Healthy Move, Guide to 5 Chest Muscle Exercises to Get Strong and Strong – All Pages

Push ups, one of the easiest chest muscle exercises to do – The chest is one of the largest muscle groups in the body and helps us perform many important movements. That’s why it’s important to do chest exercises that target these front muscles and seriously strengthen your entire upper body. When we hear … Read more

LUMC grows human heart muscle cells outside the body

The new technique was developed by applying an old trick; inserting a cancer gene into the DNA of heart muscle cells. The researchers, Twan de Vries and colleagues from the Heart Disease Department at the LUMC, hoped that this trick would lead to a strong multiplication of the cells. That expectation came true. But, as … Read more

What is cardiac muscle involvement? Do patients with COVID 19 have heart muscle involvement?

Compared to other virus and flu infectious diseases, covid 19 creates deeper effects on cells. According to studies conducted around the world, coronavirus causes more heart involvement. Since patients do not go to the hospital very often after Kovid, they face heart problems in the long term. Cerrahpaşa University cardiology department head Prof. Dr. Ahmet … Read more

Surprise! Researchers Discover New Parts in the Human Body

Jakarta – Researcher discover the existence of a new part in the human body, and its existence becomes an interesting thing to discuss. You can also check it directly, loh! The findings were later published in the journal Annals of Anatomy. Researchers have confirmed the existence of muscle layer in the jaw which until now … Read more

Patients with Covid-19 at risk of ‘heart muscle involvement’

Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa-Institute of Cardiology, Head of Cardiology Basic Sciences Department, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yıldız, in the process after the recovery of patients with Covid-19 “heart muscle involvement” He said he was at risk. Yıldız stated that Covid-19 is a viral microorganism in Edirne, where he came for the panel titled “Healthy Life and Heart … Read more

They sent human muscle cells into space to study and prevent aging

The American company SpaceX sent to the International Space Station (ISS) a rocket that transports human muscle cells to find a way to prevent aging, which is part of the CRS-24 mission. The experiment, called MicroAge, will go aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and will be launched to the International Space Station (ISS) from … Read more

Refusing to get old quickly, researchers immediately send human muscle cells to the space station

JAKARTA – The International Space Station (ISS) will receive human muscle cells, which will be used as experiments to help find ways to make people live longer and healthier lives. Research dubbed MicroAge It will be launched to the ISS aboard SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket, from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Tuesday, December … Read more

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He said, “There is a 3-fold increase in heart attacks under 35” and warned thus: It kills the heart muscle.

Tekirdag Head of Provincial Health Directorate Public Hospitals Services Cardiology Specialist Dr. Aykut Demirkıran stated that they see heart attacks due to the use of addictive substances more frequently and said, “According to our own data, there has been a 3-fold increase in heart attacks under the age of 35 in recent years.” Demirkıran said, … Read more