God of War director publishes a mysterious image and fans go crazy looking for clues

The lack of news about God of War Ragnarok causes hidden secrets to be searched everywhere. God of War Ragnarok It is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games on PS5. It is scheduled for this year, as indicated by its first teaser trailer. And although seen what is seen seems complicated, fans of the … Read more

Deep in the heart of the earth lives a mysterious alien world “dent” is expanding | Technology | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Reporter Lin Chenyan / Comprehensive Report There is a crack in the earth’s geomagnetic armor, and it is still expanding. NASA calls it a “dent” and believes that this dent will not only continue to expand, but will also split into two parts. This dent is located above the South Atlantic and has continued to … Read more

USA. Has Russia attacked American soldiers with a mysterious directed energy weapon?

Over the past few years, there have been attacks on US soldiers and officials using directed energy A directed energy attack uses highly concentrated electromagnetic energy, including strong radio waves or microwave devices and particle beams Attacks take many forms: from disrupting the operation of electronic equipment to causing pain and permanent damage to health … Read more

Dubbed the mysterious woman, this is the world’s first seven months pregnant mummy

KOMPAS.com – A surprising finding was successfully revealed by Polish researchers. When they were doing X-rays and computer tests on someone mummyResearchers found that the mummy they examined was a woman who was seven months pregnant. The findings also made the woman’s mummy recorded as the first case of a pregnant mummy found in the … Read more

There may be two other cases of the mysterious malaise called “Havana syndrome”, but in Washington

The White House and some US federal agencies they are investigating on two possible cases on the territory of the United States of a mysterious malaise similar to the one that, starting from 2016, hit some American diplomats e 14 Canadian diplomats in the capital of Cuba, Havana (and for this reason often called the … Read more

Hundreds of Mysterious Species of Bacteria Appear in Human Stomach when Living on Mars

Illustrations of space drones aid astronauts research on Mars. Photo: NASA Humanity is one step away from colonizing Mars. However, the big dream to live in a completely new world has to deal with a lot of uncertainty of knowledge. One of the uncertainties concerns what will happen to the human body if you colonize … Read more

The White House: – Alarm for «mysterious health problem»

The White House confirms that they are investigating “unexplained health incidents” after a report that two officials in the Washington DC area have experienced something similar to the so-called Havana syndrome. It reports The Guardian. The symptoms are similar to those that have affected American diplomats and spies abroad, according to the newspaper. The so-called … Read more

9 Facts About a Boy in Bantul Killed After Eating Takjil from a Mysterious Woman

Bantul – A child from Pedukuhan Salakan, Kalurahan Bangunharjo, Kapanewon Sewon, Bantul, namely Naba Faiz Prasetya (8) died after eating takjil lontong satay. A number of facts emerged from the case. 1. The victim’s father gets takjil from a mysterious womanThe victim’s father, Bandiman (47) said the incident began when he was resting beside a … Read more

Elementary school boy kills, this is a mysterious woman who gave poisonous satay

Eleonora Padmasta Ekaristi Wijana | Muhammad Ilham Baktora Wednesday, 28 April 2021 | 17:46 WIB Sewon Police Chief, Commissioner Suyanto, was met by reporters at the Sewon Police Headquarters, Wednesday (27/4/2021). – (SuaraJogja.id/Muhammad Ilham Baktora) The woman who gave the poisoned chicken satay met Bandiman without wearing a mask. SuaraJogja.id – The Bantul Police (Polres) … Read more