Annachiara Malin Igra- What happens to the future health of children exposed to toxic metals?

Annachiara Malin Igra’s research showed that different health effects associated with cadmium exposure, which were measured in blood and urine, were independent of each other. This means that cadmium has different ways of harming us, but the effects may differ between boys and girls. She explains that during growth, bone turnover is a normal process, … Read more

Why is China buying and storing metals and grains? Its war economy –

The super-expert on commodities, Gianclaudio Torlizzi, frames it as a war economy strategy. The crisis in Taiwan, with the state visit of the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi branded as a provocation by Beijing, triggers yet another short circuit with Washington. A relationship already severely tested by reciprocal duties and bans for the use … Read more

Threatening shortage of copper threatens energy transformation, warns S&P Global — ČT24 — Czech Television

Electric cars, solar and wind farms, batteries for energy storage all need copper. According to S&P Global, an electric car needs two and a half times more copper than a car with an internal combustion engine. Solar power plants need twice as much copper per megawatt of installed capacity as electricity from natural gas or … Read more

Investors are not pinning high hopes on China’s actions to prevent the metals market from collapsing

Investors to raw materials goods having hopes that China will change the direction of the cross in the global metal markets, may be disappointed as Beijing is unable to deliver the kind of investment boom that fueled previous bull markets. Authorities are considering a plan that would allow local governments to sell $1.5 trillion. yuan … Read more

The explosion of life on Earth linked to the action of heavy metals at the center of the planet

At the center of the Earth, there was a giant solid iron ball that was slowly swelling up. This is the inner core, and scientists have recently found compelling evidence that its birth half a billion years ago may have played a major role in the evolution of life on Earth. At that point, our … Read more

The collapse of the metals market is the worst since the Great Recession

This is a dramatic turnaround compared to the last two years, when the metals market, affected by a wave of optimistic sentiment in the post-quarantine period, inflation forecasts and supply disruptions, has grown rapidly. Inflation is now as it is, and supply is still limited. But prices are falling sharply as concerns about a slowdown … Read more

Heralds of the world recession. Metal prices are collapsing, and with them the chances of prosperity

“Although the events of the last two years have fundamentally changed our view of the functioning of the economy and its regularities, it is still true that significantly falling industrial metal prices signal an impending recession,” says Petr Kymlička, an economist and partner at Moore Czech Republic. The alternative WisdomTree Industrial Metals Index, which also … Read more

NASA: Meet Psyche, the metal-covered asteroid worth $10 trillion

The new ones studies currently show us more about the curiosities that are in spaceas is the case of asteroide Psyche 16since surprising and revealing data have emerged, according to Nasa, the asteroid would have a value of 10 trillion of Dollarsbut what is it due to and why does it have such value, then … Read more

Palladium does not immediately replace anything in industry

Scientists have long been interested in one precious metal. Palladium. They don’t want to invest in it. They want to replace him and deprive him of his price. But Palladium continues to shock the scientific community when it recently broke down another promising technology to replace it, writes Josef Tuček, a scientific journalist. Palladium is … Read more