From Vajont to Casamicciola, when nature is the stepmother – Chronicle

The drama of Casamicciola, with the umpteenth landslide that has sown death and destruction, is only the latest in a long series of events that have caused hundreds of deaths in Italy in the last 70 years. Earthquakes, floods, water bombs, hydrogeological phenomena which on many occasions have brought entire cities and portions of the … Read more

SIE official PS VR2 purchase eligibility is “more than 20 hours of gameplay in a year”-action ADV “Horizon Call of the Mountain” bundled pre-order application started | Game * Spark

Sony Interactive Entertainment isPlayStation VR2 “Horizon Call of the Mountain” bundled versionWe have started accepting pre-order applications. This product, which is scheduled to be released on February 22, 2023, is a download version of the action ADV for PS VR2 on peripherals such as a VR headset and PS VR2 Sense controller.Horizon Call of the … Read more

Seonwoo Eun-suk, trying to avoid debt, bought an 18 billion won house… The sad story of ‘My Money, My Mountain’: Sports Donga

Seonwoo Eun-suk, trying to avoid debt, bought an 18 billion won house… The sad story of ‘My Money, My Mountain’ Actor Seonwoo Eun-sook recalled the past when he missed more than 15 billion won in profit. In MBN’s ‘Dongchimi’, which aired on the 19th, a talk about ‘debt’ was drawn. On this day, Choi Hong-lim … Read more

PS VR2 & Horizon Call of the Mountain ab 22. Februar 2023

Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash ” data-medium-file=”×480.jpg” data-large-file=”” class=”size-medium wp-image-1095144″ alt=”” width=”720″ height=”480″ srcset=”×480.jpg 720w,×512.jpg 768w, 1024w” sizes=”(max-width: 720px) 100vw, 720px”/> Photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash Die PS VR2 will be released in February and costs 599.99 euros. Sony had in A few launch titles have already been mentioned … Read more

Climbing the mountain and seeing the “White Phoenix” spreading its wings gracefully! The 9-second flight video was exposed on the Internet and looked silly: Blessed eyes | Novelty | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Continental Center / Reported by Wei Juncheng ▲A Chinese tourist photographed the white phoenix. (Picture / flip from Douyin) The world is so big, there are many rare birds and animals, but have you seen the creature named “White Phoenix”? A tourist from Fujian, China, photographed a white bird while climbing a mountain in Zhangzhou, … Read more

Chilean mountaineers “lived” with death on Manaslu mountain

Chilean mountaineers Galo Viguera and Felipe Bishara escaped death during their ascent to the top of Manaslu, the eighth highest mountain in the world. Chilean mountaineers Felipe Bishara y Galo Viguera ‘lived’ with death on their first major Himalayan expedition. A deadly avalanche and climatic factors prevented him from going to the top of the … Read more

Rescue operation, Events | Rescue operation: An adult and two children were stuck in the mountain

LAST: At 18.09 the police report that all three have been picked up by the rescue helicopter and flown down. They are a little cold, but no one is hurt At 17.28, Saturday evening, the police operations manager reports that three people have become stuck in the mountains at Skredesvodine in Fyresdal. The three people … Read more

Photo : Exploring Spain’s Ancient Mountains, Where Astronauts Practice Before Flying to the Moon

The training ground for astronauts before flying to the Moon. ©2022 AFP/DESIREE MARTIN – The Canary Island of Lanzarote is known as a training ground for astronauts before embarking on missions to space. This ancient volcano on Lanzarote Island was chosen because it has a geological condition that is very similar to the Moon … Read more

Ultra trail: immersion in the heart of the Diagonale des Fous, the most difficult mountain race in the world

It is a journalistic project that was close to our hearts. Produce an immersive report in the heart of the most difficult mountain race in the world. The Diagonal of Fools, this trace of 170 kilometers and 10,000 meters of elevation gain which crosses the island of Reunion from side to side. One of the … Read more