Subject who beat a couple on the street of Santiago threatened witnesses with a rapier – Nacional

The intervention of witnesses managed to notify the Carabineros, who arrested the man for the crime of frustrated femicide. Tvn 07.01.2022 Carabinieri arrested a 35-year-old subject who repeatedly beat his partner in the middle of the street Santiago Center. According to what was indicated by the major Gorka Green, of the 2nd Police Station … Read more

They report a loud noise in several communes of Santiago – Nacional

During the early hours of this Wednesday a loud roar alerted the residents of various communes in Santiago. As indicated on social networks, the noise was felt in the communes of Ñuñoa, Providencia, Las Condes, Peñalolén, Macul, among others. Preliminarily, Firefighters indicated that it would be a firework detonated in Rotonda Grecia with Ramón Cruz, … Read more

Anaís Díaz, the young woman who died after a tragic accident in Providencia – Nacional

“It was extraordinary”: Anaís Díaz, the young woman who died after a tragic accident in Providencia The 21-year-old woman died after being hit by a truck while waiting on a corner to cross. He had two blocks to go to work. Shock generated by the accident that occurred on Thursday morning in the commune of … Read more

Tremendous gesture by Matías Fernández: This will be the sports center that will build an amateur club – Fútbol Nacional

© Photosport The venue will be for Unión Cerda, a team from the Nogales commune, which will include soccer fields, table football, paddle tennis, barbecue areas, among others. A tremendous gesture of Matías Fernández was revealed recently, where it was reported that he will build a complete sports center for a club in the commune … Read more

Tomás Bravo’s mother: If my uncle had done something, he would be behind bars – Nacional

Nine months have passed since the child’s death Thomas Bravo and his mother, Estefanía Gutiérrez, He is still waiting for the case to be clarified and for justice to be served. In conversation with La Cuarta, Estefanía pointed out the “lack of commitment, ethics and professionalism of the institutions that are handling the case, caused … Read more

“He is the culprit”: mayor of La Cisterna blames Parisi for crime in “lawless building” – Nacional Tvn 17.11.2021 About twenty residents of La Cisterna chained themselves this Wednesday to the Stumps building, called by them as the “lawless building”, to protest against the constant acts of violence registered in said area, blaming the mismanagement behind the presidential candidate Franco Parisi. Joel Olmos, mayor of the commune, explained to 24 hours … Read more

While she was tied up: Girl wrote to her father on WhatsApp and avoided robbery at her house in Las Condes – Nacional

Carabinieri arrested two people who were surprised carrying out a robbery inside a home in Las Condes. The individuals arrived at a home located on Quebrada Honda street, entering and binding the two women who were inside the house: a girl and a home counselor. But the girl managed to quickly write to her father … Read more

Daza does not rule out mandatory vaccine against COVID-19: “We are always evaluating all measures” – Estado Nacional Tvn 15.11.2021 The Undersecretary of Public Health, Paula Daza, talked in Prime National State about him vaccination process in our country, highlighting the booster dose in the population. Under this scenario, the head of the Undersecretariat of Public Health pointed out that, in the vaccination process the people who own their three doses is … Read more

What you know about the brutal case of femicide and subsequent dismemberment in Puente Alto – Nacional

What is known about the brutal case of femicide and subsequent dismemberment in Puente Alto The 42-year-old woman was reported missing on September 23 by her own murderer. The police search for the victim’s body parts in different areas of the city. Tvn 04.11.2021 The Investigative Police detained a subject who acknowledged being the … Read more

They activate traffic diversions for private cars and public transport: Metro closes Baquedano – Nacional station

Traffic diversions were activated this afternoon in Santiago and Providencia due to demonstrations that take place at this time in the vicinity of Plaza Baquedano. Just todaye one year has passed since the plebiscite for a new Constitution. According to the information provided by TransporteInform on social networks, there are detours for private cars and … Read more