Director R.Kuliūnas married his chosen one Snežana: they swore their love in Dūkšti oak grove | Names

The last few months have been very active and stressful for the director Robert Kuliūnas. In September, the twice-postponed premiere of his film “What Men Don’t Know” will finally take place, but another day overtakes this important occasion. On August 5, he swore his love and loyalty to his chosen Snežana, who chose her husband’s … Read more

Mayor of Kyiv Vitaly Klychko is divorcing his wife Natalia: the marriage lasted 25 years Names

According to Vitaly Klyčko, he and his wife Natalija have been living in different countries for many years, so divorce is the logical end of the relationship, portal reports. Speaking about the changes in his personal life, V. Klyčko assured that despite the divorce, life continues to flow in its own way. “Many years … Read more

SEQUENCE 8 Names of Planets in the Solar System, starting from the closest to the sun to the farthest complete the names of the satellites

INDOTRENDS.ID – Here is the order of eight names planet from solar systemfrom the closest to the sun to the furthest . By looking at the order, know how far the distance is planet–planet from solar system we with Sun? 1. Mercury Mercury is planet the closest to Sun. But let’s be closest to the … Read more

Inga Stumbrienė attracted the attention of the British: the photo of the Lithuanian woman appeared in the media Names

On Friday, British news portal Daily Mail published an article about Salt Bae’s ultra-luxurious and celebrity-favorite restaurant Nusr-Et in London. An elegantly dressed photo of Inga Stumbrienė, which she also shared her gastronomic experience on her Instagram account, was chosen to illustrate it. “The famous chef Salt Bae’s Nusr-Et restaurant is famous for its prices … Read more

The most unpredictable Serie A ever (due to the World Cup) is kicking off: the real news is that the big names have strengthened as never before in recent years

Dal championship poorest ever, to one of the most competitive of the last years: the “A Lose” Series becomes “To win“. With the fans still under the umbrella (disaster announced for listen to tv) and the players thrown into the field with scorching heat (imagine what rhythms), the craziest season begins, unpredictable and who knows, … Read more

NASA reveals the names of the candidates for the first scheduled landing of a woman on the moon in history

Posted in: 12/08/2022 – 10:54 The US space agency has revealed the list of female astronauts nominated to participate in the “Artemis” program, the first scheduled landing of a woman on the moon, 50 years after Neil Armstrong’s successful flight. Humans first walked on the moon after the arrival of the Apollo mission on July … Read more

Banki names the list of candidates for the Latvian basketball team – Basketball – – Sports

After a five-year break, Kristaps Porzingis has been included in the list of candidates for the national team, as well as Jānis Strēlnieks and Rolands Šmits, who have played one game each in the 2023 World Cup qualification cycle. So far, Dairis Bertāns, Rihards Lomažs, Andrejs Gražulis and Klāvs Čavars have participated in all ten … Read more

S. Orlauskaitė, the owner of the “Raudoni vakarai” stud farm, got married: a funny story brought her together | Names

The love of Simona Orlauskaitė and Guidos Stundijas has been tested by time – they have been together for more than a decade. And the acquaintance of the lovers was imperfectly funny and proved that even the strangest life situations can lead to the chosen one. “We met each other in the fall of 2008, … Read more

Buying tips: Serie A big names, here’s what you’re missing to fill in the gaps

The A league begins, but the transfer market meanwhile it goes on until September 1st: looking at the roses and the results of the friendly summerit is easy to realize that all big they have enough gaps marchianidifficult but not impossible to fill up right with the last ones flashes market. The reigning champions of … Read more