Russia confirms that it received a message from the US about Ukraine | News

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov confirmed on Tuesday that he received a message from Secretary of State Antony Blinken about Ukraine through Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri. READ ALSO: Russia obtains minutes of US biological weapons program in Ukraine In the message from Blinken, who recently visited the Egyptian capital, there is an appeal to … Read more

TFR and TFS advance for civil servants: here is all the official info for submitting the application. INPS message [PDF]

Public employees will be able to request an advance of the TFR or TFS without waiting for the standard terms. They can take advantage of all or part of their accrued TFR not yet paid. The request can be sent online on the INPS website from 1 February 2023, as specified in message no. 430 … Read more

“That all the presidents of Peru end up in jail is a bad message” Guido Croxatto Arequipa interview lrsd | Politics

Argentine Guido Croxatto, director of the Latin American Institute of Criminology and Social Development, paid a visit to Peru with his teacher Eugenio Zaffaroni. Croxatto is a man of the left who supports the popular leaders of Latin America. Guido Croxatto from Argentina is a poetry reader. As a lawyer, these readings help him to … Read more

Erdogan, Turkey could approve Finland in NATO – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ANKARA, JAN 29 – Turkey could approve Finland’s candidacy for NATO. This was announced by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The Turkish president, during a meeting with young people, hinted that Turkey could give the go-ahead for Finland to join NATO, without doing the same for Sweden, with which there are more marked … Read more

Magaly Medina, what did Giuseppe Benignini say to the Little Prince for an offensive message on Instagram? | show business | IMP | SHOWS

Magaly Medina signaled that he would not descend to the vulgar level of Joseph Benigniniafter the ‘Little Prince’ left him a rude message on his account Instagram because he revealed on his show last Friday that the model would charge for sexual favors and work as a ‘giggling’. WATCH THIS: The ‘Prince of Gamarra’ is … Read more

Hu Feng’s New Year’s contract son Jacky Cheung Zhang Jiahui blessing message wants to visit relatives in Australia in May (22:15) – 20230129 – SHOWBIZ

Lian Shiya is happy to be a bride in the Year of the Rabbit, Zhou Pakhao teaches husbands and wives to respect each other when getting along (23:05)Hu Feng’s new year’s contract son Zhang Xueyou Zhang Jiahui blessing message wants to go to Australia to visit relatives in May (22:15)Wang Leehom came back after a … Read more

Secret message! Hidden message to Prince Harry?

And it is precisely this chain that Kate is said to have chosen with care, jeweler Maxwell Stone claimed to “Mirror”. Because the yellow citrine is considered the perfect stone for a “Realignment of Energies” after stress. And Kate should certainly have stress thanks to Harry’s memoirs. The jeweler’s creative director Steven Stone explained that … Read more

Moria Casán posed with a micro-bikini play and left a message to her haters

► YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN: Viral! The tremendous video of Martita Fort in a micro-bikini on the beaches of Miami Moriah Casan.png “I claim the sovereignty of my womb and my cesarean section on Sofia Castiglione’s birthday with an unfiltered video. It is the revolution of the old women”, He expressed in a post … Read more

The emotional message that Rodrigo de Paul dedicated to Tini Stoessel, in full scandal with Camila Homs

In the middle of the scandal with his ex-partner, Camila Homswhich seems to have no end, Rodrigo dePaul surprised with an affectionate message dedicated to his girlfriend, Tini Stoessel. The singer launched dollshis video clip with his colleague The Joaquiand shared a preview of the hit through Instagram. Then, he reacted very affectionatelyI’m proud of … Read more