Get in shape in a month: 3 keys and basic exercises to lose weight and gain muscle

Lose weight in no time. Be in shape in a month. It’s possible? Yes, it is possible, with a lot of work, dedication and something more than exercise: rest and healthy eating. Are you dying? We tell you how to achieve it starting from the physical form that is, from the most active to the … Read more

Apply these 5 habits to maintain muscle strength – Having strong muscles not only makes you feel fitter, it will improve almost every aspect of life. Forming muscles good for heart health, joints, and mind. And you don’t have to spend hours lifting heavy weights or filling protein powders to do it. Here are simple steps you can take every day to … Read more

Inter Milan confirmed Alexis Sánchez’s muscle injury and will evaluate it in the coming days

The Italian club Inter de Milan confirmed the muscle injury of Alexis Sanchez, after submitting it to exams during the present day in Duisburg, Germany. “Alexis Sánchez underwent instrumental tests this afternoon after a problem encountered during the game against Bayer Leverkusen,” reported the Lombard institution, about last Monday’s match against the Germans in the … Read more

Corona can damage heart muscle Nederlands Dagblad

Some of the people who have been infected with the coronavirus suffer from extreme fatigue. (image istock) Amsterdam Until now, the coronavirus seemed to mainly cause damage to the lungs, but the consequences could be more serious. This was evident when German physicians discovered damage to the heart muscle in a third of a random … Read more

Barendrechts Dagblad | Fred breaks off vacation for torn calf muscle

Fred van Leer had to cancel his holiday in Saint-Tropez in France due to an injury. The stylist and TV personality has a tear in his calf muscle, he reports on Instagram. “Unfortunately, the holiday did not go according to plan. On the way home and straight to the hospital hoping that the damage will … Read more

keys in muscle health

Preventive isolation has put everyone in a situation where physical activity is greatly limited, which can affect bones, muscles, and joints. For this reason, the Colombian Society of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology shared ten tips to protect and maintain the health of the musculoskeletal system during quarantine. – Include physical activity in the daily routine … Read more

Real Madrid: muscle man Sergio Ramos in (master) fight mode! – Soccer

What a shot in the final training! Real captain Sergio Ramos (34) flexes his muscles and shows his tattoo collection. Only Cristiano Ronaldo (35 / Juventus) used to have such a six-pack at the royal. The oldie in the team obviously took advantage of the Corona break and got himself in great shape. He proudly … Read more

Insaurralde from the hospital: “I’m fine, but with constant fever, tiredness and muscle pain”

The mayor of Lomas de Zamora, Martín Insaurralde, who have the coronavirus, said today that she feels “tiredness, fever and muscle pain”, but overall “okay”, and he thanked the care of the doctors at the Hospital in Lavallol, where you are hospitalized. “I’m fine, with constant fever, but with paracetamol I control it; I feel … Read more