Qualcomm baseband exposes serious security vulnerabilities affecting hundreds of millions of Android smartphone users worldwide-Qualcomm Qualcomm

There are more than 3 billion smartphone users in the world, and nearly one-third of them are using Qualcomm baseband chips that have been exposed to a large number of vulnerabilities, which means that attackers can launch SIM card cracking attacks against hundreds of millions of people and monitor calls.Compared with the BLURtooth Bluetooth vulnerability, … Read more

The standard Windows antivirus went crazy and began to clutter disks with millions of junk files

05/06/2021, Thu, 13:01, Moscow time , Text: Elyas Kasmi Defender, a standard antivirus in Windows, broke down and started saving tens of millions of files, 1-2 KB each, on users’ drives. In some cases, the volume of such a landfill exceeded 50 GB. The problem lay in version 1.1.18100.5 – Microsoft promptly released a patch … Read more

Menšík and Šoustal will invest in startups. They have hundreds of millions of crowns

Another heavy weight arises on the domestic investor scene. The owner and head of the logistics startup DoDo, Michal Menšík, who decided to merge with Accolade co-owner Zdeněk Šoustal, wants to start investing significantly in startups. Together, they want to support projects related primarily to e-commerce, logistics and financial technologies, and in the coming years … Read more

The only opponent that “Dong Sen” can’t beat!Nintendo’s 4-year-old game still sells tens of millions in 2020

(Picture/Flip photo official website) Nintendo released its 2020 (2020/3-2021/3) financial report earlier. With the “home economy” business opportunities brought about by the epidemic, both the Switch console and games hit new highs. Among them, game sales surged 37%. The official also released details. According to the sales data, there is an old game 4 years … Read more

Hundreds of millions of Dell computers have a big problem. The bug affects both laptops and desktops

Dell–Source: Depositphotos Dell laptops and desktops made in the last 12 years contain a fatal error in one of the drivers that Dell used to load the BIOS / UEFI. An attacker could gain access only at the kernel level, or the kernel of the operating system. The security company pointed out the problem SentinelLabs … Read more

Millions of fans around the world celebrate Star Wars Day

Millions of fans around the world today celebrate Star Wars Day – an unofficial celebration of the cult space saga. The series, created by George Lucas, gained a loyal fan base after the release of the first film in the distant 1977. The tradition of celebrating Star Wars Day has no commercial aspect. The celebration … Read more

he would offer 125 million euros

Posted on Monday, May 3, 2021 at 8:22 p.m. Through BELGIAN The main shareholder of Excel Mouscron and now former owner of Lille, Gérard Lopez, has come forward to buy the Southampton club, French weekly France Football learned on Monday. It has been a year since Gao Jisheng, the Chinese real estate developer and businessman … Read more

Arnar Vuolab Jørgensen was bullied – now he demands millions in compensation from the municipality – NRK Sápmi

– Four pieces came into the classroom and locked the door. They kicked me in the feet and down. I tried to get out. I did not go to school the next day. I did not want to when they did. This is how Jørgensen explains a bullying experience in the Brennpunkt documentary «Arnar and … Read more

Covid-19 vaccines: what happened to the millions of doses of AstraZeneca that Mexico and Argentina promised to produce in Latin America

Veronica Smink BBC World News, Argentina April 29, 2021 Image source, Reuters Caption, Millions of doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine produced in Latin America were expected at this point, but they are not yet available. Between 150 and 250 million. That was the number of AstraZeneca vaccines that were supposed to be available to fight … Read more

Millions spot the “bloody wolf moon” around the world (photos)

News Now | Dubai – United Arab Emirates (follow-ups) The world observed the phenomenon of the “gigantic bloody wolf moon” eclipse, in the early morning hours of Monday, when the moon was covered with a very reddish shadow in the sky during the eclipse scene. An image showing the stages of the Giant Wolf Moon … Read more