Grandpa Bora Turns Out 19 Years Old Widow Married Not A Girl, Ira: Alhamdulillah The First Night Is Already

SERAMBINEWS.COM – Story wedding 58 year old grandfather in Bone, South Sulawesi with a young woman aged 19 years still viral on social media. Now finally it is revealed that the bride, Ira Fazilla, is in fact a young widow. Previously Ira Fazilla had had time married when he was young. Even weddingAt that time, … Read more

Ira Fazila is moving, says: ‘I’m happy’ after spending the first night with Grandpa Bora

INDOZONE.ID – After conducting a series of traditional events wedding in his village, a couple Bora’s grandfather (58) and the girl ting-ting Ira Fazila (19) spent his first night on Friday or Thursday (8/4/2021). It seems that the difference between 39 and their physical characteristics does not prevent the two human children from unifying. The … Read more

NBA, results of the night: hits for Jazz and Clippers, Lakers beaten in Miami

17/17 Only 24 hours after taking the field (and winning) against the Jazz, the back-to-back against another top opponent is too much even for the Suns, which they hold up a long time (+2 to the interval) and then yield in the second, collecting the 30-22 in the final period. Devin Booker is the top … Read more

Facts of Ahok Visiting Gibran at the Gandrung Loji at Night, What Was Discussed? All pages – Basuki Tjahaja Purnama alias Ahok visited the mayor Solo Gibran Rakabuming Raka at the service house Loji Gandrung, Wednesday (7/4/2021) evening. Arriving at around 19.30 WIB, the man who served as President Commissioner of PT Pertamina immediately greeted Gibran. They then entered the meeting room of the Loji Gandrung official residence. Also read: … Read more

Tuscany weather, a freezing night: touched -9 °. Serious damage in the fields – Chronicle

Florence, April 8, 2021 – A night of ice, the one passed in Tuscany. The whole region went below zero, with an accuracy of 70% of the meteorological stations located in Tuscany and registered by the functional center of the Region. And the Lamma Consortium to provide the data, the same Lamma that for the … Read more

NBA, results of the night: Embiid punishes Boston, Curry show (41 points) knocks out the Bucks

There is no Giannis Antetokounmpo, Steph Curry takes care of ensuring a show in the victory in the last possession of Golden State over Milwaukee. Internal defeat of the Celtics, dominated under the basket by Joel Embiid. The Clippers dragged by their two superstars sweep Portland away, but the other LA smiles too, with the … Read more

First night alone on Mars

NASA NASA’s Ingenuity mini-helicopter, which arrived on Mars in February attached to the Perseverance rover, survived its first night alone on the Red Planet, the US agency said. This is a “major step” before its first flight. This ultralight helicopter, which looks like a large drone, until then fed on the energy of the rover, … Read more

an enemy that strikes at night

Between 5% to 7% of people stop breathing several times during the night. This problem increases the risk of cardiovascular disorders. Sleep apnea or obstructive sleep apnea-hyperpnea syndrome is still a neglected pathology in Africa. According to the explanations of Dr Meva’a, Orl at the central hospital of Yaoundé, it is a disorder of night … Read more

The Nasa drone managed the first night alone on Mars’ cold surface

Nasa says accommodation is “an important milestone”. On Saturday, the ultralight spacecraft stood alone on the surface of Mars after being warted off the vehicle Perseverance, which landed on Mars on 18 February. Can fly for the weekend A solar-powered battery at Ingenuity must thus provide the necessary heating to prevent the electronics on the … Read more