France/Luxembourg: They get caught on the A31 with a mountain of alcohol from Luxembourg

The quantity is enormous. Two men of Sri Lankan origin, residing in the Paris region, were arrested on the A31 motorway with 2,100 liters of alcohol coming from Luxembourg, in January 2022. The whiskey, rum and vodka had been discovered in the trunk from their van. The defendants appeared this week in the Thionville court. … Read more

Mountain rescue star Maxi Warwel reveals the reason for her sudden exit

Home page Boulevard Created: 03/20/2023 11:07 am Von: Lukas Einkammerer Split In the first episode of the new “Bergretter” season, fans of Maxi Warwel had to say goodbye. Now the actress reveals why she left the ZDF series. Ramsau – After the end of the last “Bergdoktor” season, fans of home series on ZDF still … Read more

Volcanic Activity Recorded on Venus

Saturday, March 18 2023 – 09:08 WIB LIVE Techno – When scientists took a closer look at archival images of the surface of Venus, they found something new: evidence of volcanic activity there. The NASA (Aviation and Space Administration) spacecraft, Magellan captured images in the early 1990s as it circled our closest planetary neighbor which … Read more

After the “Junk Mountain” in Jdeideh… Prostitution in Baouchriye!

“Lebanese Debate” To whom was the decision to create a new landfill since 2014 and who legalized it locally? A question that the people of the region disbelieved in for more than 9 years, after they saw their region turn into skyscrapers of waste piling up and expanding, and the municipality in the person of … Read more

Mythical Swiss mountain Matterhorn is disappearing from Toblerone chocolates

The most emblematic of the Swiss mountains, the Matterhorn, is gradually disappearing from Toblerone packaging, to meet the requirements of Swiss legislation, revealed this Monday the owner of the famous prism-shaped nougat chocolate bar. Created in 1908 in the Tobler family factory, Toblerone has so far only been produced in Bern, the capital of the … Read more

Why does Toblerone have to change the iconic image of a mountain on its pack?

(CNN) –– Toblerone bars, which are sold in more than 100 countries, can no longer be considered Swiss chocolate: the company that owns the brand will move part of the production out of Switzerland. The beak-shaped chocolate, made with honey and almond nougat, will also lose the iconic image of Mount Cervino (or Matterhorn) that … Read more

Why Toblerone drops a famous Swiss mountain out of its pack?

Toblerone chocolate will no longer display the distinctive Matterhorn peak on its packaging to avoid violating Swiss law protecting national symbols, the brand owner moving some production outside of Switzerland. Mondelez International, the American manufacturer of Toblerone, said in a statement that it had to adapt its packaging to comply with Swiss law, and that … Read more

Mountain gorillas: Rwanda must manage “a problem of success”

You have to walk for several hours through a bamboo forest to finally see small black dots appear in the distance. The gorillas look curiously at our microphone, but they aren’t overly concerned. This group was familiarized with the human presence. Every day, a small group of tourists, consisting of a maximum of eight people, … Read more