Rolls-Royce presents the new Neon Night collection, the most striking Black Badges

Rolls-Royce bets on new colors, a very daring and absolutely surprising new proposal compared to the classic colors worn by the Cullinan, Dawn and Wraith. The firm expands the possibilities of the special “Black Badge” editions with the new fluorescent and more pastel shades baptized as “Neon Night”. The latest news from Rolls-Royce is a … Read more

CDMX will register hot weather in the day and cold at night

The weather report of the Secretariat for Comprehensive Risk Management and Civil Protection (SGIRPC), reports that, this Wednesday in the Mexico City the rise in temperature will continue with a maximum of 26 degrees Celsius (° C); It will be hot in the day, cold at night and at dawn, very cold in the highlands. … Read more

MDN: La Pirámide de Famosos (Pt. 2) – Best At Night (Clips), News

We are accompanied by Luis Piñeyro who represents “Patitas San Vicente” and Fede Cyrulnik who plays for “Hogar Amor de Galgo” and whoever wins will donate their prize. Better at Night, led by Leo Montero, a meeting with the daily news of Argentina and the World, with exclusive testimonies from protagonists in each city and … Read more

‘Earth at Night in Color’, la docuserie de Apple TV narrada por Tom Hiddleston

One of the strongest sections of Apple TV is that of documentaries, since the platform has interesting and numerous productions in that genre, and one that will be released very soon is ‘Earth at Night in Color’, a docuseries that will expose a unique side of nature. Using state-of-the-art technology, ‘Earth at Night in Color’ … Read more

Night music banned in some Miami outdoor venues –

Miami city officials have banned late-night outdoor music from establishments adjacent to residential areas – or at least some of them. surflorida/nbc The Miami City Commission vote was for a measure that says music must stop between 10 pm and 8 am in certain areas. Other places, like the Wynwood arts district and the Coconut … Read more

Apple TV+ presenta el estreno de la docuserie narrada por Tom Hiddleston – Earth At Night In Color – Spoiler Time

Earth at Night in Color is the name of the new documentary series of Apple TV+ which is narrated by the actor Tom Hiddleston (Avengers), which premieres its first six episodes next December 4th. With state-of-the-art technology, the production travels through the Earth to show us the nightlife of the animals that cohabit the planet. … Read more

VIDEO .- Abigail case: Juana Viale reported that in “La Noche de Mirtha” they raised the standard they received from Santiago del Estero

The case of Abigail Jiménez, the 12-year-old girl who the authorities detained on the border of Santiago del Estero when she returned home after undergoing cancer treatment in Tucumán, shocked the entire country and the production of the program “La Noche de Mirtha “decided to lift the official guideline received from said province. “I want … Read more

California breaks record for covid cases before night lockdown • Hola News

CORONAVIRUS CALIFORNIA Los Angeles, Nov 20 (EFE News) .- California, one of the states hardest hit by the coronavirus pandemic, looks with concern at the numbers of new infections by breaking its daily record with more than 13,000 positives, which puts it on the verge of lockdown in Los Angeles County in the next few … Read more