There will be a Bootid Meteor Shower on 27 June 2022, what time will it be? Here’s How to Watch It

SEPUTARLAMPUNG.COM – Will occur rare phenomenon meteor Rain bootid which happens tomorrow on June 27, 2022. Here are the hours and cara watched it. The rare phenomenon that will occur this time is meteor Rain that can be seen by the public directly or it can also be with a telescope. Previously, on June 24, … Read more

The Bootid Meteor Shower Phenomenon June 27 2022, What Time and Where Can It Be Seen?

Gala – Meteor Rain Bootid June 27, 2022, what’s the time and where can be seen in Indonesia? See below the explanation. A phenomenon Astronomy which is classified as rare will occur at the end of this June. Phenomenon meteor Rain Bootid called to appear on Monday, June 27, 2022. Currently, netizens on Indonesia busy … Read more

A new discovery reinforces astronomers’ doubts about the origin of Mars

A small meteorite from the Red Planet landed on Earth more than two centuries ago, and thanks to its unique composition, it made a new discovery that could change the views of astronomers regarding the origin of Mars. Chaspenge meteorite and the emergence of Mars A recent analysis of the composition of the Chasenji meteorite, … Read more

Whoops! James Webb’s telescope crashes after being hit by a dust-sized meteor in outer space

INDOZONE.ID – Telescope outer space made NASA namely James Webb is reported to have been hit by a meteor in outer space. However meteor what hit him is not what you think. Because the meteor has a type of micrometeorid whose size is only like dust. It said the incident occurred at the end of … Read more

Asteroid Defense System Test Expert: Apophis Doesn’t Destroy Life

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Scientist from abroad successfully find the target asteroid Apophis is predicted to threaten Earth in 2029. Even if an impact occurs, the asteroid is not expected to destroy all life on this planet. The finding came at the time of testing Earth’s defense system from dangerous asteroids that could slide freely … Read more

James Webb.. The most powerful space telescope in the world collides with a delicate meteor

d b a Posted on: Thursday, June 9, 2022 – 5:39 AM | Last update: Thursday, June 9, 2022 – 5:39 AM The James Webb Space Telescope, the most powerful space science telescope ever built, was hit by a “dust-sized micrometeorite” in May. The micro-meteorite collided with part of the main mirror of the telescope … Read more

Intel Arrow Lake-S and Meteor Lake-S processors will need new motherboards with LGA 1851

In the second half of the year, Intel will release Raptor Lake-S processors, which, although they bring evolutionary improvements over Alder Lake-S, will remain compatible with the LGA 1700 socket. new motherboards. Image Source: The Chinese website makes relevant statements., who has repeatedly confirmed the validity of his predictions. The information recently spread … Read more

Intel’s 14th-generation ‘Meteor Lake’ desktop allegedly requires a new LGA-2551 socket

Please note that this post has been flagged as a file Common. Intel may say goodbye to LGA1700/1800 already in 2023 According to the latest rumors of Moore’s Law diedThe Raptor Lake-S may be the last desktop series for the LGA1700 socket. 14 public core meteor lake It seems that the rumors that Intel will … Read more

List of Sky Phenomena in June 2022, There is a stretch of the Milky Way, Meteor Showers, to the Strawberry Moon

PR DEPOK – Entering the moon June 2022, there are many sky phenomenon interesting that you can observe its beauty. Watch this article until the end to find out the date and time sky phenomenon in the moon June 2022 that will happen. A number of sky phenomenon moon June 2022 of which there is … Read more

Tau Herculids Meteor Shower May Light Up the Night Sky Over North America

Night sky viewers in North America are most likely to see the Dow Hercules rain NASA recommends The best time to visit is 1am on the east coast or 10pm on the west coast. The moon is new, so there will be no moonlight to cover the meteorites. Although the sky was clear and dark, … Read more