Cities – The price of the dollar is declining

The dollar returned to the level of 30 thousand pounds, and recorded on Thursday, August 11, about 30,600 pounds for purchase and about 30,700 pounds for sale. With the market maintaining a margin of movement of about 200 pounds, up or down. In parallel, the exchange platform recorded, yesterday, Tuesday, August 10, 32 million dollars, … Read more

The dollar is the same.. and trading on the platform is declining

The dollar maintains its high rate and the margin of the 200 pounds, within which it moves up or down. The purchase price for Saturday, June 4, was about 28,300 pounds, while the selling price was about 28,400 pounds. As the market dollar maintains its numbers, the exchange platform records a decrease in trading volume. … Read more

Want to Exchange New Money Without Hassle? Check BI Mobile Cash Terms and Schedule

ATTACK – Entering the month of Ramadan, public interest in exchanging new money is quite high. This time, the Banten Province Representative Office of Bank Indonesia (BI) opened a Mobile Cash service. The service is a new money exchange service that will be held from April 6 to April 28, 2022. During Ramadan, people can … Read more