Platea Magazine – Simon Rattle applies for German citizenship and laments the impact of Brexit on UK musicians

Details Written by Drafting Published: January 16, 2021 Simon Rattle applies for German citizenship and regrets the impact of Brexit on UK musicians According to information collected by The Guardian, the director British origin Sir Simon Ratthe would have applied for German nationality. This decision takes place once the Brexi and recently announced his appointment … Read more

UK musicians fear losing European tours after Brexit

Brexit hits the UK music industry and makes it more expensive for EU musicians to perform there. Visas, work permits and VAT are the reasons Musicians in the UK are outraged and calling for a petition to be signed to help them tour Europe after Brexit, including British singer Laura Marling, singer Louis Tomlinson (ex … Read more

Omnium is positioned as the new gallery of musicians

Upon entering local 71 of the shopping center all located in Apoquindo, the song is heard Don’t Go Breaking My Heart, by British musician Elton John. Juan Carlos Ponce (30), store salesman, says that Mercury Music It has been operating in this new branch for three months and adds that “it comes with everything.” While … Read more

Brexit provoked the wrath of British musicians and a battle with the rulers of the United Kingdom – GENTE Online

The coronavirus crisis hits the island hard. Its effects on singers are being devastating. Loss of membership of Britain in the European Union it made things even more complicated for the industry. The government headed by Boris Johnson He even rejected the 90-day waiver of costs and red tape that the artists requested. The measure … Read more

British musicians mutiny against Brexit

Visas and other administrative requirements make it very difficult for British groups and singers to tour Europe, and vice versa “It’s a shit show that the government could have prevented,” says Tim Burgess, leader of The Charlatans, in a situation that deals a severe blow to live music Paris, Barcelona, ​​Milan, Berlin. The borders of … Read more

Almost total write-offs, loans and persistence: regional musicians are suffering from the Corona situation – Basel – resp

Concert life stands still. And because the pandemic is ongoing, the local musicians have to stay in the home office for better or worse and work on their projects at home. As a result, a large part of the income for you as well as for your business environment – such as labels, management and … Read more

Musicians Guilds Reject Restrictions on Packaged Music

Through a statement, organizations related to the field of music pointed out and rejected “categorically the restrictions on the emission of packaged music in restaurants and similar places, imposed by the Government. A measure like this, in addition to presenting severe doubts regarding its usefulness in managing the pandemic and absolutely lacking international experiences to … Read more

Brexit effect: why British musicians are on the warpath

Thom Yorke, the leader of Radiohead, expressed his anger after the UK government rejected a deal to allow British musicians to travel across the EU Credit: Kindness Alex Lake Not all in England is coronavirus and its effects on the music industry. Since this year, Great Britain has lost membership as part of the European … Read more

“#BorisKilledMusic”: Musicians Share Anger Over Rejection Of Brexit “Visa Free” Tour

The musicians have shared their anger online after news that the UK government has rejected a “visa-free” tour deal as part of Brexit negotiations. Yesterday (January 9) it was reported that the UK has rejected an EU deal that would allow musicians to enter EU countries without a visa. In Boris Johnson’s trade deal with … Read more

Bad Bunny on US musicians, gringos are not gods, Daddy Rabbit Bad Trends

After announcing that he will pause his musical career due to film projects, Bad Bunny, one of the best exponents of the urban music, shook the social networks when referring to the american culture. Without mincing words”, Benito Martinez, better known as Bad Bunny in the artistic world, assured that he detested the trend he … Read more