Side effects of Covid vaccines that use messenger RNA technology

Now, in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic, many people are wondering if there are long-term side effects with vaccines that use messenger RNA technology, but also how new this method is. The journalists from “La Voix Du Nord”, quoted by Hotnews, asked this question to an expert, the virologist Anne Goffard, who states – … Read more

What are the long-term effects of vaccines using new messenger RNA technology? – Today’s event

Anne Goffard, a virologist, reminds us that this technology is not so new. “In fact, vaccination with ARN mesager it has been tested in humans since the early 2000s. It is true that it was not tested in the preventive strategy that Covid refers to today, but in another vaccination goal called therapeutic. They wanted … Read more

After the coronavirus and malaria, will messenger RNA allow the development of a vaccine against AIDS and cancer?

Emmanuel Bottieau is an immunologist and head of department at the Institute of Tropical Medicine. He has been working on malaria for a long time and he remains rather skeptical: “The challenge is to be able to select the antigens that will prevent the entry of the parasite into the body. But you should know … Read more

What long-term effects for vaccines using messenger RNA technology?

Several researchers answer this question. Ais there enough knowledge about the long-term effects of a new technology like messenger RNA? Our colleagues at La Voix Du Nord put this question to an expert. Anne Goffard, virologist, recalls that this technology is not so new. “In reality, messenger RNA vaccination has been tested in humans since … Read more

Learn how to configure the ‘Left Handed’ mode of Facebook Messenger

Activate the left-handed ‘mode’ on your Facebook Messenger, with a simple trick and without the need to download external applications. Android has the necessary configuration to facilitate the writing of the ‘left-handers’, this is how it is done. 5 steps to set up left-handed ‘mode’ on Android Identify if you have Android version 9 ‘active’, … Read more

Facebook Messenger: So you can activate the left-handed mode to write easier in the app | Android | Applications | Apps | Smartphone | Cell phones | Viral | United States | Spain | Mexico | Colombia | Peru | nnda | nnni | SPORTS-PLAY

Updated on 07/24/2021 08:19 pm Facebook Messenger is the second most used instant messaging application in the world that currently exceeds 5 billion users, a figure that any programmer of Apps I would like to have. However, this platform did not consider that a large part of netizens write with the left hand and for … Read more

The new phishing campaign through Facebook Messenger: it all starts with the invitation to watch a video

Phishing attacks are widely used to access passwords and other personal data of users They warn about a new phishing campaign that has been circulating in recent days, mainly in Mexico, which points to the theft of user access credentials Facebook. The deception is distributed through messages circulating in Messenger, the Facebook messaging application, with … Read more

Facebook Messenger puts emojis in the spotlight in its latest update

Facebook Messenger has just received a new update. On the program, several new features all dedicated to emojis, like Soundmojis, Facebook’s latest find. Credits: Facebook In his quality of favorite messenger of the French alongside WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger continues to acquire new features to prevent its users from taking a look at the competition. In … Read more

For this reason, beware of using the Messenger app.

Experts specialized in the field of electronic security, warned against using the messaging application (Messenger) owned by (Facebook). This warning came due to the application’s failure to use end-to-end encryption such as (WhatsApp), as a number of security experts have warned users of iPhone and Android phones against using the (Messenger) application and advised them … Read more

Covid-19: The Californian variant (Epsilon) resistant to messenger RNA vaccines (study)

The Epsilon variant (B.1.427 / B.1.429) was first spotted around early 2021 in the United States, more precisely in California, hence its nickname ” variant californien« . On March 5, 2021, it was classified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as “variant to follow” (representing genetic changes that could affect characteristics of the virus, such as … Read more