Tardelli: “Spalletti canceled the idea of ​​the team without the last mile”

On La Stampa: “it is the distance that makes the difference between a great team and a great unfinished one. He did not make any proclamations, he did not ask for reinforcements. The Scudetto is possible “ Marco Tardelli praises Spalletti’s Napoli, he goes so far as to write that the Scudetto is a possible … Read more

Space: After its 10th flight, Ingenuity flew over a mile on Mars

Perseverance’s small helicopter has just completed its tenth exploration flight in the Martian sky. Since its commissioning, it has already traveled more than a mile above the Red Planet. The good news was announced yesterday by NASA. This week-end, Ingenuity, the small robot helicopter from Perseverance successfully completed its tenth reconnaissance flight. The aircraft thus … Read more

NASA’s helicopter flew a mile to the surface of Mars

NASA’s helicopter flew a mile to the surface of Mars NASA agency Mars helicopter Just an important milestone. Space.com Reports This creativity crossed The one-mile mark for the total distance of her tenth trip on July 24th when she crossed the Jezero Crater, the “higher elevations”. That might not sound like a lot of flying, … Read more

Creativity that flew more than a mile off the surface of Mars in its tenth flight

Nicknamed “Raised Ridges,” this location was discovered on July 5, 2021 by NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter during its ninth flight.painting: NASA/JPL-Caltech NASA’s Creativity Helicopter successfully completed its tenth flight from Mars on Saturday. This makes the total distance traveled on the red planet more than 1 mile (about 1.60 km). And take important photos to … Read more

NASA Helicopter Breaks 1 Mile Total Flight to Mars [여기는 화성]

Space.com and other foreign media reported on the 25th (local time) that NASA’s Mars helicopter ‘Ingenuity’ achieved the first mile (about 1.6 km) flight record from Mars. Ingenuity flew over rocky terrain nicknamed ‘Raised Ridges’ of the crater as an example on the 24th, and at this time, the total flight distance was over 1 … Read more

Asteroid-killing dinosaur creates a giant TSUNAMI nearly a mile high

The asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago sent a tsunami one kilometer high over North America, as fossilized “megaripples” confirm. These wavy lines, buried in sediment in what is now central Louisiana, were discovered through seismic imaging by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Scientists have spent decades searching for evidence … Read more