Guide to Christmas gifts that help improve physical and mental health

What made life a little easier for us this year? That was the question we asked the Well+Being team to create this gift guide for Christmas. These are the things that we found best for cooking, exercising, being at home, improving our mental health and more. Also read: List of Christmas events in Dallas and … Read more

NHL | Jelínek believes that Hlinka was an amazing mental coach, and he didn’t even know it

The moderator Honzo Homolko begins the discussion with a question about Czech humor, which Jelínek mentions in the book The Inner World of Winners. The 59-year-old coach states in the book that Czech hockey players were famous for their ability to improve the atmosphere even in the NHL cabins. “The humor is different, you perceive … Read more

Sports and Mental Health: Can Exercise Cure Depression?

It is now a consolidated concept that the practice of physical exercise brings with it numerous benefits. But what if these adaptations concerned not only the general physical aspect but also the psychic one? Let’s see together what science says about it Andrea Bulgheroni – Noritura November 30th People who play sports are often told … Read more

Mental health in school-age children MedEcon Ruhr

New LVR guide LVR Clinic Essen am 30. November 2022 According to various long-term studies, around 20 percent of children and young people in Germany develop a mental disorder within a year. During the corona pandemic, the proportion rose again. But what does age-appropriate development actually look like? Where is the boundary between individual peculiarities … Read more

4 films and documentaries on mental health that you cannot miss

Mental diseases or disorders, as well as the functioning of the brain itself, are not always easy to understand, especially if there are no cases in the close environment of each one that allow a first-hand experience. Therefore, the movies and books to understand mental health they are so important. After all, they represent a … Read more

The “Emirati Parliament for Children” discusses the mental health of children

Abu Dhabi (Al Ittihad) The UAE Parliament for the Child held its third session of the first session of the second legislative term in Zayed Hall at the headquarters of the Federal National Council in the capital, Abu Dhabi, in the presence of His Excellency Abdul Rahman bin Muhammad Al Owais, Minister of Health and … Read more

Neuroscientist explains how Covid-19 affected the mental health of the population

Almost three years after the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the marks left by it are still very evident. In addition to causing thousands of deaths, the disease also left sequels in some infected and caused a collective trauma, from which no one could escape. The combination of all these factors, in some cases, caused … Read more

Mental health first.. for a successful educational attainment

Khawla Ali (Dubai) The family is the first nucleus responsible for the mental health of children, and it is the social institution on which their well-being relies, as it constitutes the essence of their personality and the extent of their integrity or misbehavioral and psychological behavior. The role of the school is no less important, … Read more