The Geminid meteor shower peaks next week on the night of the 14th (Wednesday) 40 to 45 meteors appear in an hour – Weather News

2022/12/07 10:36 Weather news Due to the large number of shooting stars that appear, the Geminid meteor shower is considered one of the “three major meteor showers” along with the Quadrantid meteor shower in January and the Perseid meteor shower in August. This year, the activity is expected to peak around 22:00 on Wednesday, December … Read more

This night, December 14, invites you to watch the “Geminids Meteor Shower”.

This night, December 14, invites you to watch the “Geminids Meteor Shower” and pin 3 main points to watch the stars with Dr. National Astronomical Research Institute (Public Organization) (Dr.) Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (Wor.) revealed that on the night of December 14, 2022, there was a phenomenon “Geminid Meteor Shower” … Read more

Viral, Uploads of Greenish Light Crossing the Sky of Magelang City, This Said BRIN – A photo upload shows a greenish light in the sky said to be falling towards the east of the City Magelangviral on social media, Monday (5/12/2022). It was stated that the incident took place on Monday, December 5, 2022, at 00.45 WIB. “[Breaking News] 00:45 a.m. look at it like that, it’s really … Read more

Scientists Find New Types of Minerals from Meteors, Falling in Somalia 2020 – Meteor and other bodies left over from the formation of the solar system are regarded as highly prized by scientists because most are chemically unchanged since then, whereas rocks on the Earth’s surface have been formed by geological and even human processes. Researchers investigating meteorites found in Somalia in 2020 has found two … Read more

Two rare metals were found inside a meteorite that fell in Somalia

Scientists were stunned when two rare minerals were discovered inside a huge meteorite that fell in Somalia, as they were described as unprecedented on Earth. The two new minerals were found inside a single 70-gram piece, which was sent to the University of Alberta for examination, taken from the “Al-Ali” meteorite that collided with Earth … Read more

Meteor V12 Special: New build of a classic sports car with a tank engine for two million

A lot of decommissioned aircraft engines were left after the Great War. What about them? Many of them ended up in car chassis, these monsters were mainly driven around the track at Brooklands. With Fiat Mephistopheles (or in Italian Mephistopheles) even broke Ernest Eldridge’s world speed record in 1924. And later Napier-Railton John Cobb’s 1933 … Read more

Expert: The meteor ended up here

The meteor that lit up the sky in southern Norway on Saturday evening burned up over the sea areas off Florø, according to the Norwegian Meteor Network. Messages poured in for both emergency services and the Norwegian Meteor Network when a violent fireball lit up large parts of southern Norway on Saturday evening. Photo: Norwegian … Read more

A meteor crosses the skies of Ontario

Spectacular videos captured a meteor lighting up the sky over Niagara Falls and the CN Tower in Toronto. The “less than a meter” object, named #C8FF042, has turned into a fireball, the European Space Agency has confirmed. “A meter-long object struck in the sky above Niagara Falls, becoming a harmless fireball,” the agency wrote on … Read more

Leonids meteor shower 2022 LIVE: what time and how to see the November meteor shower from Peru, Mexico, Spain, the United States, Argentina, Chile and Colombia | Science

The Leonid meteor shower 2022 It has its maximum activity in the nights of this third week of November. East astronomical phenomenontypically causing 10 to 15 meteors per hour to streak across the night sky, depending on the NASA. However, this year could be the exception and generate an additional shooting star show. According to … Read more