Recommendations for the 3 Most Efficient and Cheapest Motorcycles in 2022, Worth Keeping in Your Home Garage Right Now

COPPER-Motor that economical again inexpensive are being hunted by consumers. Hunting consumers motor matic economical and inexpensive because it really helps their spending money. don’t have motorIn fact, the expenses will increase which can cause debt to pile up. Read Also: Honda Launches New Motorcycle 2022: Dunk Can Be A Million People’s Motorcycle, Cheaper and … Read more

Honda Releases Cheap Motorcycles for Only Rp. 8 Million, Headlamp Similar to Honda Beat, Very Suitable for Beginners

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Get to know Benelli Seta and Benelli Panarea Two Retro Style Matic Motorcycles, No Less Cool with Vespa

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40 Million “Bodong” Motorcycles Threatened To Be Confiscated, DPR Asks Police to Consider Community Economic Aspects Page all – Deputy Chairman of Commission V of the House of Representatives (DPR) Syaifullah Tamliha asked the government to postpone the plan to delete motorized vehicle data with a Vehicle Registration Certificate (STNK) tax that has been dead for two years and more. “The government should delay and be patient in the context of paying … Read more

Point! Only Motorcycles & Public Vehicles Can Fill Pertalite

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Chairman of Commission VII DPR RI, Sugeng Suparwoto did not agree with the proposal that categorizes the ban on the purchase of Pertalite Fuel Oil (BBM) based on the specifications of four-wheeled vehicles above 1,500. cubicle centimeter (cc). The reason is that the majority of four-wheeled vehicles are owned by wealthy … Read more

List of Motorcycles that are Prohibited from Buying Pertalite, what are they?

JAKARTA, – Owners of two-wheeled motorcycles must start preparing from now on. The reason is that the government through the Downstream Oil and Gas Regulatory Agency (BPBD)BPH Migas) is currently formulating a mechanism for limiting the purchase of subsidized fuel oil (BBM) types pertalite for motorcycles. If the formulation is approved, then motorcycles equipped … Read more

4 These Old Motorcycles Are Reproduced, Do You Have Your Favorite? : Okezone Automotive

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More motorcycles are sold but fewer scooters: down by 1.8% in June. The rankings – News

In June, the Italian market saw the minus sign and the lack of availability of several models weighs heavily. The Benelli TRK502 is first, among the scooters the TMAX sells well July 4, 2022 Un year ago the sales of motorcycles and scooters in Italy had achieved a robust + 35% compared to a pre-pandemic … Read more

Exchange Old Motorcycles With New Yamaha Motorcycles, Can Choose Fazzio to NMAX

Yamaha Gladys swapped her old bike for a Yamaha Fazzio Lux – Want a new motorbike but are confused about selling your old motorbike? Now there is a trade-in program organized by Yamaha in Jakarta Fair Kemayoran 2022. This trade in program applies to all motorcycle brands from various brands and is exchanged for … Read more