The very sharp message of Marcelo Tinelli after the betrayal of Guillermina Valdés: “Flee from people”

sing with me now y Who is the mask? have positioned themselves among the most watched programs by Argentine viewers, so it is not news that they have quickly become adversaries when trying to position themselves with the best rating points. And, within the framework of this, the host of the singing contest, Marcelo Tinelli, … Read more

Sued for Divorce by Wife, Dedi Mulyadi Writes A Touching Message For The Princess

Ane Ratna’s Love Journey with Dedi Mulyadi. Instagram @dedimulyadi71 ©2022 – Unfavorable news comes from members of the Indonesian House of Representatives Dedi Mulyadi. He was reportedly sued for divorce by his wife who is also the Regent of Purwakarta Anne Ratna Mustika. In the midst of the hectic divorce issue, Dedi was … Read more

Ana Rosenfeld received pleasant news from Justice and shared a strong message

Written in SHOWS the 20/9/2022 · 19:58 hs Ana Rosenfeld received pleasant news and, far from keeping it to himself, decided to shout it from the rooftops. It happens that she had many choked in her throat and that is why she decided to talk about a ruling from the Justice that favored her after … Read more

Ana Rosenfeld’s spicy message after the Justice ruling in her favor: “For those who spoke, I won”

Ana Rosenfeld He celebrated in his networks that the Justice agreed with him and seems to refer to the cause that some ex-clients initiated and that was commented on so much while he was a panelist in “LAM” (America TV). The lawyer wrote excitedly on her Twitter account: “For ‘those who spoke’ and for those … Read more

The Queen’s funeral lure for ‘phishing’ – Internet and Social

Hackers, as is well known, do not miss out on topical opportunities to strike. And even Queen Elizabeth’s death and funeral become a lure for ‘phishing’, that is, data theft. According to the Proofpoint researchers, cybercriminals in recent days have spread messages that seemed to come from Microsoft: they invited recipients to participate in a … Read more

B. Biyombo, who made a controversial joke about the French, had to explain himself and delete the message

French star Nicolas Batum posted the flags of France and Spain on Twitter, writing: “Didn’t you really expect that [finale] will there be someone else?”. This is where B.Biyombo decided to insert his trigram, retorting: “In my eyes, it’s Spain against Africa.” No more comments.” Accused of racism, B. Biyombo quickly deleted the message and … Read more

iOS 16 notification center setting skills, teach you to customize 3 types of message notification styles – Mr. Crazy

Apple brings new iOS 16 to iPhonelock screen” function, the iPhone notification center has also been redesigned, so that the iOS 16 notification center has also ushered in significant changes, the notification display information will be more obvious, clean and concise, and iOS 16 It also allows iPhone users to customize three notification center styles. … Read more