Even though it’s mild, influenza can have serious consequences if it infects the elderly

old man illustration. pexels Reporter: Rizky Wahyu Permana Merdeka.com – Influenza is a health problem that is susceptible to be experienced by anyone. Basically, this health problem can have a mild impact, however, a serious impact can arise when this disease affects the elderly. Advisor for the Adult Immunization Task Force of the Association of … Read more

Ministry of Health Says Mild Fever Cannot Limit Children to Get Immunizations

JAKARTA – The Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) said that fever or mild cough should not limit children from participating in getting complete basic immunization which is one of the children’s rights to fulfill. “If a child has a low-grade fever, is still warm or has a common cold or cough, that’s not a problem, there’s … Read more

Miura Mild “Extraordinary income” of 3 million yen without work & without a part-time job … Co-stars are donning | East Sports WEB

“R-1 Grand Prix 2013” champion Miura Mild appeared on Kansai TV’s “Marco Porori!” broadcast on the 23rd. He confided in an unexpected “extraordinary income” and made the studio withdraw. On this day, entitled “Light and Darkness of the New and Old Champions R-1 Grand Prix SP”, he co-starred with Rin Tatsuhara and send-off entertainer Shinichira. … Read more

Manager. Mild Naphasasi has answered! After being linked to a new girl, Songkran – the latest hot move

Manager. Mild Naphasasi replied after being linked to a new girl, Songkran Techanarong – the latest, hottest post movement. The fire can’t be sizzling hot. Image from Instagram mind_napasasi It is known as the most watched beautiful woman right now. For Mind Naphasasi Or better known as Mind Uthaitip, a former female net idol. The … Read more

JPMorgan strategist: Even a mild recession could send US stocks down 15% | Anue tycoon – US stock radar

Marko Kolanovic, chief global market strategist at JPMorgan, said equity investors should proceed with caution for now, as even a mild recession could see U.S. stocks fall by 15% or more. He pointed out that with short-term government bonds such as three-month and six-month Treasuries yielding more than 5%, it does not make much sense … Read more

The head of the IMF urged to recognize the unfair distribution of benefits between countries

The globalization of the world economy leads to an unfair distribution of benefits between countries. Such a statement did Head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Kristalina Georgieva at the Boao Asian Forum. “We have to recognize that the benefits of globalization are not shared fairly between countries and people,” she said. Georgieva called for … Read more

Covid-19 can exhaust the immune system even in young people with mild or moderate symptoms

Researchers observed that immune cells from patients with mild or moderate conditions had a profile similar to those of patients with chronic diseases. Coronavirus (Photo: Handout/NIAID) Preliminary data from a study carried out at the Universidade Estadual Paulista (Unesp) suggest that infection with SARS-CoV-2 can cause severe changes in the immune system even in young … Read more

Brazilian President Lula cancels visit to China after contracting mild pneumonia – Xinhua English.news.cn

Infected with mild pneumonia, Brazilian President Lula canceled his visit to China. (File photo/Reuters) Brazilian President Lula, who was scheduled to pay a state visit to China next week, was diagnosed with mild pneumonia. The Presidential Palace announced today that Lula has canceled the high-profile trip to China due to health reasons, and the visit … Read more

Very mild temperatures, mini heat wave over the weekend, but then something new. Here are the expected values ​​« 3B Meteo

reading time1 minute, 17 seconds Weather – Temperatures rising in the coming days The gradual affirmation of a high pressure field of African origin will once again bring temperatures above the seasonal averages. A late spring will affect all the regions to a certain extent and the increase could be considerable over the weekend when … Read more

A mild fever may help clear infections faster, study finds

Researchers found that untreated mild fever helped fish quickly clear the infection from their bodies, control inflammation and repair damaged tissue. Daniel Barreda, Amro Soliman, Farah Haddad and their team – including Ryan Heimroth of Emory University, Atlanta – made this observation using a custom aquarium in which the fish were located. We let nature … Read more