless breaths to ensure the survival of the dream, passion, and the part associated with Lebanon’s artistic identity. Perhaps the Lebanese theater suffers the most, far from … Read more

The pandemic no crisis for mental health – Skånska Dagbladet

Contrary to some earlier alarm reports, the pandemic does not seem to have been a hard blow to people’s mental health. When Canadian researchers reviewed 137 studies, mainly from high-income European countries and Asia, they saw no major negative impact. In general, in the database, the general mental health and the degree of anxiety were … Read more

British study|Childhood nightmares often increase the risk of cognitive impairment in the elderly by 85% – Sky Post – Health – Brain Neurology and Mental Health

Do you often have nightmares?british recentlya study pointed out,often in childhoodsaddreamspeople who are elderly with dementia orParkinsondiseaserisks ofIt is 85% higher. Experts believe that there is a chance that it is related to genetics, but it may also be caused by frequent nightmares that affect sleep and then affect the rest of the brain. Added … Read more

World Adolescent Mental Wellness Day: why is it celebrated on March 2?

He March 2 is celebrated on World Adolescent Mental Wellness Day. The creation of this event in 2020 was at the initiative of The Hollister Confidence Projectwhich has the purpose of observing the mental well-being of adolescents. Zero Discrimination Day: why is it celebrated on March 1? Further The objective of the date is to … Read more

Inclusion of mental health in health insurance and the establishment of care centers in various regions of the country

The Cabinet approved 13 recommendations from the Federal National Council regarding mental health in the country, foremost of which is amending salaries and job privileges, and career advancement opportunities for professionals and workers in the field of mental health, to attract and motivate specialized workforce. The recommendations included a report prepared by the Health and … Read more