For the sake of public health, BPOM is asked to monitor food containing hazardous substances: Okezone health

MOMENT Currently, the Food and Drug Administration (BPOM) seems to be aggressively campaigning for the dangers of using Bisphenol A (BPA) in reusable gallon packaging made of polycarbonate on the grounds of disturbing the health of consumers. Even though there are still many other things that need to be monitored, namely food that is sold … Read more

The Iranian satellite launched by Russia could be used to monitor Ukraine / Article

Iran, which maintains friendly relations with Russia and avoids criticizing Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, has tried to dispel suspicions that the satellite will be used to spy on Ukraine. The Iranian Space Agency reports that the Russian-launched Iranian satellite will be controlled by the Islamic Republic of Iran and that no third country will be … Read more

Review of HUAWEI MateBook D16, 16-inch large-screen notebook and HUAWEI MateView SE, 23.8-inch Full HD monitor, ultra-slim bezels

Review of the HUAWEI MateBook D16, a notebook that comes with a large screen size of 16 inches, but it weighs only 1.7 kg. Honestly, it’s lighter than many 15.6-inch screen notebooks that are available in the market. Suitable for people who want a notebook to work seriously outside the place. Have to carry the … Read more

There are already compelling reasons for you to change your monitor if you play on PC

The resolution, the image quality, the HDR, the refresh rates: everything that was new… is already cheaper. The your pc monitor is, along with the mouse and keyboard, one of the most important peripherals on your computer, and if you carry a few years without changing it, start talking many compelling reasons to do so. … Read more

Hurry up, the Benq Mobiuz gaming monitor is half price until August 8th!

The gaming screen is an essential element for a regular video game player, because it is the surface on which they spend the most time. It is therefore important to choose it well according to certain criteria. To read laterSavedFollow #Video Games#Video Games Tracking Why buy a gaming monitor? Gaming monitors are designed to provide … Read more

27-inch monitor from Asus in review

The 27-inch BE27ACSBK screen from Asus is an office all-rounder and video conferencing solution in one. Computerworld introduces the device. Asus has developed the BE27ACSBK as a complete solution for video conferencing, which saves users additional costs for peripheral devices such as webcam and microphone. The 27-inch monitor is Zoom-certified and compatible with video conferencing … Read more

Why do you need a 240Hz high refresh rate gaming monitor? Find out with the Samsung Odyssey G4 S27BG400 gaming monitor : ZUM News

[임병선 기자] [smartPC사랑=임병선 기자] The refresh rate is an indicator of how many screens a monitor can display per second, and is expressed in hertz (Hz). In other words, a monitor with a refresh rate of 60Hz can show up to 60 screens per second. If the refresh rate of the monitor is high, more … Read more

Tattooing with nanotechnology can monitor your health

South Korean researchers are working on developing a tattoo that should be able to alert the wearer to potential health problems. At South Korea’s Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, KAIST, in the city of Daejeon, located southwest of the capital Seoul, researchers have developed an electronic tattoo ink. It is made of liquid metal … Read more