4 Causes and Ways to Overcome HP Screen Self Motion or “Ghost Touch”

KOMPAS.com– Screen on HP (cell phone) currently mostly touchscreen type, has a vital role. When a problem occurs on the screen, the operation and navigation of the HP will be disrupted. Among some cases, a problem that quite often occurs on the cellphone screen is issuing its own motion without being touched or commonly known … Read more

Research into motion sensors during Nijmegen Four Days Marches

Measurements in the hospital do not provide an adequate picture of walking in daily life. Patients then do their best. With the portable motion sensors it is possible to measure the quality of walking at home, both indoors and outdoors, for longer periods of time. Sensors on the shoes and lower back Research is needed … Read more

FIFA 23 Introduces Upgraded Hyper Motion 2 and Publishes In-Depth Gameplay Video

A video has been posted featuring gameplay improvements to FIFA 23, EA Sports’ last game to be named FIFA. In this video, the developer directly explains the new improvements in FIFA 23. In particular, Hypermotion 2, an upgraded version of Hypermotion, known as a machine learning animation technology that debuted in FIFA 22, will also … Read more

Colors of the homeland | Jupiter begins its retrograde motion in the dome of the sky tomorrow… illusion or reality?

​ A few hours separate us from the retrograde movement of Jupiter, which is scheduled to start tomorrow, Thursday, July 28, 2022, at 11:32 pm Mecca time (08:32 pm GMT), and it stops its usual movement towards the east in the dome of the sky, apparently in front of the stars, and turns into a … Read more

Digital motion entertainment, motion capture system, and platform that combines AR and VR

Since its foundation in 2010, Digital Motion Entertainment has been focusing on the development of 3D contents using cutting-edge technologies such as motion capture systems, HMD imaging devices, and gyro tracker systems, and is a 3D total solution company that develops tangible training apps and games. The representative interactive content ‘Real-Time Live Avatar’ developed by … Read more

The fight continues – Amber Heard filed a motion for a new trial against Johnny Depp

If we thought the long legal drama between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp was over, it may not be the case at all. Just over a month after the actress lost her defamation trial against her ex-husband, her lawyers are now asking a Fairfax County District Court judge to throw out the jury’s verdict. In … Read more

Nuclear, Calenda presents a motion to the Senate for 7 power plants: “I challenge Read to a confrontation”

Carlo Calenda presents a motion in the Senate that aims to reintroduce nuclear power in Italy with 7 new power plants and “challenge” Enrico Letta to a discussion on the subject. The motion was presented this morning by Action at Palazzo Madama. The goal, explains Calenda, “is to reintroduce nuclear power into our energy mix. … Read more

African Stock Exchanges: The interconnection in motion

The consolidated market capitalization of African exchanges participating in the regional connection project reached 1,383.46 billion dollars, according to calculations made by theagence Ecofin. Edoh Kossi Amenoumve, managing director of the Bourse Regional Securities of Abidjan, announced during a seminar in Douala, that the stock exchanges of Ghana and Botswana have joined a group of … Read more

Guava Motion: Bruno in the fantastic world of games

New spot series for WoG.ch: The focus of the “Bruno’s Adventures” series is the enthusiastic World of Games employee Bruno, who uses his camera to film and divulge the magical secrets of WoG’s success. Employee Bruno takes viewers on a behind-the-scenes journey through the family business. The series of spots designed by Guave Motion conveys … Read more

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II 2022 Launches On 10/28 With New Motion Model And Artificial Intelligence System And Returns To Steam (178303)

In line with this technical update such as the engine, “Decision Moment: Modern Warfare II 2022” also adds swimming, crawling and other actions in the multiplayer mode. For example, when you jump into the water, you will feel the line of sight mixed, and the visibility will change with the depth of the dive. At … Read more