Covid, Rt index stable at 0.83. Only Lazio at moderate risk – Chronicle

Rome, 1 October 2021 – Continue to lower the incidence weekly of cases from Covid-19, between 24 and 30 September were registered 37 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, a significant drop compared to the 45 of the previous week. While remain stable the transmissibility index RT, between 8 and 21 September equal to 0,83 (range 0.81 … Read more

4 moderate risk regions. Rt index drops to 0.85

Today is the monitoring of the epidemiological trend of Covid-19 in Italy played just before the reopening of schools in most of the Italian regions. There Sicily stays in yellow zone while the Calabria, with its numbers, is a candidate to enter soon (17.4% of the beds occupied by Covid patients in the medical area … Read more

The U.S. dollar follows the decline in yields, the ECB forecasts Q4 moderate reduction in bond purchases, the euro climbs | Anue

DollarThe major currencies weakened on Thursday (9th), due to the strong demand for 30-year Treasury bonds sold by the U.S. Treasury and the decline in the yield of U.S. Treasury bonds.DollarWant to vibrate and be weak.EURIt was encouraged by the announcement of the European Central Bank (ECB) that it would reduce debt purchases. New York … Read more

Short history of Afghanistan: why it is always “the tomb of empires”. “Moderate turn of the Taliban? No, they only discovered diplomacy”

What does it mean that theAfghanistan and the “tomb of empires“? “Means that Moghul, Sassanids, British, Soviets and Americans have never been able to permanently control the Afghan territory or impose stable systems of government on it, “he says. Elisa Giunchi, lecturer in History and institutions of Muslim countries at the University of Milan and … Read more

IS-K – the extremist group that thinks the Taliban is too moderate

The group, called IS-K, was originally formed by militant insurgents from Pakistan along with disgruntled Taliban members. It operates mainly in the north and east of Afghanistan, near Kabul. IS-K emerged in 2015 as a source after IS ‘nuclear fighters established their caliphate in Syria and Iraq in the summer of 2014. Where the Taliban … Read more

Instagram launches a new tool to moderate sensitive content

On July 20, Instagram has announcement the deployment of a new tool to control sensitive content appearing in Explorer. Called “Sensitive Content Control”, it allows a user to choose the type of publication they want to appear in the tab or not. Instagram wants to help users better manage sensitive content This new tool aims … Read more

Again, Prince Muhammad bin Salman Breaks Arab Tradition…

Illustration of Saudi Arabia (Photo: Antara/Reuters) – Saudi Arabia has made another breakthrough by officially allowing businesses to remain open during the five daily prayers. This is a reform to loosen sensitive matters in the kingdom to get rid of its harsh image. READ ALSO: Al-Aqsa Filled with Jews, Jordanians, Turks, Egypt Directly … … Read more

changes in the treatment of patients in moderate form – La Pause Info

The efficacy of a full dose of heparin anticoagulant in patients with moderate Covid-19 has been demonstrated after the international RAPID trial. After the publication of the American researchers of the preliminary results of their study in MedRxiv, they concluded that a full dose of the anticoagulant Heparin in patients is effective in preventing inflammation … Read more

Latvia downgraded from “moderate innovator” in EU rating to “innovation starter”

If in 2020 Latvia ranked 23rd in the competition of 27 countries in the EU innovation rating, then this year Latvia has dropped to 25th place. In 2020, Latvia was ranked among the countries called moderate innovators, however, in the latest ranking, Latvia is among those countries that are considered to be innovators. Among the … Read more