The Home of the Criminal Investigation Department, Komjen Agus, was shot by a mysterious person related to Ferdy Sambo, check the facts

TRIBUNJATENG.COM – News circulated about the official residence of the Head of the Criminal Investigation Agency or Police Criminal Investigation Unit Commissioner General Agus Andrianto shotI’m a mysterious person. The official residence of the Head of the Criminal Investigation Agency or Police Criminal Investigation Unit It was reported that Komjen Agus Andrianto shoti is related … Read more

Vladimir Putin: – This is supposed to be Putin’s mysterious girlfriend

Vladimir Putin’s (69) secret private life has been hotly debated for many years – and one Russian woman’s name in particular has been frequently mentioned in the media. The Russian president was linked to it 30 years younger gymnast Alina Kabajeva (39) already in the 2000s. Although the relationship has never been officially confirmed, the … Read more

Mysterious corpse covered in blood stirs the residents of Purworejo

Purworejo – A bloodied corpse was found by a resident of Kentengrejo Village, Purwodadi District, Purworejo Regency. Police found wounds on the head of the male body. The victim was found by a resident who was passing on a path not far from a rice field area in Kentengrejo Village, this morning. Residents then reported … Read more

Mysterious death. A young athlete was found dead on the street

Singh has won several medals from junior competitions in his boxing career. He said he never missed a training session and enjoyed every match. Unfortunately, he will not add another one. He was found unconscious on the street near his home last week. “Some local youths dragged him from our house after school and later … Read more

Like entering hell. A mysterious giant hole has appeared in Chile and is still growing

The world’s deepest holes: They hide diamonds, caves and eternal flames Aerial images released by Chilean media show that the hole in the compound, which is managed by the Canadian company Lundin Mining, is approximately twenty-five meters in diameter. Server BBC News it adds that the sinkhole is located 665 kilometers north of the capital … Read more

Mysterious Hepatitis in Children, 2 Studies Find Traces of Harmless Virus AAV2

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Two independent studies of children with liver damage or hepatitis Mysterious Acute in England found a virus called adeno-associated virus 2 in almost all of its cases. The same type of virus was not found in other children. Almost all children with mysterious acute hepatitis also have a gene variant that affects … Read more

55 Mysterious Sea Creatures Found in the Pacific Ocean, Most of them are Eccentric

loading… An assemblage of mysterious distant marine megafauna and dozens of eccentric creatures are found within the Pacific Ocean. Photo/Live Science/DeepCCZ expedition, Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation & NOAA LONDON – A group of marine megafauna mysterious far and dozens eccentric creature found in the Pacific Ocean. Scientists from the Natural History Museum (NHM) in … Read more

Scientists Call 9,200 Tree Species Still Mysterious on Earth, What Are They?

How Many Tree Species Are There On Earth? This is the answer of the researchers (Photo: Thinkstock) JAKARTA, Researchers stated, the total species tree There are 73,300 species on Earth. As many as 9,200 of them have not been found to date. While an estimated 64,100 species are known, by the international group statistically. … Read more

Gamma-ray bursts come from distant and mysterious galaxies

01/08/2022 Act. a las 18:33 CEST They could shed light on the formation of heavy metals in the cosmos Some 30% of short gamma-ray bursts (sGRBs), which form during neutron star collisions, lack a matching host galaxy, raising questions about their true origins and distances. New research has found that they occur in rare galaxies … Read more

The story of the mysterious patient Anna O. Why did she go down in the history of psychiatry and feminism?

She was a very intelligent and educated lady who dedicated her life to helping women and promoting feminist views. She probably had her reasons for doing so. One of the fallacies is the claim that she was Freud’s patient. In reality, this woman’s mental health was being affected by a completely different man, and Freud … Read more