Alert! These are the causes of minor strokes that must be recognized early Stroke is brain damage due to blockage of blood supply to the brain. Prevention as early as possible can certainly reduce the risk of fatal stroke. There are some reason that can be changed for stroke risk such as smoking and unhealthy eating habits. Some people may have a minor stroke or a stroke … Read more

Cantabria puts the first vaccine against monkeypox to a minor…

There are already 25 cases of monkeypox in Cantabria, which this weekend administered the first vaccine against this viral disease to a minor, close contact of a positiveas sources from the Ministry of Health have informed Europa Press. These 25 cases are six more than two days ago, when the latest information was offered. In … Read more

A former Lithuanian tennis player was arrested in the USA for sexual abuse of a minor

The bail set by the court for the release of the Lithuanian is 10 million. US dollars. The reports state that the victim is not the only one and there may be more victims of the man’s sexual abuse. K. Žemaitėlis, arrested in Sacramento, has been charged with 10 charges. He worked as a personal … Read more

A drunk priest was saying mass. The archbishop has already punished him [OŚWIADCZENIE KURII]

On Monday, local media reported that one of the priests in Białystok was celebrating mass completely drunk. The consequences have already been drawn against him. Fot: J. Fiedoruk The media in Białystok received information that last Sunday in the parish of St. Jadwiga Królowej Mass was celebrated by the local vicar, who was under the … Read more

Recognizing the Grand Solar Minimum Event, Could Cause a Minor Ice Age!

ENSIPEDIA.ID, KENDAL – The sun is the largest star in our solar system which is the center where the heavenly bodies revolve around the sun in -shaped paths ellipse. The surface of the sun has a temperature of 6,000 degrees Celsius, while the core can reach 15-20 million degrees Celsius. However, it turns out that … Read more

Pfizer Documents: Why did so many participants with ‘minor’ adverse reactions withdraw from the trial? | pfizer | Clinical trials | emergency use

Today we present the Pfizer documents that the FDA published. These documents reveal information about the clinical trials that Pfizer was conducting before obtaining authorization from emergency use. This is the fifth batch of Pfizer documents released by the FDA thus far. The backstory is that the FDA is in possession of approximately 330,000 pages … Read more

Deadly Accident in Wae Lengga, One Person Dies 8 People With Minor Injury, Driver Suspected To Be Drunk

LABUAN BAJO LATEST- The accident that caused the Gemini Bus bound for Aimere to overturn in Tengku Taeng Wae Lengga, Kecamatan Komba City, East Manggarai happened Thursday 5 August 2022 night. The bus carrying 22 members Police who had just finished an assignment from Labuan Bajo and was about to return to Kupang it happened … Read more

Can Minor Stroke Be Healed? This is what the cardiologist says

Jakarta – When getting a diagnosis of a minor stroke, many sufferers and those around them are worried about whether a minor stroke can be cured? The reason is, this condition at first glance is no different from the usual stroke symptoms that look worrying. A minor stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA) is a … Read more

NOVA EXPERIMENT: How easily a minor can get paradise gas (VIDEO) – Society – Bulgaria – Hello, Bulgaria

Nitrous oxide is sold freely in commercial outlets A NOVA experiment shows whether it’s easy for a minor to get hold of the recently hyped paradise gas. Nitrous oxide is freely available in stores and on the Internet. Anesthesiologist: Excessive use of paradise gas damages the nervous system The sizes and prices are different – … Read more

RAJNOCH’S GLOSSARY: Procedures in Europe? I have minor concerns about Sparta, I have no doubts about Pilsen and Slavia

Plzeň and Slavia managed to get by on the artificial surfaces of their rivals, now it’s Sparta’s turn. In the first match at Letná, I saw a different Sparta – dynamic, agile, but they just couldn’t find the recipe for the Viking’s impenetrable defense in the finals. It was clear that Karabec and Fortelný are … Read more