Ukraine Says Iran’s Missiles Can’t Fight Russia

Jakarta – Ukraine said its troops would not be able to counter Russian attacks using Iranian-made ballistic missiles. This was conveyed directly by the air force Ukraine. Reported by CNN, Tuesday (31/1/2023) the warning comes as Moscow is expected to receive supplies of ballistic missiles made by Tehran. “Russia is still willing to accept UAVs … Read more

Ukraine warns of its inability to confront Iranian ballistic missiles

London, United Kingdom (CNN) — If Russia acquires Iranian ballistic missiles to use in its war in Ukraine, Yuriy Ihnat, a spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force Command, said it does not have the means to defend against them. The spokesman added, in televised statements, Monday: “Russia is still ready to receive drones and Fateh … Read more

Russia-Ukraine: Boris Johnson reveals Putin threatens to launch missiles at Britain During a phone call before the war

Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said during a “significant” phone call ahead of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened him to launch missile attacks on Britain. Mr. Johnson said Mr Putin told him that the attack “It will only take a minute.” Mr Johnson said Mr Putin had made the remarks … Read more

Ukrainian war, Defense denies Italy-France agreement for 700 missiles in Kiev. Medvedev attacks Crosetto: “Rare fool”

2023-01-28 20:17:34 Kiev: “We aspire to modern jets, preferably F16” A Ukrainian air force spokesman said in an interview with El Pais quoted by the Kyiv Independent that his country aspires to obtain 24 modern fighter jets from Western allies. The ideal delivery would be US F-16s, but alternatively Kiev would also gladly accept the … Read more

Ukraine, what are Kinzhal missiles and why they can escape the anti-aircraft – World

Capable of reaching high speeds, 12,000km/h in proximity to the target, while avoiding enemy flak, the hypersonic missile Kinzhal – “dagger” in Cyrillic – is one of the powerful Russian weapons of the latest generation, used for the first time in the war in Ukraine. Hypersonic missiles, faster than supersonic because they are capable of … Read more

Russia attacked Ukraine with missiles! Tall buildings hit in Kiev, many dead

NATO countries’ support to Ukraine in its war against Russia has reached a huge scale. Finally, after the decision of US President Biden to send tanks, Russia launched a heavy attack on Ukraine. Ukrainian Chief of Staff Valeriy Zaluzhny noted that Russia launched 55 missiles, of which 47 were destroyed, 20 of which were in … Read more

Russia Ready to Push the Button, China Reveals Weaknesses of Hypersonic Missiles

loading… Russian President Vladimir Putin is ready to use hypersonic missiles. PHOTO/ DOC SOT KIEV – Hypersonic missile which has been tested by Russia and China, is currently the deadliest weapon in the world. But be prepared to think this weapon has a weakness with WiFi bandwidth. ALSO READ – Poland Ready to Send Europe’s … Read more

A Russian warship equipped with hypersonic missiles headed towards America unexpectedly

The Russian Ministry of Defense said in a statement that the frigate carried out a computer simulation with hypersonic Cirkon missiles. The missiles, considered one of Russia’s most advanced weapons, officially have a range of 900 kilometers and can fly at several times the speed of sound. The announcement did not specify whether the frigate … Read more

A Russian frigate with hypersonic missiles will participate in the naval maneuvers of Russia, China and South Africa

“Admiral Gorškov will sail to the logistical support point in Tartus, Syria, and thus participate in the joint exercise of the Chinese and South African navies. The maneuvers take place in the Indian Ocean. According to South Africa, the maneuvers are intended to deepen relations between South Africa, Russia and China. It will be the … Read more

Ukraine, Italian anti-tank missiles seized in Donetsk – Europe

Volodymyr Zelensky is not “entirely sure” that Russian President Vladimir Putin is still alive and let him make the decisions in Russia. The Ukrainian leader said it during his video link speech at the Davos Economic Forum. “I’m not sure who to talk to and about what. I’m not sure if the Russian president, who … Read more