People Queuing for SPK New Car Ahead of 0% Tax, Dealers Dizzy!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The projection of demand for cars to increase in March 2020 is in line with the implementation of the 0% Luxury Sales Tax (PPnBM) policy, confirmed by automotive business players. Currently, vehicle order letters (SPK) have begun to be ordered by many potential customers, but of course for transactions in March, … Read more

Honda Introduces the New Generation of HR-V, Ready to Pave April 2021 Page all

JAKARTA, – For the first time in the world, Honda unveils a new generation of Fiber or HR-V. This compact SUV gets a new design, including changes to the kitchen runway, including safe and sophisticated driving technology. In its official release quoted on Saturday (20/2/2021), Honda said that the refresh was carried out on … Read more

The Impact of 0 Percent of New Car Tax Implementation Plans Begin to Be Felt by Used Car Merchants Page all

JAKARTA, – The government’s plan to implement a zero percent tax policy for buyers new car the impact began to be felt by traders used car. In fact, the policy will only be implemented in March 2021. “The direct impact was huge, the used car dealer had a huge impact,” said Joni Gunawan, a … Read more

Toyota Raize and Daihatsu Rocky Have Two Engines, Base Price Under Rp. 200 Million

JAKARTA, – Toyota Raize and Daihatsu Rocky so a car that has received a positive response from Indonesian consumers, even though it has not been officially launched. Since arriving in Japan at the end of 2019, many have been waiting for its appearance SUV compact This is to the Homeland. The presence of these … Read more

Is it true that PPnBM incentives make used car prices freefall?

JAKARTA, – The government finally issued a stimulus in the form of exemption Tax Sales of Luxury Goods (PPnBM) for new car. This regulation will become effective in March 2021. The existence of these rules is predicted to become a hot ball in the segment used car. This is because it will automatically reduce … Read more

New Model Launched Soon, Yaris Lama Discount Translucent IDR 20 Million

JAKARTA, – Toyota Yaris is a hatchback that has its own fans. In Indonesia, the third generation Yaris (XP150) began to appear in 2013.This hatchback had experienced several refreshments, to be precise in 2016 and 2018. Towards the end of 2020, Yaris was again refreshed. This news is known from Toyota’s invitation that was … Read more

Toyota Starts Marketing Yaris Cross, Price Rp. 250 Million

JAKARTA, – After the launch ceremony which took place virtually in April 2020, Toyota Yaris Cross for the first time on sale in the Japanese market starting today, Monday (31/8/2020). The Yaris Cross is built on the base of the latest Yaris hatchback, which has carried the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA-B) chassis. Not … Read more

Now you can save over 100,000 kroner on this from Jaguar

The electric car I-Pace has given Jaguar a tremendous boost in the Norwegian market. Here, Jaguar was out very early with an electric SUV – it suited the Norwegian market perfectly. This year, however, it has slowed down. It also did not get better when Jaguar earlier this summer announced a solid price increase on … Read more

Price Prediction MG HS, Prospective Competitors of the CX-30 and Eclipse Cross

JAKARTA, – MG Motor Indonesia has announced that it will focus on working on the SUV market in the country. After presenting the ZS model at the beginning of the year, MG kicked off again by launching the HS. MG HS is scheduled to launch on August 13, 2020, armed with a machine, complete … Read more

New electric car emerges from unexpectedly from Cadillac

For many, the Cadillac is the very definition of a real dollar grin. It is produced in the car’s home country, USA. It is large, luxurious, comfortable and offers good performance, often delivered by a huge V8 petrol engine. Besides, Cadillac does not have so few iconic models on the conscience either. Yes, we are … Read more