Tristan Thompson heads to Boston with the best gift he could imagine

Goodbye, Tristan Thompson, the family Kardashian says goodbye to you on the West Coast of the United States while you settle in Boston after that expected signing with the Celtics. Gone are months of confinement in Los Angeles next to Khloé Kardashian and True, reconciliations with all klan and a new professional stage begins, again, … Read more

Marching American Citizenship for Tristan Thompson

Surprises give us life and this has been one of them. Tristan Thompson is, as of today, an American citizen. Ah, ok, but wasn’t it before? Well no, dear and dear, because it turns out that Tristan Thompson is Canadian! Like Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds and Justin Bieber, how do you fit? Well to ‘crazy, … Read more

“Nationality is in the heart”: the SEP reported that Mexican children in the United States will receive free textbooks

Delivery of Free Textbooks in the US (Photo: SEP)The head of the Ministry of Public Education (SEP), Esteban Moctezuma Barragán, gave the starting signal to the delivery of free textbooks for Mexican elementary school girls and boys in the United States. Although the ceremony took place at the Mexican Consulate in Calexico, California, lThe resources … Read more

Víctor Maldonado, mastermind of Interbolsa embezzlement, renounced his Colombian nationality – Crimes – Justice

Government sources confirmed to EL TIEMPO that Victor Maldonado, one of the brains of the collapse of more than 320,000 million pesos of the Premium Fund of the commission agent Interbolsa, he renounced his Colombian nationality.According to the source, Maldonado, who is in Spain, initiated the proceedings before the Foreign Ministry and his attorneys in … Read more

Spain granted nationality to Lorent Saleh

He was accused by the Venezuelan government of having ties to Colombian paramilitaries. By: AFP 08:00 AM / 20/07/2020 The Government of Spain granted nationality to the Venezuelan opposition leader, Lorent Saleh, the winner of the 2017 Sakharov Prize for Human Rights who arrived in Madrid in exile in 2018, according to the Official Gazette … Read more

IS bride may go to Britain to challenge decision about nationality

Shamima Begum, British woman who joined ISIS terror group in Syria when she was 15, may return temporarily to Britain, reports British broadcaster BBC. In 2019 her British nationality was withdrawn, now she can come to London to challenge that decision. It is unclear how and when the woman will travel to Great Britain. The … Read more

Future Chancellor respects Nationality Law

The designated Minister of Foreign Relations, Roberto Álvarez, said yesterday that he will respect “the 2010 Constitution, which clearly established who has the right to Dominican nationality and clearly excluded the children of anyone who is in an irregular state and that is what prevails in the country ”. He also explained that the questions … Read more