The Research Process for Artificial Intelligence in Marketing Market 2020 to 2024 includes an estimate of market size, types, applications and forecast models – Baden Wurttemberg Zeitung

The final report will add the analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on this industry. The Artificial Intelligence in Marketing market report is a guide to assist investors and participants in managing and mitigating the threats, enhancing appropriate industry models, and making good guidelines and decisions. The Artificial Intelligence in Marketing Market provides key product … Read more

Snow chains: 3 models to safely drive your car or truck this winter

Chains on the tires give you more traction. Photo: Erik Mclean / Unsplash The Snow chains They are an anti-slip system that is placed on a vehicle’s tires to prevent it from skidding when there is snow or ice on the road. It must be clear that all types of chain are mounted on the … Read more

Business models of the banks ten years behind

4 Min. Reading time In the European banking landscape, in addition to the competitive pressure, financial institutions are particularly struggling with their cost efficiency this year. A current study paints the picture of the first six months. If German banks want to remain competitive, they have to work on efficiency, new areas of growth and … Read more

Apple to pay $ 113 million in US to slow down older iPhone models

Drafting, November 21.- The multinational Apple has reached an out-of-court settlement in the United States for which it will pay 113 million dollars as compensation for having deliberately slowed down the old models of its iPhone phones, according to the parties. The plaintiffs in this case are a coalition of 33 states (including California, Texas, … Read more

This is the one chosen as the sexiest man in the world in 2020

The prestigious magazine People just chose the actor Michael B. Jordan as the sexiest man alive in the world in the traditional list that he makes every year. “It’s a great feeling”, has confessed the interpreter, single of 33 years, after knowing the news. “Everybody always teased me about this. They told me that this … Read more

Demand models for claiming amounts without the obligation to hire a lawyer.

Have you heard that “don’t give me fish, teach me to fish”? Well here you have a book (PDF ebook) for learn to sue your company when it owes you money, without the obligation to hire a lawyer or social graduate. The social jurisdiction (labor courts) is precisely designed to be agile and efficient, so … Read more

the best models to consider

The problem is that the variety of products is so wide that you probably don’t know where to start. Don’t worry, we’ve prepared a complete compilation where you will find a series of essential gadgets if you want to train at home. In addition, the advantages of setting up a gym at home are very … Read more

Samsung with five models, but the iPhone 11 is the favorite

With the arrival of the last quarter of the year, the results of the previous months have started to emerge, and they are more than positive for Samsung. We already know that it regained its throne as the manufacturer with the most international shipments, and even managed to surpass Apple in its own home. And now more good news is added to the list – or something like that.

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Are there alternatives to quarantines? Massive test models, the new strategy to stop the coronavirus

With a strategy of weekly tests, the reproduction rate could be cut in half by quickly identifying the infected REUTERS / David W Cerny“In Europe they indicate that the only way out of the pandemic is confinement. But we have shown that this is not the case “, sentenced the Slovak Prime Minister, Igor Matovic, … Read more

NIU Electric Motorcycle Models Sold and Prices in Turkey

This time, sold in Turkey NIU Electric Motorcycle We look at models and prices. The company’s modern design models attract attention. Turkey Official Sites and Products You Sell in Turkey from here you can reach NIU, More than one in Turkey Electric motorcycle selling. Here is the first of them 24.500 TLsold to N1S NSport … Read more