Tatiana Merheb evaluates her participation in the presentation of Fatna Bi Al-Hait, and this is how she described Mario Basil and Shukran Murtaja

The Lebanese actress Tatiana Merheb began her career in the comedy theater with the actor Mario Basil’s troupe, and so the audience got to know her and loved her, then she moved on to participate in the drama, where she excelled in her roles and left an imprint. From her participation in the drama, we … Read more

Dina in a transparent dress and very ugly Bella Hadid shoes, and Rihanna shows off her pregnancy in revealing clothes and other worst looks in 2022

Celebrities usually take advantage of public events and parties, to catch the eyes of viewers with the most beautiful looks.However, unfortunately, not all stars are lucky at times, and some of them fall into the trap of repetition, or appearing with an unfortunate look. Here is a list of the worst looks of 2022. Bella … Read more

I love Haifa Wehbe’s character.. Will he meet Salman Khan with artwork?

The “Art” website conducted an interview with the Moroccan artist Saad Lamjarred, in which we talked about his desire to act, and how remarkable it would be if he met the Lebanese artist Haifa Wehbe in a movie, as he recently participated in a New Year’s party organized by the caterer Ali Al-Atat, which included … Read more

NOAA Satellite Captures Mosaic of Earth to Display Stunning Panoramic View

NOAA releases new tornado technique NOAA is tracking Hurricane Fiona with a drone as the storm moves through the Caribbean. In partnership with NOAA, Saildrone is deploying seven drones in the ocean to collect hurricane data during the 2022 hurricane season. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration released the first of its image NOAA-21 Visible … Read more

Exclusive – Michelle Wahba reveals what she learned from Rasha Sharbatji and the scenes of Six minus one

Michelle Wahba, a Lebanese actress who obtained a BA in directing, moved to the field of acting, while completing her postgraduate studies, and achieved remarkable success since the first opportunity, by receiving the Golden Award as the best young actress, at the “Locarno” festival in Switzerland, for her role In the movie “Yara” by Iraqi … Read more

Mosaic of the Eastern Roman Empire found at the World Photo Refugee Camp Olive Farm

Burei refugee camp in central Gaza, Palestine. A colorful mosaic decoration believed to date from the 5th to 7th centuries of the Eastern Roman Empire was discovered in an olive farm in a refugee camp, about 1km from the border with Israel. The mosaic decoration, which was revealed when about 1 meter of soil was … Read more

Farmer in Gaza finds ancient Byzantine mosaic when planting tree | NOW

Six months ago when Salman Al Nabahin was working in his olive grove in Gaza, he came across a treasure. While planting trees, the farmer discovered a mosaic floor from the Byzantine era (about 330 to 1453 AD). Al Nabahin tried to figure out why some trees hadn’t taken root properly. He and his son … Read more

Webb surpasses himself with a record mosaic of 690 images

A team of scientists using the James Webb Space Telescope has just published the largest image taken by the telescope so far. The image is a mosaic of 690 individual frames taken with the telescope’s near-infrared camera (NIRCam) and covers an area of ​​the sky about eight times larger than JWST’s first deep-field image released … Read more

Mosaic 2.0 grant for research into timely treatment of asymptomatic heart failure

The study – the TREASURE trial – is part of the Queen of Hearts research and is performed under the supervision of Prof. Marc Spaanderman and Dr. Chahinda Ghossein-Doha. Timely treatment of asymptomatic heart failureWomen who develop preeclampsia (PE) have a two- to seven-fold increased risk of cardiovascular disease at a relatively young age. PE … Read more