Higher mortgage interest will not be reflected in house prices until next quarter | NOW

The effect of higher mortgage rates will not be reflected in house prices and the number of transactions until the third quarter of this year at the earliest. That is what the Land Registry says in a quarterly report on Wednesday. Kadaster expects that the housing market will be less active in the near future, … Read more

Contributed to the Rakumachi Real Estate Investment Newspaper, “The Bomb of ‘Rise in Interest Rates’ in Japan’s Mortgage Loans” – Textbook for Bankers

Contributed an article to Rakumachi Real Estate Investment Newspaper titled “Rise in Interest Rates Bombed by Japanese Housing Loans”. Condo prices continue to rise. Tokyo’s apartments are of a standard that ordinary office workers cannot afford. Still, there is no doubt that one of the factors behind the strong sales of housing such as condominiums … Read more

The dilemma of mortgage rates in the age of inflation

In recent months, fixed rates have increased significantly. In June, 10-year maturities were on average above 3%, which caused great nervousness among owners, who fear that rates will soon reach dizzying levels. A decline has since begun. The preferred scenario is for the National Bank to raise its key rate in September by 0.25 point … Read more

UK lenders are facing a new challenge as mortgage costs soar

United Kingdom lenders cancel housing loan products in an attempt to cope with increased demand from customers looking to adjust their payments as mortgage interest rates rise to record levels. According to Tony Davis, head of mortgage products at Metro Bank, some borrowers, usually those with larger loans, prefer to pay penalties just to get … Read more

What the ECB rate hike will change for mortgage borrowers

The rise in interest rates will also contribute to a certain slowdown in activity terovesalainen – stock.adobe.com DECRYPTION – For the first time in 11 years, the European Central Bank has decided to raise its main interest rate by 0.5%. Bad news for borrowers even if the situation has already been widely anticipated by banks. … Read more

The ECB raises rates, here’s how the mortgage payments change

MILANO – Il increase in the cost of money decided by the ECB it will work like a stone in a pond: with concentric circles, it will reach all the other interest rates with varying intensity, making them move in the same direction. Also affecting the most loved investment by Italians and the most common … Read more

Own housing is appreciating at record highs. A mortgage is still a rational step even at a five percent interest rate – FAEI.cz

One does not expose oneself to the risk of a rent increase, which will not be affected and which has increased by more than 20 percent in one year in Prague. He also doesn’t have to worry about having to look for cheaper housing elsewhere. In the case of own housing, after a certain time, … Read more