Esteban Paredes joked with Sebastián Piñera at Nacional: “He’s not very good at defining” | sports

Did you find a bug? let us know José Francisco Zúñiga I Agency One Follow the Bio Bio Sports Fanpage This Wednesday the president Sebastian Piñera and the ANFP announced the return of Chilean soccer after the stoppage due to the coronavirus, agreed for Saturday, August 29. The activity was also attended by the captains … Read more

Even Esteban Paredes joked after Piñera’s attempt to save a penalty

This Wednesday, President Sebastián Piñera officially announced the return of professional men’s soccer in Chile, commanding an event at the National Stadium. At the end, he wanted to get under the three sticks to stop a penalty, but did not have very good results, filling himself with jokes, memes and even jokes from Esteban Paredes. … Read more

Decentralized: Universidad San Martín vs. Deportivo Municipal (0-1): see summary, goal

Updated 08/18/2020 at 20:15 San Martin had a better second half, but did not exceed the work done by Municipal, that the three points were reached this day. More information soon … San Martín vs. Municipal: post game San Martín vs. Municipal: confirmed lineups San Martín vs. Municipal: minute by minute THE PREVIOUS San Martín … Read more

Decentralized: League 1 | Know the stadium where the local tournament will be played the season

Updated on 07/27/2020 at 11:46 The League 1 It will start next weekend and many fans wondered where each of the matches of the season will take place, which will not have seats, so it is possible that many teams will not play in their own stadiums. Learn here what the scenarios will be. He … Read more