Investing in young people to fight upstream against terrorism

Today, it is clear that militant Islamist violence in the Sahel is accelerating faster than in any other region of Africa. After nearly a decade of conflict, violent events in the Sahel (specifically in Burkina Faso, Mali and western Niger) are on the rise, and with no signs of abating, with a 140% increase since … Read more

Appearance of three novelties in the next update

Also on the program, new options will allow parents to better supervise the activity of their children. This update is perceived as welcome for Meta environments, especially since it includes the integration of an “immersive” option in the “Do Not Disturb” function. As a reminder, the last interesting novelty, which saw the light of day … Read more

Beautiful tribute to Abdelkrim Bennani

The BNRM has chosen to honor one of the figures of the city of Rabat known for his humanitarian and voluntary action within the city. Abdelkrim Bennani has been at the head of several sustainable development projects which have contributed to the development of the capital, underlined the participants in the ceremony. The event in … Read more

Reform/ Health/ Agency/ Drugs/ AMO/ Equity/ CNSS/ CNOPS

Written by Saad Jafri Tuesday January 24, 2023 🚨 Ring #12: 🥊 Guest: Dr. Mohamed Zidouh, Councilor at the House of Councilors (2nd House of Parliament) 👉 Reform/ Health/ Agency/ Drugs/ AMO/ Funding/ Equity/ CNSS/ CNOPS 🥊 Round #1: Health Reform / What strategy for what benefit(s)? 🥊 Round #2: AMO / How does it … Read more

Anaëlle Myriam Chaaib: storytelling, poetry and humor

At the heart of his practice is a reinvention of naïve painting used by Moroccan artists of the last century. His work is inspired by recognizable cultural references such as Persian miniature painting, Moroccan tales, exotic architectural models and more modern and contemporary classical works. Alongside these identifiable sources – often considered as “truth” – … Read more

Switch to vegetable coloring

In “clean beauty”, hair dyes are also going green. To meet the demand of eco-responsible consumers, cosmetics brands do not hesitate to rework their products. Natural coloring is the perfect alternative to chemical dyeing, which has long been decried. The latter consists of synthetic pigments mixed with an oxidant, often ammonia or ethanolamine, known to … Read more

Launch of TikTok inspired “For You” feed

From now on, Twitter users can switch between the “Following” tab, which is none other than the classic chronological feed made up of tweets from followed accounts, and the new “For You” tab. A novelty which is reminiscent of the suggestions of the Chinese social network TikTok which continues to overshadow its competitors. This continuous … Read more

The 2011 Martian meteorite whets curiosity and circumspection

Tissint, the Martian meteorite that fell in Morocco in July 2011 reveals, after many analyses, an unprecedented diversity of organic compounds, indicates a press release from the Hassan II University of Casablanca (UH2C). This is what emerges from the quintessence of the work published in “Science Advances by an international team of researchers with the … Read more

Manal Benchlikha obtains her French visa thanks to the invention of the ministry of Mehdi Bensaid

Written by Yassine Elalami on Friday January 13, 2023 After having ignited the web, because of the refusal of his visa for France, Manal Benchlikha announced that he had obtained his authorization to enter and stay following the intervention of the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication. Details. The Moroccan singer kept her fans informed … Read more

The first self-adhesive TV makes its appearance

With this new technological innovation which is emerging at the start of 2023, viewers will no longer need to make holes to mount their TV, they just have to stick it directly on a wall or a window. This is what the start-up Displace is offering this year at CES 2023, which officially starts this … Read more