More than 12,000 Belgians drive with an expired plastic driver’s license: drivers risk fines, driving ban or imprisonment | Mobility

Since 7 July 2010, anyone who passes the driving test in our country will receive a European driving license, which looks like a plastic bank card. Contrary to the old paper driving licence, this card must be renewed every ten years, just like identity cards. However, when the driver’s license expires, the driver does not … Read more

More bike-friendly tracks and cities by 2026: what’s in the upcoming cycling mobility master plan

The bike as the main means of transport for Italian cities. Less pollution, safer roads and soon with hundreds of more cycle paths. This is the goal of the General plan of cycling that the Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, Enrico Giovanninipresented in an interview with Republic. A project for which an expense of … Read more

Leisure took over the streets and residents lost their rest | City

It’s already midnight on any Thursday in July. Between Travessa do Carvalho and the Sao Paulo street, there are several people who gather on the street with glasses in hand. You can hear the beats of the music that the bars project while, at the door of the establishment, customers chat excitedly. Some are standing … Read more

If you are over 65 years old, you can take public transport in Lisbon without paying | Lisbon

Residents of Lisbon aged 65 or over will, as of this Monday, be able to move for free public transport and students up to the age of 23 will be able to do so from September, the council said. In a note published on its website, the municipality, led by Carlos Moedas (PSD), emphasizes that … Read more

Free transport for people over 65 in Lisbon starts next week | Mobility

The councilor for mobility in the Lisbon Chamber, Ângelo Pereira, said this Tuesday that from next week, people over 65 from Lisbon will have access to the free pass. The Lisbon City Council received a favorable opinion from the Court of Auditors to anticipate the launch of this measure for the elderly. Young people up … Read more

The Ciao is the ultimate weapon of the mobility of the future

I urban mobility patterns are changing. More and more people are tired of being in a queue in their car and then having to search for parking for tens of minutes. Two wheels are the solution, has been repeated for years now. From scooters to motorcycles, they are vehicles that allow faster movements, pollute less … Read more

For mobility electricians: Kia Niro EV – matured and ecologically grown

For mobility electricians Kia Niro EV – matured and ecologically grown 07/13/2022 11:32 am The Kia Niro was already an alternative when it was launched in 2016. The second generation also comes exclusively with a green drive – and with a much cooler look. The Koreans also promise more range and faster charging times for … Read more

This was supposed to be a flagship volkswagen. Electric mobility stood in the way of the finished successor of the phaeton

In its first release in 2002, the Phaeton was the embodiment of the sweeping dreams of the Volkswagen brand and its boss Ferdinand Piëch – a full-fledged limousine of the luxury segment. In 2016, it ended without a successor, but only now has Volkswagen shown what the intended second generation should look like. The rolling … Read more

Atac launches the new service

It can be recharged on an electronic card and paid by credit card. This is the new option that Atac makes available to its users, to replace the classic paper ticket, with a green and sustainable option. Where to reload the cards The new automatic ticket machines adopt chip on paper technology. The cards called … Read more

Transportation mobility company Good to Luck provides return service specialized in e-commerce

-Resolve logistics issues with a return service specialized in e-commerce -With a delivery rate and return recovery rate of 99.3%, it has emerged as a daily delivery service in Korea. ⓒ Good to Luck (CEO Shin Sang-woo), a transportation mobility company, has entered e-commerce to solve the return problem that distribution companies are experiencing. We … Read more