Record sales of luxury cars.. A rush to buy millions of vehicles

Luxury car manufacturers have achieved such as Rolls-Royce Bentley and even Bugatti will have record sales in 2021, with the four-wheel drive company topping the list of sales away from the car market crippled by the health crisis. Rolls-Royce (the BMW Group) sold 5,586 cars, exceeding the unprecedented number it recorded in 2019. Wealthy customers … Read more

The UAE invests tens of millions in the technology sector in Israel

Experts who spoke with the Iraqi News Agency commented (conscious) about the recent government data indicating a huge bill for corruption in Iraq, which amounted to about 300 billion dollars, and they talked in this regard about fake projects and spending on the salaries of provincial council members. An expert in anti-corruption, Saeed Moussa, told … Read more

Gold toilet paper and diamond hands.. Strange things that cost millions of dollars

The prices of tissue papers and drinks, as well as foods and other things that we need on a daily basis, vary according to their quality, manufacture and other factors that play a role in determining prices, but there are some products that we use on a daily basis, expensive, whose price may reach millions … Read more

Microsoft seeks to empower millions of frontline workers

On Wednesday, Microsoft released a Special Report from its Work Trend Index called “Technology can help create a new future for frontline workers” and announced new features in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Viva designed to address the needs of millions of frontline workers. The 2 billion frontline workers globally represent 80% of the global workforce. … Read more

Wordle: invented at the kitchen table for bored woman, now hype with millions of players

©  AFP A word game invented by an engineer out of love for his wife is going around the world. Wordle has become a daily morning routine for millions of people. The secret? The online game is everything that can no longer be found on the internet today. Thibaut Renson Yesterday at 03:00 .

The most prominent seduction star and the most beautiful artist in Egypt was married by a rich Saudi prince because of her charming beauty.. He threw millions of dollars under her feet to be satisfied with him and she tried to commit suicide for a shocking reason.

2022/01/13 It’s 09:30 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite A movie star, distinguished by her charming beauty and wit, which made her the subject of the attention and admiration of critics, producers and directors, and she achieved great success in all her cinematic and dramatic works. She is the Egyptian artist, Naglaa Fathi, whose real … Read more

We have calculated that millions of Hungarians could lose their protection certificate based on the announcement of Gergely Gulyás

According to the Minister in charge of the Prime Minister’s Office, the following happens with security certificates: from 15 February become a vaccination certificate in the case of the omicron variant, the concept of disease transmission is different, so that transmission does not entitle it, from February 15, only the ID of those who will … Read more

why there are companies that are spending millions buying virtual land

Foto: GETTY IMAGES The idea of ​​spending thousands or even millions of dollars to buy a fictional “land” in a virtual world may sound absurd. But in recent months we have seen significant investments in virtual land within the metaverse. Consulting firm Price Waterhouse Coopers is among the latest firms to enter the real estate … Read more

Hurry Try! 4 APKs for 2021 Fund Balance Generator, Disbursed Millions of Rupiah

Advertisement Read Also 4 Fastest Fund Balance Generator APKs 2021 – Good morning, fellow GSN readers wherever you are, may you always be given health and fluency, Amen. Hurry Try! 4 APKs for 2021 Fund Balance Generator, Disbursed Millions of Rupiah On this occasion, GSN will provide a review about balance generating app fastest and … Read more

Thanks to the PPnBM Subsidy, Wuling’s New Car Prices Drop To Tens Of Millions Of Rupiah, But At Dealers The Reality Is Different, This Is The Reason – PT SGMW Motor Indonesia (Wuling Motors) adjusted the prices of all its product lines in January 2021, starting from the Almaz RS, Almaz, Cortez CT, New Confero S to Formo. This is because Wuling Motors has again subsidized the Sales Tax on Luxury Goods (PPnBM). Based on’s monitoring on the official website … Read more