Someone is killing Muslims in New Mexico. A serial killer is behind it, the police believe

The latest killing took place on Friday afternoon in which Nayeem Hossain was shot dead as he was returning from the funeral of the previous two victims, Aftab Hussein and Muhammad Afzaal Hussain. They were also shot: July 26 and August 1. Hossain’s fiancee, who was on the phone with him, suddenly heard a gunshot. … Read more

What is the truth about the death of Amitabh Bachchan that causes panic and grieves the Indian public .. And his last will shocked all Muslims.!!

The Indian artist, Amitabh Bachchan, raised a state of controversy during the past hours, after the pioneers of the social media circulated the news of the death of the star Amitabh Bachchan, in a private hospital in India. Some pages of social networking sites published “rumours” of the death of the mighty Bollywood star Amitabh … Read more

Who is the real Abu Nawas? Why are the stories and stories so legendary for Muslims, here’s the answer – Maybe many of you have heard the story about the journey of life Abu Nawas. Where is every story Abu Nawas generally contain a very deep meaning and philosophy about life. But sometimes stories Abu Nawas It is also humorous which invites laughter from those who listen or read it. Abu Nawas himself … Read more

Beware of underestimating it.. Security flaws in Apple Watch

The company “Apple” has introduced updates to fill the security gaps discovered by the Indian “CERT-IN” team for rapid technical intervention in the Apple Watch smart watches operating with old operating systems that facilitate hackers’ penetration of the privacy of their owners. The vulnerabilities affect watches running the “watchOS 8.6” system, and everything that is … Read more

Saiful Mujani Tuding Please First Pancasila More In Favor Of Muslims

Saiful Muzani highlights the many rules of Islamic law in Indonesia REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Socio-political observer, Saiful Mujani, criticized the government for giving more space to sharia rules in the public sphere. He said that with so many sharia rules in Indonesia, the first precept, Belief in One God only applies to Islam. This he … Read more

The English “Blackburn Rovers” invites Muslims to perform the Eid al-Adha prayer at its stadium

The English club “Blackburn Rovers” invited all its Muslim fans to perform the Eid al-Adha prayer on the grounds of its stadium.And the club published, through its account on Twitter, the announcement of the establishment of the Eid prayer in its stadium, and confirmed that it would be ready to receive worshipers on the day … Read more

One of the oldest mosques in the world found in Israel, its position facing the Kaaba

loading… Site of one of the oldest mosques in the world found in Rahat, Negev, Israel. The position of this building is facing towards Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Photo/Assaf Peretz/IAA NEGEV – A site of one of the oldest mosque in the world is found in Rahat, Negev, Israel . According to the team of archaeologists, … Read more

Profile of Khaled Kabub, Israel’s First Muslim Supreme Court Justice

loading… TEL AVIV – Israel appointed Khaled Kabub as the first Islamic supreme judge on Monday (21/2/2022). As is known, the Supreme Court (MA) in Israel is the highest judicial authority of the Jewish state. More than 20% of Israelis are Arabs. Since 2003, Israel’s justice system has had Arab jurists. But previously, the person … Read more

Shocking, More Than 800 Mosques Attacked in Germany since 2014

loading… Muslims stand in front of the Central Mosque in Ehrenfeld, Cologne, Germany, May 8, 2021. Photo/REUTERS/Thilo Schmuelgen BERLIN – More than 800 mosques in Germany have been the target of threats and attacks since 2014, but, in the vast majority of cases, the crimes are not properly investigated. The shocking report was revealed by … Read more

Indian Police Brutally Beat Group of Muslims in Detention, BJP Politicians Happy

loading… Indian police officers beat a group of Muslims brutally in detention. Those who were beaten were allegedly part of the demonstrators protesting the insults of the Prophet Muhammad. Photo/BBC NEW DELHI – A video showing the police India brutally beat a group of Muslims in detention. The video went viral after it was shared … Read more