The red Octavia RS turned green. It can be charged from the socket, it tries to reconcile reason and feeling

Half a year after the start of sales, Octavia is expanding its range of drives. Natural gas and, for the first time in history, a plug-in hybrid drive are added to petrol and diesel. Together with the Golf and Renault Mégane, the Octavia is one of the pioneers of this arrangement in the premium lower … Read more

Car that drives to the gas station only after a hot dog or Peugeot e-2008 review – Car news – Car

If you don’t count the poisonous blue color and blue chrome e letters, no one would say that you only need a petrol tank for 2008 to buy a hot dog. Peugeot emphasizes in particular that there is nothing special about the appearance of an electric car. PHOTO: Screenshot of the video Reach 300 kilometers … Read more

In two weeks, Kipsala will host a special edition of the exhibition “Auto 2020” – Car in the world – Car

Usually, the exhibition “Auto” chanted the beginning of the season for car enthusiasts in the spring, but this year the whole world was forced to stop. However, public interest in the car and related events has not diminished, so visitors to the special edition of the exhibition will be delighted by colorfully rebuilt cars, classic … Read more

On the Latvian Car Test Day, you will be able to win a Mercedes-Benz GLC for the weekend – Auto news – Auto

In this type of competition, which has been taking place all over the world (with us since 1998), the title of the latest cars of car manufacturers is competing for the title. They are studied, the members of the jury ride with them, then they tell you about their impressions in the media. And at … Read more

To make you and your bottom comfortable, the car seat is tested for hundreds of hours – Garage – Car

PHOTOS: Each region has its own needs If manufacturers only thought about the durability of seats and production costs, they would not go far and modern cars would not be nearly as comfortable. With so many cars, the variety of seats is also huge, but the greatest need is for the most comfortable and … Read more

Electric cars are becoming more and more. How not to get lost in the offer? – Car news – Car

At the moment, the question is how to choose the best electric car currently available in Latvia. The answer lies in a comparison that highlights the advantages of one car or the disadvantages of another. The contrast included in the article includes ten new electric cars that are already available or will soon be available … Read more

Volkswagen promised the ID.3 electric car in the price of the diesel Golf. What is the reality?

Volkswagen ID.3 vs. Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDI The Volkswagen ID.3 offer is currently limited to a variant with a 150kW electric motor, rear-wheel drive and automatic transmission. The battery has a usable capacity of 58 kWh, which means a range of up to 420 km. A simple look at the offer of the eighth generation … Read more

The three main types of hybrid cars – what are they? – Car news – Car

Another feature of plug-in hybrids is low average fuel consumption combined with high performance. The Volvo XC40, which is powered by a hybrid engine developing 262 horsepower, consumes an average of 2 to 2.4 liters of petrol per 100 kilometers. The Peugeot 3008 all-wheel drive hybrid system has a total output of 300 horsepower and … Read more

The Škoda Scala lost its rear seats and roof. The students turned her into a Slavia spider

Student cars have a firm place in the history of Škoda. The seventh creation of the carmaker’s vocational school is the two-seater spider based on the Scala compact hatchback. The car was named Slavia, after the first bicycles that Václavinin Laurin and Klement produced after the founding of the car factory in 1895. In this … Read more

Nissan Ariya is the answer to Tesla or Enyaq. It travels 500 km and is controlled by one pedal

With the compact Leaf hatchback, Nissan was one of the pioneers of world electromobility. And although the second generation of this car is currently being sold relatively successfully, Nissan has often outperformed the competition. Instead of a compact electric car, it came with an emission-free SUV. This is stated by the Japanese only now in … Read more