Mercado Libre’s common investment fund reached five million users

Mercado Pago’s common investment fund -managed and guarded by Bind- exceeded $60 billion invested and the five million users since it was created, four years ago. The tool allows platform users to invest their balance with a low level of risk and instant redemption. When the fund was launched, in 2018, there were 376.865 client … Read more

traditional fixed term, UVA or dollar

For those who opt for traditional investments, those that do not report high returns but have low risk, the options are not simple By Ruben Ramallo 14/09/2022 – 18,55hs For retail investors, those who basically turn to fixed terms, in their traditional or UVA-adjusted versions, to some dollar-adjusted bond or even to blue, having to … Read more

started the benefit for these instruments

BYMA’s Day Trading benefit began to work, which encourages investments in shares and Cedears that are arranged in the same session By Pilar Wolffelt 08/09/2022 – 19,20hs Since last Thursday governs the automatic bonus for Day Trading for all operations of Argentine Shares and Certificates of Deposit (Cedears) implemented by Bolsas y Mercados Argentinos (BYMA) … Read more

Shopee, Mercado Libre’s competitor, closes operations in Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and abandons Argentina completely – AméricaEconomía

Shopee, the e-commerce division of Sea Ltd, told employees on Thursday that it would close its local operations in Chile, Colombia and Mexico and leave Argentina entirely, according to three sources with direct knowledge of the matter and an internal email. The Singapore-headquartered company will maintain cross-border operations in the first three markets but will … Read more

What is the stock that is up more than 510% in just eight months?

The stock market usually gives pleasant surprises and one of them is a company that throughout the year offers a profit well above the rest By Ruben Ramallo 01/09/2022 – 14,31hs After the first eight months of the year there is a large group of companies that record more than striking results. If both panels … Read more

what they are and the 7 best to operate from Argentina

Los ETF o exchange traded funds are funds that are traded on the secondary stock market. Although only a few of the thousands that exist can be traded in our country, these assets are enjoying great popularity because they can generate large profits to its investors. What does ETF mean? ETF, corresponding to exchange-traded fund … Read more

Mercado Livre creates MercadoCoin, its cryptocurrency

Mercado Livre announced the creation of its own currency, entitled “MercadoCoin”, which will be part of a customer loyalty program Estimated reading time: 3 minutes Nubank has a new function for paying bills: understand! Last Thursday (18), Mercado Livre announced the creation of its own currency, called “MercadoCoin”, which will be part of a customer … Read more

What is Mercado Coin, the currency of Mercado Libre

The unicorn surprised everyone with its digital currency, an old project that it had “in the folder” and that promises to change the region’s finances Free Market did it again: with a single ad, the launch of your digital currency Mercado Coin, paralyzed an entire continent. Although the intentions had been leaked last year when … Read more

Mercado Libre already has its own cryptocurrency in Latin America that uses the Ethereum protocol

MercadoLibre has announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency called “MercadoCoin”, which At the moment it will only arrive in Brazil. This token will be part of the platform’s loyalty program. According to Reuters, the currency can be earned as cash back when buying products in the storewhich can then be used to make new … Read more