Covid-19 Can Cause Mental Disorders

Covid-19 infection is not only life threatening. Research states that the disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus can also cause neurological disorders and psychiatric disorders, after being declared cured. The research results show that one in three people who have been infected with Covid-19 are diagnosed with neurological or psychiatric disorders. Published research results The … Read more

5 reasons to be diligent in exercising, one of which is to avoid mental disorders

JAKARTA, – Maintaining health during the Covid-19 pandemic is important to do. Well, one way to maintain health is by increasing it physical activity or exercising. Unfortunately, most Indonesians are still not aware of the importance of physical activity. According to a research on physical activity behavior conducted by Basic Health Research (Riskesdas) in … Read more

One in three who had Covid-19 was diagnosed with mental or neurological disease after

One in three people who had Covid-19 received a diagnosis of mental or neurological disease within six months of infection, points out the largest study of its kind ever published on Tuesday (6) in the English scientific journal The Lancet Psychiatry . Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, there was concern about a greater … Read more

‘One third of Covid survivors suffer from neurological or mental disorders’

Scientists analyzed the health records of 236,379 Covid-19patients, mostly from the United States, and found that 34 percent of them had been diagnosed with neurological or psychiatric illness within six months. The new findings were published in a study in the journal Lancet Psychiatry. The disorders are said to be significantly more common in Covid-19 … Read more

One in three suffers from mental health problems after covid-19

Patients who have had covid-19 are at increased risk of developing psychiatric problems after the infection. The more severe the disease, the higher the risk. Anxiety and depression, but also stroke and dementia, affect patients who have had covid-19 to a greater extent, compared with patients who, for example, have had seasonal flu. In the … Read more

Third of surviving Covid patients have mental and neurological complaints | Medical

According to the authors of the study, they have shown that the risk of brain damage is significantly higher with Covid-19 than with other respiratory infections. After examining 230,000 patient records, the researchers concluded that 34 percent had been diagnosed with a neurological or psychiatric condition six months later. Of these, anxiety disorders (17 percent … Read more

Is psychedelic medicine the new frontier in mental health?

Clinics like Mindbloom and Field Trip Health want to make “psychedelic medicine” mainstream. Mindbloom went virtual in 2020, offering ketamine treatments at home. Field Trip Hot Springs are open. Research has shown that ketamine can help reduce depressive symptoms, but experts urge caution. Last fall, Dan, a 43-year-old father, confided to a friend that he … Read more

5 Benefits of Morning Sex, Give Mental Calm

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Sex in the morning it’s not as bad as imagined There are several benefits morning sex as you can. For some people, sex will feel more appropriate if done at night before bed. Instead of relaxing, sex in the morning is considered to make the body tired when starting daily activities. … Read more

Are Video Games Good For Your Mental Health? This is the explanation of the Oxford Researchers

Ilustrasi video game (Shutterstock). There is a lot of research on the impact of playing video games. However, on average, mention the negative side or bad impact on eye and mental health. – Lots research about the impact of play video game. However, on average, mention the negative side or bad impact on eye … Read more