Janet Barboza says goodbye to Miguel Bayona temporarily: “We had never parted” | Instagram Farándula NNDC | SHOWS

Updated on 07/30/2021 05:11 pm The driver Janet Barboza He surprised his followers by telling that he physically separated from his boyfriend Miguel Bayona. The popular “Rulitos” said that it is a temporary distancing and showed how her partner said goodbye to their pets. “For four years we have never parted, but that day finally … Read more

Full of Happiness, Miguel Oliveira Officially Marries His Step Sister : Okezone Sports

NEWS happiness comes from the world MotoGP. Red Bull KTM Team Driver, Miguel Oliviera, has officially married his girlfriend who is also his half-sister, namely Andreia Pimenta. Yes, an unusual romance is indeed knitted by Miguel Oliviera. He had an affair with his half-sister, Andreia Pimenta, and now the relationship has continued to the level … Read more

Safe! Miguel Oliveira Officially Marries His Step Sister

Jakarta – Happy news comes from the team rider KTM, Miguel Oliveira. The 26-year-old man officially married his half-sister, Andreia Pepper. Oliveira’s wedding to Andreia was held on Monday (26/7/2021). This event is held during the summer holidays MotoGP 2021, or exactly two weeks before the race MotoGP Styria 2021. Oliveira and Andreia had originally … Read more

The plastic artist Miguel Von Dangel passed away

Counterpoint Venezuelan plastic artist Miguel Von Dangel passed away early this Sunday, July 25 at the University Hospital of Caracas. The information was disseminated by other visual artists on the social network Twitter. «Today, July 25, 2021, at 1:35 am, at the Hospital Clínico Universitario de Caracas, our great friend and Venezuelan artist Miguel Von … Read more

Miguel Bosé and Josep Pàmies join their voices against the vaccine in Lleida

The singer Miguel Bosé has returned to star in a speech against vaccines, this time, together with the farmer and activist Josep Pàmies. The event, convened by the ‘Sweet Revolution’ by Pàmies, very similar to celebrated a little over a year ago, took place last Saturday in the Lleida city of Balaguer. Only members of … Read more

Luis Miguel: the time the singer met Princess Estefanía of Monaco | Mexico | Celebs | MX | nnda nnlt | FAME

The mexican singer Luis Miguel Also known as “The Sun” of Mexico, he had the opportunity to meet Princess Estefanía of Monaco when 1991 was passing. This happened within the framework of the Acapulco Festival celebrations, where only those who stepped on that stage had an indisputable projection over all of Latin America. MORE INFORMATION: … Read more

Palazuelos’ message to Miguel Alemán after arrest warrant

Miguel (Internet CEO), reported sites like Aristegui News Y The universal, He did not flee to the United States, as was handled a few days ago. The portals of hard news they assure that the businessman has been in France since February. Miguel Alemán Magnani owns 50 percent of Sistema Radiópolis. (Galo Cañas) Javier Mondragon, … Read more

Luis Miguel and Sasha Sokol, more than 30 years after their romance | Celebs nnda nnlt | FAME

Luis Miguel He is known for having a long list of romances with beautiful women, among them is the actress and singer Sasha Sokol, known for being part of the group “Timbiriche”. The famous had a romance during the 80s, which was hidden for some time, however, over the years details of this love story … Read more

Miguel Angel Lopez and Michael Woods give up on the start

Miguel Angel Lopez placeholder image and Michael Woods will not finish the Tour de France 2021. The climber of the Movistar and that of the Israel Start-Up Nation team will not take the start of the 19th stage which connects Mourenx and Libourne this Friday. Coming to the Grande Boucle with ambitions for the General, … Read more

Sasha Sokol talks about her romance with Luis Miguel

Regarding the idea of ​​the Timbiriche group having its biographical series, Sasha explained: “We have received many proposals over the years, and it seems to us an interesting project, but only if we can really make it magical, and that depends on so many factors, starting with the spine, which is the text, if we … Read more